Discussion Papers

PAULA explains herself
november 2007
Meanwhile a series of asessment papers have been published about the G8 protests, some of them carry approaches that are worth discussing. a text that quite some people have been waiting for has not been published, it somehow disappeared in between. So here it is, it should reach many and play its part in the evaluation-process... [more...]

G8: Summary of Evaluations
14. September 2007, Ulla’s Amazing Wee Blog

After the G8, a whole lot of debriefs and reflective summaries were published by the protesters. There were differences in opinions depending on the groups’ characters, nationalities, examining questions, time of debrief, questions in focus and tactical preferences. [more...]

“Sooner or later you will all be in trouble.”
Balkan Anarchists of Northern Europe

As it turns out, the words of an undercover cop in Berlin's Kreuzberg district during the street fights of the Walpurgis night some weeks before the G8 summed up the German police's reasoning in repressing our counter-summit. We saw how tactfully they treated Saturday's 2nd June mass demo and the blockades that followed. And yet the violent raids of housing collective projects and old haunts of Berlin and Hamburg outlined that they had decided to attack, and did so successfully, in two levels. [more...]

Association for Autonomy: Bodies and Barricades
Blockading Heiligendamm and Future Flows of Capitalism

This text provides a tactical analysis of the most crucial operation of the week of protests against the G8 in Germany: the blockades. Whilst Block G8 champions its successful mass blockades at two of the gates to Heiligendamm, the decentralised blockade concept, PAULA, seems to have vanished from the discussion. While this in itself would already be an interesting point for reflection, our interest here is neither to play one concept off against the other, nor is it to provide a deconstructive critique of each of them.

Our aim is to offer a point of departure for a discussion about the effectiveness of our collective tactical operations during such direct actions as blockades so as to strengthen these in future. [more...]

The Environmental Impacts of the G8 Protests
Anti-G8 protesters march to the barricades.

This year saw the Group of Eight (G8) summit taking place in Heiligendamm, Germany, adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Like the site of previous G8 summits, this area is fairly remote, requiring a large amount of organizing and travel for those attending the week of protests surrounding the summit. Since the street battles of Seattle, meetings of institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the G8 continually locate to less and less urbanized areas, making travel for activists longer and less efficient. [more...]

Of stones and flowers - Dialogue between John Holloway and Vittorio Sergi

Dear Vittorio,
The events at the end of the anti-G8 march in Rostock on Saturday 2 June, when there was an outbreak of prolonged and violent fighting between some of the demonstrators (the so-called “black block”) and the police, disturbed and challenged me. I felt critical of the violence of the black block, but also felt the need to discuss and understand.

I think a lot of people on the march felt the same way – critical but wanting to talk and understand rather than condemn (there were, of course, others who simply condemned the action, but that is not my position).[more...]

Our place, our time
John Holloway
The following is the transcript of a speech delivered by John Holloway (author of Change the World Without Taking Power: The meaning of revolution today (Pluto Press: 2002)) from a stage in Rostock Harbour on June 3 2007, during the mobilisation against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm. [more...]

autonomous knowledge and power in a society
indymedia - 29.08.2007
A short conclusion about the rural exchange debates in Black Block glossaries and International Brigades behalf on the eve of militant tactics in Autumn 2007! [more...]

Black Bloc in Rostock during the G8 summit 2007
United Colours Of Resistance, August 2007

I wear black for the poor and beaten down… (And) for the prisoner who has long since served his time.” - Johnny Cash

The following text was written by people belonging to the radical left in Germany, who, like many others, have different perspectives on and opinions about the incidents of the 2nd June 2007 in Rostock during the protests against the G8-summit. One thing we do have in common is our will to resist, which in its practical realisations, with their different means of expression, is respected by all of us. Public denunciation and one-sided apportioning of blame are not our means. With this text we aim to engage in positive and negative criticism, of ourselves, and also of those with whom we have worked on a common concept of resistance over the past two and a half years. [more...]

