Resistant Art Festival
Alternative Cultures
against liberty deprivations and standardization of people and cultures

Art is our weapon!!

They are 8, the 8 most powerful presidents, who, each year, dressed in $9999 suits, take the right to enforce their choices to the whole planet. As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this summit. The G8 world is a world of wars, poverty and misery, loss of social and democratic rights, and environment destruction. This year they will also decide to whom belongs our artistic creations (intellectual rights property) and how to control our means of spreading them (information and communication control, especially on the net), there won't be any place left for Free, Amateur and Autonomous Arts and Spaces...
With all those who fight against this domination from the "world masters", we will demonstrate, through our Free Arts, debates and struggles, that we can overthrow their new order, that a fair and equal world is possible and that our utopia is concrete!
As they exploit the whole world, this G8 must be the last! [PDF...]

Public Statement, May 21, 2007
Critical answer to ”Art goes Heiligendamm“
by the international art project “HOLY DAMN IT: 50 000 posters against G8 – on the urgent need for radical answers“.
Up to now, the public representation and perception of the project “Art goes Heiligendamm“ has been articulated in all media reports under the same headlines “De-escalating art for the G8 summit “ or “Art project wants to de-escalate at the G-8 summit“. [more...]

50 000 Posters against G8
On the Urgent Need for Radical Answers

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The art project HOLY DAMN IT has to be seen as an artistic intervention in the process of a political debate about social alternatives in the international protest and resistance movements against the G-8 summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock in 2007.

Ten international artists and artist collectives from four continents have created one poster each [more...] 31. März 2007
Rave Against the G8 - Resistance Art Festival TAZ
Resistance Art Festival will be kicking off alongside the 2007 G8 protests…
Come one, come all…[read more...]

R.A.F. - Resistance Art Festival

is an activists group coming from the Free Spaces scene (Free Party, Teknival, Squat, Trailer site, TAZ,...)fighting against liberty deprivations and standardization of masses for the right to alternatives and autonomy...
This time we want to mobilize our scene to come to the blockades and protests against the G8 2007 on the 2nd to 8th June in Heiligendamm (Rostock, Germany) by organizing a Free Artistic Space there... [more...]

About the urge of radical answers
Poster project to mobilize against the G-8 summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock, Germany, June 6-8, 2007 [more...]

If I can’t dance,…
Ever and ever again left politics tried to love resisting art. And resisting art tried to love left politics. Ever and ever again emancipatory politics didn’t understand subversive art. And subversive art didn’t understand emancipatory politics. Politics were tall, rawboned, earnest and planned the revolution. Art was small, swift, liked to laugh and danced the revolution. [read more...]