Solidarity with Andres and Raul

The last June 2nd a large demonstration took place in the German town of Rostock where the G8 summit was being held. Some 80.000 people from different places and ideologies showed their rejection against they way the most powerful politicians are ruling our world. [more...]

Terror laws hit German left
[red pepper, Frank Meyer, 24.09.2007]

The past few months have seen a wave of repression unleashed in Germany. Houses, offices, social centres and bookshops have been raided by police and several people accused of ‘membership of a terrorist organisation’ – sometimes for as little as having written academic texts about ‘gentrification’. Frank Meyer reports from Hamburg [more...]

A letter by one of the prisoners of the current proceedings under section 129a in Germany.
(October 2007)

Dear comrades and friends,
As a 129a-prisoner in the mg-case I want to send to you greetings of solidarity and fighting spirit from the rotten prison in Berlin-Moabit, that is so ready to get wrecked.
After 5 minutes in my 7 square meter "luxury accommodation" I fully became aware of our good old, but abstract slogan "Tear down the walls of all prisons and coercive institutions". The best thing to do! [more...]

Call for witnesses
Sexual police violence during the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007

Report of the Anti-sexist Contact and Awareness Group

During the protests against the G8 in the area around Heiligendamm, sexism, sexual police violence and the threats of sexual police violence repeatedly occurred. We are looking for witnesses, on the one hand for an internal exchange and a strengthening amongst the affected persons, on the other hand so that a group of affected persons, in an anonymous form, is able to act. [more...]

Guantanamo in Germany: Inhumane Treatment of Accused
Press Release 24 August
The persons charged in the §129a (anti-terrorism) proceedings were severely beaten during their arrest and are being treated like Guantanamo prisoners. Special detention conditions at Berlin's Moabit prison involve solitary confinement. [more...]

solidemo for the arrested
15 Aug 2007
we did a nice soli demo in Warsaw today. another one is on the way on
the 24th, in warsaw too.
some pictures and description are on the pl imc website:

15th of august 2007
Open letter
to the Generalbundesanwaltschaft against the criminalization of critical academic research and political engagement

On 31st July 2007 the flats and workplaces of Dr. Andrej Holm and Dr. Matthias B., as well as of two other persons, were searched by the police. Dr. Andrej Holm was arrested, flown by helicopter to the German Federal Court in Karlsruhe and brought before the custodial judge. Since then he has been held in pretrial confinement in a Berlin jail. All four people have been charged with “membership in a terrorist association according to § 129a StGB”. [Open Letter as PDF...]

Statement of three of the accused in one of the § 129a proceedings against the militant group (mg)
Three of the accused, 12.08.2007

On the morning of July 31, 2007, our apartments were searched by officers of the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) at the directive of the Federal Prosecutor (Bundesanwaltschaft). The charge put forth is membership in a terrorist association, the so-called militant group, on the basis of to § 129a StGB. [more...]

We are all 129a!
Four German activists have been arrested on suspicion of being members or supporters of an alleged 'terrorist organisation'. The German federal police suspect that Militante Gruppe (MG or Militant Group) was behind several arson attacks against police and army vehicles since the group surfaced in 2001. The direct actions are said to have included an attack on German federal police vehicles to protest against their involvement in immigration deportations and another in response to the G8 raids earlier this year. If found guilty, the four could face up to 10 years in prison. Another three men have been accused but not arrested. [more...]

Repression against the radical left G8 mobilisation
[Gipfelsoli Info Group]

As of May 2007 there have been several raids following 4 investigative procedures based on paragraph 129a in Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Strausberg and Bad Oldesloe... [more...]

indymedia, Claudi and Ralf 5th of August 2007
Berlin: Manifestation in support of those arrested under 129a
Different groups had called for a spontanous manifestation at the prison in Moabit, where the four prisoners Axel, Florian, Oliver und Andrej arrested at the 31st of July are hold in custody. They are accused of being members of the "militante gruppe". [more...]

Sommerakademie 4th of August 2007
Demo in Fulda for those arrested under 129a
This afternoon 400 people of the Attac summer academy marched into the city of Fulda to protest against the arrest of the Berlin sociologist Andrej H. and the accusations of terrorism against three other persons. [more...]

Press release of the lawyers in the current §129 a proceedings ("militant group (mg)")
2nd of August 2007
§129a-Arrests: extraordinarily legislation In a since 2006 from the federal state prosecutor investigated proceedings because of membership of a terrorist association after § 129a Abs. 2 Nr. 2 StGB, three of us defended accused persons were arrested in the night of 30./ 31.07.07. They are accused of trying to put on fire at least three lorries of the army at the site of the company MAN in Brandenburg. The three accused persons were observed in these night by the police. At 31.07.2007 house searches took place at the homes of four other accused persons living in Berlin and one other person got arrested. [more...]

Warrants against four members suspect of the "militant group (mg)"
Press release of the Chief Federal Prosecutor, 2nd of August 2007
At the request of the Chief Federal Prosecutor the Judge in charge of investigation at the Federal Court released warrants against four suspected persons yesterday (1st of August) Amongst other reasons they are suspicious of being members of a terrorist alliance. [more]

House Searches in Berlin by Cops
On the 31.7 at least 6 private houses as a left-automous library, the Rotes Antiquariat, had been searched by the cops in Berlin. Seven people are under investigation in relation to the Militante Gruppe (MG), autonomous group active in Berlin since 2001.
The group has on his active around thirty arsons since then, and although few inquiries against autonomous militants from Berlin have been taking place, as in May this year, in order to find "responsible" people for the actions, nothing concretely ever happened until this very moment. [more]

Collective legal action 07. June - "Wichmannsdorf Wood"
During the 2007 G8 summit in Heiligendamm estimated 200 people who were on their way to the protest actions and demonstrations of the day were arrested in a forrest near the protest camp Wichmannsdorf on the pretext of "participation in a burning barricade". [more...]