How the Police see crowds and how this affects their strategies towards public order policing


The following article is written by an academic at a British University who specialises in the study of crowd behaviour, and has done participant observation studies into crowd behaviour from the activist perspective, giving her experience of public order policing at demos. While this is not intended to be a definitive account of the tactics the Police will use during the G8 summit at Gleneagles, it is hoped that this may be useful in showing those going how the Police see crowds in general and how their perspective can affect the way they attempt to police them. It will also be argued that this perspective is fundamentally flawed and also counter-productive in that it often causes the disorder that they claim to be there to prevent. Several references follow at the end which should be available in any University library.[more...]

UK Climate Camp-Post G8 (2005) Actions
indymedia UK, 20.08.2007
UK Climate Camp, many lessons for German activists?
What have UK activists found as their top theme in the last 2 years after UK G8, 2005?
CLIMATE CHANGE. It is strange that the radical left in Germany totally ignores this and any other issue that is just labeled as "green/oeko", while the rest of the world sees Climate Change as a huge problem. Many Dissent! UK people decided after G8 2005 that they would turn to Climate Change as an issue to organise around, and from looking at the Climate Camps from 2006 and the one this week in 2007, it is easy to say that the German radical left can learn a lot from UK friends. [more...]

[zeck 139]
Reflexions on the mobilization of the radical left against the G8 in Heiligendamm
Die rosa roten Panterchen
"In danger and real trouble stearing a middle course is death"
This was the motto of a longer text the Revolutionären Zellen wrote about the peace movement in Germany and the worldwide economical and political changes understood as globalization today. Concerning the strategy of the radical left they said amongst other things, that "we have to get out of the fatal dependency on the peace alliance, we need to open up our own fronts. [more...]

Jean Grossholtz: Once Again Into The Fray…
(Jean attends her lebenty hundredth demonstration against the fenced-in decision making of wealthy northern governments acting out the dreams of corporate capital)

It is the first week in June 2007. The G8 meets in Heiligendamm, Germany a fancy spa on the Baltic Sea north of Rostock. The heads of state of the most developed, richest, countries of the world meet to decide the fate of us all.

And of course, those of us in opposition rally to confront them and to say: No you can’t, no you cannot hide away in 10 star resorts. No! We will be there; we will make sure the world knows of your scheming! (In my life “I” has become “We”. A lifetime of activism and commitment to people’s actions for justice has united me with thousands of wonderful comrades around the world.[more...]


Gini Müller: theatrum posse in Heiligendamm: Rebel Clown Army, Superheroes and the Five-Finger Game

In the way it was first mediated, the militant scenario that opened the theatrum posse in Heiligendamm in 2007 set into stone images of the enemy. However, over the week of actions, protest and resistance became more performatively subversive in the ways the posse put its own body into play. Even if the media coverage momentarily overshadowed the contents and other forms of protest, the “Five-Finger Posse Players” prevailed on the ground. With the successful blockade tactic, which didn’t conform at all to the media hype following the demo in Rostock, the posse put into play its own poses of resistance, in acts of symbolic border crossing that go beyond the war of media images.[more...]

m&m (masses & militancy):
a contribution to the discussion on demonstrations and mass militancy
We face a retro phase today - and this is good. The phase of sloppy bicycle pervaded stroll-along-demos, where people nod their heads to the loud funny music from the loudspeakers, seems to be over for the moment. The demos around the G8 summit were characterized by bigger organized blocks, people linking arms, side banners, loud slogans and a powerful spirit. The climax: The 2nd of June in Rostock. For a long time there hasn´t been such a big, determined, dynamic and even in large parts masked demo. So finally we came once again in a position to act. But wouldn´t there have been much more possible? Are we too much influenced by well-known police strategies? Does this keep us from using opportunities? [more...]

"Blockaders play cat and mouse with the police...

taken from SWING (autonomous info Rhein Main) :

...by their so called five finger strategy the G8 critics successfully paralysed the security measures of the police (Ostseezeitung, 7th of June 2007)

"Who´s the cat; who´s the mouse?" asked the headline of the last Swing two weeks before the G8. Who would have expected such a clear answer of the Ostseezeitung? And indeed the scenes being enacted in the forests and fields
around Heiligendamm at the 6th of June were incredible. [more...]

What is Attac attacking?

