Call to prepare and organise a climate camp in Germany

1) The idea
2) How the idea emerged and how where we can go from here
3) Why organise a climate camp?
4) Communication....

Call for witnesses
Sexual police violence during the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007

Report of the Anti-sexist Contact and Awareness Group

During the protests against the G8 in the area around Heiligendamm, sexism, sexual police violence and the threats of sexual police violence repeatedly occurred. We are looking for witnesses, on the one hand for an internal exchange and a strengthening amongst the affected persons, on the other hand so that a group of affected persons, in an anonymous form, is able to act. [more...]

Collective Radar G8 2007: Help Build the Action Map!
Resistance to the G8 in and around Heiligendamm was as massive as it was multiple and diverse.
To show this, the facilities to build a collective action map depicting all of the actions that happened, are being put together. The map will have icons that indicate where what kind of action took place. The individual icons will be linked to texts, films or pictures about the actions. You will also be able to view a brief summary while scrolling with your mouse. [more...]

Call for the Anti-G8 Action July 2008 By NO! G8 Japan
In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of earth’s wealth will gather at Toya Lake in Hokkaido Japan. Although the so-called Group of Eight does not have any legitimate right for deciding planetary affairs, they have self-appointed themselves world ruler. Thus the G8 has driven neo-liberal globalization at the same time as spreading poverty, violence, hatred, segregation, and environmental destruction. [more...]

Call to Action: Dignity, Autonomy, and Solidarity over Greed and Corporate Power!
Disrupt the IMF and the World Bank meetings

Washington DC, October 19-21, 2007

The misery, marginalization, and impoverishment forced on millions by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank is unacceptable.
The IMF and World Bank claim to lead the fight against poverty but their role as global loan sharks; their cruel imposition of privatization, cuts to social services, and free trade policies; their funding for environmentally disastrous projects; their secrecy and undemocratic decision making processes, make them an enemy of the people worldwide. [more...]

Make the G8 Precarious! - FelS G8 Call to Action
Make the G8 Precarious, Flexi-Fight the New World Order
Superfluous and Superheroes of the World: Unite and Take Over!

From 6-8 June, together with thousands of others, as part of the Block G8 campaign, we will cut the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm off from its infrastructure. The other world – the one we say is possible – will, once again, be revealed as already here.[more...] 17. Mai 2007
Call for a Superhero Block at the G8 2007
The Dispensables and precarious Superheroes called The Unbeatables are calling for a block at the mass demonstration and at the mass blockades against the G8 summit. Both entities are part of the ongoing struggles to understand and resist contemporary conditions of precarity of live and work.[more...] 17. Mai 2007
Announcing Flash Radio G8 2007 Podcast

Flash Radio is a podcast from and about the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm Germany. Subscribe to our podcast about the actions against the G8 or listen to it online. From the 2nd June through till the 10th our 30 minute podcast will contain selected material recorded by our embedded citizen reporter teams.[more...]

Call for worldwide public screenings of current video reports about the protests against the G8 summit 2007
We are a network of video activists from Germany. Together with video groups from other countries we will offer daily several video reports and a live-show to download from the new internet-platform in the context of the protests against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm starting in the beginning of June.[more...]

Demonstration Friday 11 6pm London: Against The G8 and Police Repression

This morning (Wednesday May 9th) police raided about 40 buildings in Germany, including several social centres and private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider . Police forces searched the "Rote Flora" in Hamburg as well as parts of the "B