Feminist Mobilization

Some informations from the WomenLesbianTransgender-Net about the anti-G8-protests

Well have a WomenLesbianTransgender-Space in the camp in Reddelich (close to Heiligendamm), next to the queers. The construction of the camps starts a week before.
In the WomenLesbianTransgender-Space there will be also a separare WomenLesbian corner. We ask you to give a solidarity-donation for the camp wich should be around 5 Euros a day. On the camp there will be an infrastructure from kitchen to toilets.

Informations about how to come to the camps can be found on the dissent!-page.

International Demonstration, Sa., 2.June, Rostock:
There will be an WomenLesbianTransgender-Block on the international Demonstration in Rostock. We will go close to the FeministMeeting. We invite all of you to come and to participate in our Block.

Days of action, 3.-7. June:
There will be different actions prepared by our Network and others on the following days of protest wich we invite you to join!

We hope to see you at Rostock, Reddelich and around!
Feminist greetings,
the WomenLesbianTransgender-Network.

Infoshop: Berlin: QueerFestival against the G8, May 19

Dear people, soon we start the summer with political actions against patriarchy, neo-liberalism and corpurate greed up in Heiligendamm. Its gonna be an effective and stressfull time for all of us.

QueerFestival against the G8, on the 19th of May
To all G8-Activists
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Appeal to a feminist women/lesbian/transgender resistance to the G8 summit in Heiligendamm (Germany)

The next G8-summit conference takes place from 06/06 to 08/06 in Heiligendamm, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. As a feminist women/lesbian/transgender league we appeal to a week of campaigns from 02/06-10/06/07 against the summit conference.

Besides other aims, the G8-summit serves to demonstrate the relations of power in this world in a media-wise effective way. Also, the rulers of the nations, who claim the economic domination in this world, make informal agreements here. They intend to maintain and aggravate the circumstances that are based on exploitation, oppression and utilisation of people and nature.
The logic of dominance, however, does not only pervade the minds of those who force this policy, but it is the basis of thought, feeling and acting of the whole society.
That is why it is important to us to not only offer resistance to the G8 summit but also in our daily life. We call attention to our aims by various actions in several cities.

We turn against patriarchal, capitalist, racist and any other form of oppression. It is important to us to show the link between the circumstances here and worldwide.
We also turn against classifications like man/woman, black/white. Status and chances in our world are influenced by affiliation to these categories.

Against the sexist status quo!
We want a self-determined life, free of domination!

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Hey you,
great that you’re interested in feminist networking against G8.
At the moment there are two feminist mobilisation-forms in Germany. The womens / lesbians / trans – network and the queer network.
Both are actually still working on texts and public presence. So please keep checking this address to learn more.

This website is mostly used by the women / lesbian / trans – network.
Our last call-to-resist follows further on. To contact each other we have a german- and an English-speaking mailinglist. Our next meeting in Germany is February 17th in Hamburg, Hafenstr. 116, 11 a.m.
You can contact us at: fem-g8@riseup.net

Come to the feminist women/lesbian/trans resistance against the G8 summit.

This June the G8 summit is happening in Heiligendamm in the north-east of Germany. On this occasion we protest against their policies which are based on means of dominance which the G8 consolidates and expands upon.We protest patriarchal, capitalist and racist means of oppression and their conjunction. We are opposed to forced categorisations such as men/women, black/white, beautiful/ugly, hetero/non-hetero... Membership of these groups determine quite considerably one's status and prospects in this world. We find this wholly unacceptable. Let's fight sexism. Let's fight for a self-determined life without opression. We will participate in the week of action from june 2nd to june 10th and will organise a womens,lesbian and trans area on camp,side by side with the queer area. Our next meeting is February 17th in Hamburg in the Hafenstr. Vokue, no. 116. At the moment we prepare different actions for feminist action day on march 8th.

You can contact us at: fem-g8@riseup.net