Working Group on Social Rights (Attac Berlin):

And what about the movement? A speech for an offensive critique of globalization

The G8 summit is more than a month ago now, what remains is the joy and the satisfaction about the successful protests, about the work a lot of people were doing in the run-up to the summit, both within Attac and otherwise.
Like many others our local Attac Working Group had actively worked for two years preparing these summit protests, which we understood as a point of crystallization of a multiple movement for a different world.[more...]

Anti-G8 demonstration violence in Rostock: questions and contradictions

Marius Heuser and Ulrich Rippert:

The acts of violence that occurred during the mass demonstration against the G8 summit last Saturday in Rostock have led to noisy appeals from the German political and media establish- ment for tougher police measures. Many commen- tators have chosen to blame the mass of demonstrators and the organisers of the protest for the excesses, and then sought retroactively to justify the attacks on the right to demonstrate and freedom of assembly that preceded the demonstration.[more...]

Reflections on Rostock
By Uli Schmetzer (www.uli-schmetzer.com) in ROSTOCK, June 2007 Reflections on Rostock

Future generations of propagandists will be offered the anti-G8 demonstrations this month as a text-book example how globalization crudely manipulated public opinion by demonizing demonstrators and labeling opponents terrorists. [more...]

Off the Bottle-Hurling Barricades and Back to the Heretic-Leftist Websites
Alex Foti

Rostock: a new start for the European antiglobalization movement

Not since Genoa has a countersummit generated so much hope for the renewal of the heretic left and rekindled anticapitalist energies in Europe and beyond. [more...]

"Get out of the way if you can´t lend a hand [1]"
- Eight rulers and the unruly lot

report from G8 2007
Johannes Lauterbach and Carol Bergin

The tension has broken - even the police have taken off their helmets and are relaxing. In front of them, clowns are miming the story of a certain world leader who is choking on a Brezel, a group of drummers is filling the air with their rhythms, while thousands of people are enjoying this sunny Thursday afternoon in front of the barbedwire tipped fence. [more...]

Notes on Why it Matters that Heiligendamm Felt like Winning
Ben T. - 03 07 07
«Weapons are affects and affects weapons» – Deleuze and Guattari [1]
'We Are Winning' - the slogan famously sprayed on a wall in Seattle as thousands shut down the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial in 1999; last seen on the side of a burning police van on the streets of Genoa in 2001 – when the G8 leaders last dared to meet in a European city –; and the feeling that thousands of us felt as we flowed through fields, around police lines and onto the roads leading to Kempinski Hotel, the location of this year's G8 Summit in Heiligendamm. [more...]

Symbolism and reality of the G8-protests
A report from (some of) the Netherlands
In the weekend of June 30st and July 1st, G8-activists in Amsterdam, Netherlands sat down to evaluate the actions and their effect. A stonecoal translation of a short report of that event by Pomos Duplovsky [more...]

The Blockade of Heiligendamm
Boris K. - 28 June 2007
The demonstrations against the G8 summit in Rostock were a success, marred only sporadically violence. Boris Kagarlitsky tells the story of how events unfolded in Heiligendamm.
"God knows what's happening here! There are water cannon, there's tear gas, police, tanks!"
This was a phone call from Rostock. In the voice of the person with whom I was talking, a recent graduate of the Free University of Berlin, there was not so much fear as amazement, mixed with pride; this is what it's come to, we're in the very centre of world events. [more...]

Interview with opponents of the G8
taken from Swing No. 147, autonomous Rhein-Main-Info
Talking in our small circle of Swing-Editors it quickly turned out that we come to different and conflicting assessments about the clashes of the 2nd of June and the blockades of Block G8. As our assessments refer to the different positions we hold on questions of using and communicating militancy, we thought it useful to formulate them in full contradiction, to bring them to a head in parts or leave it as it was said. [more...]

discussion: territories-zones-spaces

an answer to "no zone but one zone" by bojan
thank you for sharing ideas; i totally agree with your view that insiders (negrian) and outsiders (autonomists) fight the same battle. This distinction between inside-outside is imposed by the theory of empire/multitude. This is the only reason I accepted it as a starting point of my reasoning and tried to oppose it indicating that the struggle from the outside is possible and that it can progress very much to the benefit of the struggle in the whole. [more...]