G8: Two are still in jail
by Rote Hilfe Rostock, 27 of June 2007

Red Help Rostock demands to immediatelly release the last two remaining summit-prisoners, who are still held in custody in Waldeck jail. They were arrested on the big international demonstration at the 2nd of June during the brutal attacks of the police, in which countless protestants were hurt, some severly injured.
They are accused with breaching of the peace and obstructing the police. [more...]

25/6/2007 EDL – European Democratic Lawyers

EDL – European Democratic Lawyers: Press Statement on G8 summit in Rostock

During the G8 summit, held in Heiligendamm from the 6th to the 8th of June 2007, a great number of German lawyers belonging to the RAV (Association of Republican Lawyers), the Strafverteidigervereinigung von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (association of defence lawyers) as well as lawyers belonging to the EDL (European Democratic Lawyers) and to the Legal Team Europa have committed themselves to defend the fundamental rights of those who had come from all over Europe to express their dissent.[more...]

Chronicle of state violence at G8 2007
June 15th, 2007 - Media G8way International Pressgroup
This is an approach of an incomplete reconstruction. Please help to verify the events due to place and time. We are happy for any feedback, comments or corrections! So, we cannot give any garanty for the correctness of the mentioned facts. [more...]

People who have been arrested during the G 8, please, note the following:
The legalteam/EA has remarked that many arrested people have spent unjustified long time in the detention centres and even after the order by a judge to be immediately released they were kept in the prison. In order to assess the conditions of the detentions and to start a complaint, we ask you to fill out the form and to send it back by fax or e-mail. [PDF-Form...]

British Demonstrator Nearly Blinded by G8 Police
PRESS RELEASE Tuesday 12th June
A British demonstrator at the G8 summit was badly injured by German police water cannon on Thursday 7th June. Matt from Liverpool said he joined the mass protests against the G8 meeting in North Germany last week 'to show my abhorrence to the G8 meetings which perpetuate exploitation, trade injustice and wars. I was one of over a thousand people at a blockade of the West gate of the police imposed exclusion zone surrounding the summit venue. [more...]

Legal Team Informations
10 of June 2007
Saturday, the Legal Team lawyers were 6 hours at the phone with the KAVALA (Police), JVA's (Prisons) and the procurror emergengy service to find out about people still in jail. I was already sure in the afternoon that all Police Stations were empty. We were however suspecting some wrong informations ant it was still possible that some people were in some prisons as well for long custody. [more...]

Legal Team Phone Number for the G8 summit:

0049 - (0)3820 - 4768111


During the action days against G8 there will be "Legal Teams" (german: "ErmittlungsAusschuss"/"EA") who can be reached by telefon all around the clock. The Legal Teams are in contact with many lawyers who will go to help the arrested/prisoners. The telefon number will be published the following days at the homepage of the Legal Teams/"ErmittlungsAusschuss". [more...]



Published and translated from the German original by the Rote Hilfe e.V.

Biggest Police Operation In German History For G8
The "biggest police operation in the history of Germany" is taking shape at a beach resort on the Baltic coast as the June 6-8 summit among the Group of Eight (G8) nations approaches.

Sightseers are already heading to the environs of Heiligendamm, the remote seaside venue chosen by the German hosts as the summit, to ogle at a 2.5-metre-high welded-mesh fence topped with barbed wire which has already been built round the resort.[more...]

What do you do in critical situations?
The first rule is: Don’t panic!

Edition 2007, Rote Hilfe
This is the basic rule of every emergency plan, and therefore also our own. It should help to prevent your arrest or your preliminary proceedings from turning into a catastrophe.
Arrest during demonstrations or other activities, seizures of leaflets, newspapers etc., house searches, orders of punishment, and finally, trials – these are the measures anyone is confronted today who is politically active in the fight against exploitation and oppression, regardless of whether she or he is an anti-Fascist, an anti-nuclear activist, an anti-militarist, a communist, or an anarchist.

G8 '07 - Visitor Winner's Guide
Never been to Germany before?
This summer's G8 summit offers a welcome opportunity to meet with cosmopolitan friends. This leaflet is designed to prpare you for the confrontation with the state. [read more...]

New Anti-Repression Film for the G8 2007
New 20min Clip about german police strategies and laws, especially for the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm. For moblilization and preparation... [read more...]

Police powers and presence for the G8 summit

What to expect and how to protect yourself

In 2006, the regional parliament of the German state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern (hereafter M-V), where the G8 will take place, passed a new Security and Public Order Act which increased the powers of the police during protests. Officially, the Act was passed in the name of the fight against terrorism and organised crime, but as the timing of this legislation as well as Genoa, Gleneagles and the World Cup have shown, these legal and executive powers are predominantly used to police demonstrations at summits and football events. [Read more]

Self-portrait of the Rote Hilfe (Red Aid)
The Rote Hilfe [Red Aid] is a solidarity organisation supporting politically persecuted people of the left-wing spectrum. It concentrates on politically persecuted people in Germany, includes, however, also persecuted people from other countries according to its possibilities. [more...]