Anti-sexist Contact and Awarenessgroup

from 1. of june to 8. of june

0176 / 67 440 646
0151 / 51095209

more consulting will be possible at:
Helpline / Beratungsstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt Rostock
0381 - 440 32 90 (nachts Anrufbeantworter)

CC-Hamburg, 26.5., Rote Flora, 11.30 - 17.00 Uhr
CC-Berlin, 26.5.
CC- Rostock,27.05.

Time and place will be announced at infopoints convergence center

last introduction-workshop in Camp Reddelich at Friday, 1. of june 14:00 Uhr (Awarenessgroup-Tent)

Sexism and sexual violence are encountered in the Antiglobalisation movement just like in general society. This is experienced by radical left activists in their yearlong experiences with large protest activities as well as in their normal day to day life.
An awareness group is therefore being created in order to face this reality. We would like to set up this group in opposition and to support meetings about sexual violence. The group will make it its duty to politicize themes of sexism and sexual violence. We want to arrange rooms for discussion and exchange, to build an anti-sexist network, to initiate debate, to bring attention to sexism and to instigate prevention. The main focus of the work is not just to meet, but to ask to take part in the prevention and to create a place of shelter. We insist that the power to decide what an act of sexual violence entails lies with the people who have experienced it.

We are looking for people who want to work with this group during the week of June 1-8 2007. An introductory workshop will take place in April or May 2007.

Contact: antisexist_awareness_group [at]