Answer to Bojan R.
no zone but one zone
here are some of the reasons why i do not share the optimism of Bojan Radej concerning autonomous zones. my first thought was: why should those in power ever accept these zones. i mean they have the police, the armies, the guns to put it short... [more...]

A response to the texts "a swallow doesn´t make a summer" by one of us, and "A tale of two victories?" by Tadzio Mueller and Kriss Sol
bojan r. - slovenia
Both letters are more than precious critical assessments of radical's actions. I agree with the observation of Tadzio Mueller and Kriss Sol that radicals are sometimes a little too self-congratulatory, self-referential, and surprisingly 'un-radical'. What one could learn from antig8 in Rostock? [more...]

A tale of two victories? Or, why winning becomes precarious in times of absent antagonisms
Tadzio Mueller & Kriss Sol
It is nice to have our victories once in a while. Sitting at the campfire in Reddelich with thousands of people after a week of protest we were not quite sure whether the collective euphoria permeating the camps was simply the result of one too many sleepless night (and day), or whether it was true that we had won once again: won as we had in Seattle, won as we had in Prague, even in Genoa.[more...]

Barricading the G8 in Germany
A WSM members reports from the front line and the cells - Tue, 19 Jun 2007
A member of the [Irish anarchist] WSM travelled to last week's protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm, Germany. He reports on the actions that were taken and then on his arrest and mistreatment. [more...]

radical Left: 1 : 0 for the movement - get the spirit of Rostock
radical Left (Nürnberg)
We are part of those expressing their refusal and zero-tolerance for the policies of the G8-states in various forms of action during 2nd-8th of June in and around Rostock and the fence in Heiligendamm. [more...]

Heiligendamning the G8
Free Association Crew

Most of the Free Association crew have just returned from Heiligendamm and the counter-mobilisation against the G8 summit and it’s worth jotting down a few thoughts whilst the memories are still fresh. (When I say most of us have returned, I don’t mean some are still on German soil, languishing in some prison cell; just not all of us went in the first place.) [more...]

Evaluation of the G8 protests
Antifascist Left Berlin, 27 of June 2007

The protests against the g8 summit lie behind us. They have been a step forwards for the extraparliamentary movement in the FRG: Because it has been more that a week of spectacular protests at the Baltic Sea. We mobilized and organized, we arranged alliances and intervened in practice.

Now is the time to look back, to analyze, to summarize. To explore next steps, a yet unfinished debate is needed. So here is the first output from that debate within the Antifascist Left Berlin.

BlackBlock at G8-2007

A concept paper made for the international brigades speaking about things happened in and around Rostock in Summer 2007
Be it as it may – whether we like it or not, There seems to be no other way – so Let´s go on fighting pigsystem

Plan B continua – Vive la commune des brigades internationales A text written in the hope of an empowering self-critical debate in autonomous and anarchist circles about what happened and what didn´t happen during the protests against the g8… one swallow doesn´t make a summer [more...]

From the history of the Black Block
Why this posting? Its in connection with the G8 that the Black Block went through the media again. As the term was used first time in 1980 noone imagined this idea to develop a life on its own and that it would go around the world. [more...]

After the summit - an anti-G8-evaluation
Bureau of Counter Information - 26. of June 2007

As in the former years the 8 representatives of the capitalist world said good by at their summitshow in Heiligendamm with balloonlike promises, without any obligations. This is true at least for the public reations issues, that helped to propagandistically prepare the summit, to present the G8 as rescuers of the world and good Samaritans. The vague declarations of good will for more money put into development, into AIDS-help and so on made it hard even for the most uncritical journalists of the bourgeois media to sell the summit as a success. [more...]

Analysis of media reports during G8
What, Why, How?

UNSPIN THE G8 is a temporary toolkit for the analysis of media reports during the run-up to the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany (6-8 June 2007). [more...]

