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Local Travel Around The G8
Practical Info

Many people going to Germany next week (and there seem to be many, really ) were concerned about how to travel between camps and other locations in the area. There seem to be an easy answer for that now: Rostock’s public transportation company seems to be somewhat friendly towards the protests. They are announcing a ticket for the whole region from June 2-9 for 15 Euro.[read more...]

Public Transport Special Summit Offer
There will be a special ticket for guests and visitors of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, valid from the 2nd to the 9th of June for all trains and vehicles of the Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW). It will cost 15 € and can be bought in all regional ticket centers, trains and busses.
The camp in Reddelich will be connected by a 24 hour nightline during this time.
The regional train RE 8 (Wismar - Rostock - Tessin) will be split in Rostock. Inbetween Rostock and Tessin the schedule will not be changed. Between Rostock and Wismar there will be trains each hour all day and night from 1st/2nd of June till 8th/9th of June.

Links from groups, which are organizing bus-, train- or car travel to Heiligendamm:

  • Bus Berlin-Rostock from German Left Party (PDS):

  • Special Trains organized by ATTAC, starting in Bonn, Basel and Salzburg with several stopps:

    Car Sharing
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    We are also trying to list on this forum all the internet global sites about car sharing and travel infos...
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    You can access it by our site [here...]