Kurzfilm über den Schriftzug NO G8 an der
Ruine in Börgerende unweit von Heiligendamm
Title of clip: NO G8-Movieclip
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Language: ger | Duration: 2 min | team: NO G8 | Codec: mpg | Size: 17 MB 17. Mai 2007
Announcing Flash Radio G8 2007 Podcast

Flash Radio is a podcast from and about the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm Germany. Subscribe to our podcast about the actions against the G8 or listen to it online. From the 2nd June through till the 10th our 30 minute podcast will contain selected material recorded by our embedded citizen reporter teams.[more...]

Call for worldwide public screenings of current video reports about the protests against the G8 summit 2007
We are a network of video activists from Germany. Together with video groups from other countries we will offer daily several video reports and a live-show to download from the new internet-platform in the context of the protests against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm starting in the beginning of June.[more...]

la gran accion global - the great global action - die große globale Aktion - la grande azione globale - a ação grande 2007 global - la grande action global

don't hate the media - become the media
DIY not Consumerism
Concept of Netzwerk Videoaktivismus ('Videoactivism Network')for mediawork around the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm... [read more...]

New Anti-Repression Film for the G8 2007
New 20min Clip about german police strategies and laws, especially for the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm. For moblilization and preparation... [read more...]

block g8 2007 in Heiligendamm
call for blockades against g8 in 2007 from attac, Revolutionäres Bündnis and x1000 mal quer. Part of discussion at camp insky, august 6th 2006. [with english subtitles dsl (8.5M)...]

Anti-G8 2007 - Proposals for actions in the run up
by freundeskreis videoclips |

Germany, Bremen, 21.1.07 - Anti-G8 2007 - Dissent!+X – meeting - Proposals for Actiondays in Germany: 19th and 20th of March: Anti-War Day, 17th of April: Global Agriculture Day, 1st of May an around: Social Question(?).

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Call for alternative G8-radio-coverage!
Global Invitation to: movinG8-RadioForum Bundesverband Freier Radios

On the occasion of the G8-summit 2007, various counter-events and actions are scheduled to take place in Northern Germany. At the start of a week of protests (2nd to 8th June) approx. 100.000 people are expected in Rostock and the surrounding area of the official venue of the summit (Heiligendamm). This will include a large number of journalists and media activists.[more...]