Anti-G8 Fallout: Learning from Past Actions in San Francisco: An Interview with Josh Wolf
Fault Lines interviewed Josh Wolf and Gabe Meyers, the two people targeted by the federal and local authorities after the July 8, 2005 Anarchist Action Anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco. Anti-capitalist protests and demonstrations against the G8, WTO, and other institutions that represent neo-colonial domination and corporate globalization have always been met with more aggression and hostility than normal marches for peace. Granted, these demonstrators are often much more militant. With a police officer injured and a police car damaged, the authorities felt a need to subpoena and prosecute.[more...]

autonomously gazing after the g8
one of us, 17th of june 2007
a text written in the hope of an empowering self-critical debate in autonomous and anarchist circles about what happened and what didn´t happen during the protests against the g8... [more...]

What's hot and not - G8 2007 Heiligendamm
by a UK comradista


An itinerant crafts people with a tradition dating back to the 12th century. Not only do they sport shapely, arse-hugging, double zipper cords and sexy Han Solo waistcoats, they also created the most incredible camp at Reddelich... [more...]

Against the Black, Red & Gold Block and its violent monopoly of power
Solidarity to rebellion and resistance!

Anti-G8 Alliance Cologne - 15th of June 2007
Even months before the summit a wave of repression and exclusion was put into operation against those parts of the spectrum of protest that fundamentally reject the intitutions of capitalism. [more...]

London G8 debrief meeting notes
14 of june 2007
Yesterday there was a G8 mobilisation debrief meeting in London. Here are some of the things that were said. We also decided to have a broader 'What next' type discussion at 4pm, Sunday 24th June – Ramparts main hall. This can turn into a bit of a social in the evening to relax and socialise. More information to come.

The Camps... Indymedia Dispatch... actions... Plan B... Block G8... etc... [more...]

Spin and rumours at the G8
With proper wars it is a well-known occurrence for one side's propaganda department to try and spread the most horrific stories about the other party. The opposition are depicted as brutal barbarians who ravage children and should be opposed at all cost. In military jargon this is known as 'psyops'. During the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm there were clear indications of a similar strategy. In this case the infamous ''black block'' played the part of the barbarians. This is a based summary of the misinformation and its effect. [more...]

ASEM Demonstration in Hamburg - evaluation
Today at the 17th of june a evaluation meeting took place in hamburg with autonom and anarchist structures which prepared the demonstration. [more...]

A. Anti. Anti Capitalista!
Compan@ros from Calisse Brigade
June 10th, 2007
It was the linking of the arms, over 200 hundred rows made up of 8 to 12 people each and a sister from Berlin who whispered ‘because of the snatch squads’ that reawakened my dormant thoughts on ‘the black bloc’.
The Black Bloc is very much alive in Europe. Thanks to the rather successful abilities of these anti capitalists to come together and get angry, there have been riots throughout the ‘vieux continent’ during the last couple years.. Many. [more...]

Plan B has started already: join to the battle of joy
international brigades
June 4th, 2007
There are certain moments when it seems appropriate, without it ever being a matter of calculation, to address everybody in a manner as simple and direct as possible. One of these moments has arrived.
We want to speak briefly about what happened on the 2nd of June in the city of Rostock during the demonstration against the G8. We speak, of course, from a partisan position, but one forged of multiple voices which at certain moments manage to become singular. One of these moments has arrived. [more...]

papers written before G8 Heiligendamm...

On how to block just about everything
The upcoming actions against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm will present considerable challenges for the creativity and stamina of activists. After all, the idea is to effectively block all the entry points. The problem is that an enormous army of security and public order forces will be present and try to prevent the same. But history has shown that everything can be blocked. Below you will find some useful stories about the practice of blockades. This text will be updated as new ideas pour in.[read more...]

Eight good reasons to block the G8
(By: Affinity Group Wilnis)
An impressive number of groups in Germany and outside is currently preparing to effectively blockade the G8 summit this June. At least they will try to, they are, of course countered by a large police force that will try and stop them.
At carious info-nights about these mobilisation efforts held in the Netherlands, you often hear people voicing doubts about the use of blockades. It is sometimes claimed that they “useless”, “a ritual” and that “summits are only symbols”. Below you will find eight good reasons for taking part in the blockades and help making them successful.[more...]

Move fast, strike harder...
G8 Heiligendamm 07: just another counter-summit?

The G8 circus is coming to Heiligendamm. As recent summits have moved to more remote areas, we have felt our strength decline, mainly because they increasingly control the playground and everything around it. In Seattle, Prague and Genoa our strengths were in being inventive and surprising the police. This allowed us the freedom to stage effective direct actions and disrupt the summits. The time has come to seize back the initiative.[more...]

A december paper from P.A.U.L.A in answer to october an november papers and an idea, how it also could be in Heiligendamm next year

“Welcome to our last demonstration in Heiligendamm 2007. With a bewildered gaze we are looking at the sea, the hotel isn’t obstructing the view anymore. The revolution has started. Though there are a lot of things to do now – let’s look back for a moment. While we were waiting for the Air Force One and the other bosses of the world, we blocked and smashed the military airport at Rostock Laage. Now we know – because of the massive demonstrations all over the world, the bosses had to stay at home. Some of the delegates had tried to get through our street blockades but they failed. Nevertheless there was enough time to discuss the issues of the counter-summit and destroy the genetically modifi ed crops, because the cops most time blocked themselves. The genetic companies are smashed, the hotels are open to everyone. Allover Germany the quarters of the rich and the fi nance centers are burning – the people who stayed at home weren’t idle. Some of us are now recovering at the Bombodrom, where some built up a revolutionary, international camp. Because it is now that we are really getting ready to rock.”[read more...]

Palestinian response to the G8-Info-Tour
Dear friends from Germany,
Greetings from the Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.
We have been the "object" of your "Info-Tour" to Palestine and three of us spent one or two hours with you discussing G8 mobilization. I guess we should have saved our time. I guess you could have saved your time and money and just not come in the first place if your intention really was to involve those in the first line affected by the occupation... [read more...]

Report of the Anti-G8 Action Conference in Rostock
Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective
From 10th to 12th of November the "International Action Conference against G8" took place in Rostock. But in many reports from the conference the massive critic from different alliances against the actual planning of the events for the next year is not mentioned. "Gruppe Arbeitermacht", who also is organized in the "Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective", has made an evaluation of the conference.
Anti-G8 Action Conference: decicions are made from a small group
Some 400 activists from across the whole range of currents within the anti-G8 mobilisation met in Rostock between 10 and 12 of November. After an antiracist demonstration against the refugee camp system, deportations and the heightened political and social repression of immigrants, the meeting began with a general discussion.[read more...]

Action days, Manifestations, Blockades …
Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective
At different meetings and during the Rostock Conference already many actions were decided and a provisional "action timetable" was provided. There will be mass demonstrations, the central mass manifestation in Rostock (Capital of the Area where the Summit will held) the saturday before the beginning of the summit, as well as a counter-summit and an internationalist alternative summit and many blockades and a action camp. A central blockade day will take place at the beginning of the G8-summit. [read more...]

A first communique from two uncitizens of Arterial Bloc
by Gertrude and Fuchsia Wednesday November 22, 2006
There have been many calls for Arterial Bloc to come forward and "justify" their tactics during the G20 protests. The following statement is not a justification of specific actions; it is an exploration of politics. This statement has not been written for or on behalf of the Bloc; it has been written from within the Bloc. None of us can be leaders or spokespeople for each other. [read more...] [see also discussion at indymedia]

If I can’t dance,…
Ever and ever again left politics tried to love resisting art. And resisting art tried to love left politics. Ever and ever again emancipatory politics didn’t understand subversive art. And subversive art didn’t understand emancipatory politics. Politics were tall, rawboned, earnest and planned the revolution. Art was small, swift, liked to laugh and danced the revolution.[read more...]

Block Germany
11. November Bewegung
In recent weeks we have heard much discussion of criticisms of the current mobilization against the 2007 G8 (e.g. those of the "22nd of October Collective" published on the Indymedia UK website). Though we have taken part in such discussions we do not consider the debate between centralized and decentralized action to be very fertile. However, it is indubitable that as a movement our strength lies in our ability to innovate, and that the current proposals for Heiligendamm offer nothing but a repetition of tactics which have over recent years become increasingly ineffective, as the forces of order learnt from their mistakes and our internal weaknesses began to show through.[read more...]

Send the G8 to the bottom - once and forever!
The same procedure as every year?

It will happen once again in June next year leaders of economy and politicians of the eight most powerful states of the world will meet for their annual meeting at a luxurious health resort to enjoy decent food, to sip champagne, to have their photos put in the papers coordinate their political proceedings.[read more...]

A call to attack and block capitalism, Towards an inventive strategy
The 22nd october collective
Towards an inventive strategy‭ for attacking and blocking summit

In the cycle of recent counter summit mobilisations we can see that each time we've‭ ‬won‭ ‬its because we invented some new tactics rather than reproducing a ritualised staged confrontation.‭
For example,‭ ‬in Seattle in‭ ‬1999‭ ‬the capitalists did not expect a large physical mobilisation of people trying to shut their meeting down.‭ ‬In Genoa in‭ ‬2001‭ ‬they expected the red zone to be the focus of action and yet we were elsewhere.‭ ‬During the G8‭ ‬2003,‭ ‬the commercial centre of Geneva could be set on fire,‭ ‬blitzed without anyone being caught because we had the element of surprise.‭ ‬Since Genoa we have had few successes,‭ ‬mainly because we were pursuing‭ ‬another Genoa‭ ‬whilst the police organised to prevent that. [read more...]

A Call for massive blockades around the Red Zone
PAULA - September 2006
Somehow the forest seemed to thicken around the guard, and also it was advancing...

It is not only since Seattle and for sure not only within the globalization movement that we are out in the streets fighting against the destruction of our living conditions and for a self-determined life. But it is here that we do it together. When the G8 meet in 2007 in Heiligendamm to plan the next steps of the belligerent sale of the world, they will hide in a cage, as they know all too well that there are 1001 reasons to attack them for their policies. [read more...]

.... and now for something more and completely different

A global call written at anti-G8 "Camp Inski", Northern Germany, August 2006

Many calls like this have been made before - for people to voice their protests against an unjust, unfair, unequal international system. The G8 summit represents just one part of this. Many have called for mobilisations and hoped networks would grow on their own. Although unsure whether or not we have the right recipe, we will try to avoid making the same mistake. We, the International Working Group on resistance against the next G8, are just a group of people sitting in a field, wanting to change the world.[ read more...]

A Call for massive blockades around the Red Zone

autopool: What we do has to express itself in our actions

Discussions were more than lively during the second preparatory meeting of the radical dissent! spectrum
In Germany the term "radical left" is not as discredited in autonomous and anarchist groups as it is for well known reasons in eastern europe or countries like greece, where the communist party is fighting anarchists even in collaboration with the police. against the summits in St.Petersburg and Heiligendamm. Confrontation arose over the questions, whether this is a meeting of the "radical left". Is that what we want? How do we relate to the Hallmarks of Peoples Global Action (PGA)? What about terms like Imperialism, Internationalism etc? Is the whole thing going to bust? Wherever we look, there are a damn lot of questions unanswered or at least controversial. [read more...]

Terror from Above. Notes on an Ongoing Debate
Initiative Libertad!, Germany

There are many different approximations which can be used to analyze the 'war against terrorism'. No matter from which angle we try to understand the developments that followed the 9-11, it is evident that lagers, torture, and extra-legal executions are a constitutive part of this war. Many of these things are taking place completely before the eyes of the public opinion. Our experience, however, is that although all of this is associated with qualitative changes within the entire social structure, the left, especially in Germany, does not take the dimension of this war seriously enough. A key word in all of this is 'lawlessness', referring to the fact that more and more people have absolutely no rights. We want to focus on this within the framework of the European and international discussion. Our starting point for doing so is that human rights are a principal question which can have no tactical answers.[read more...] [PDF]

Stop G8. Capitalism. Imperialism. War.
Against the G8 summit in 2007 in Heiligendamm!

Call by Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective
In the summer of 2007, the heads of state of Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the USA will meet for the so-called G8 summit in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in north-east Germany. They will be well protected by police and the military, and they want to demonstrate their unity to the media. They will try to present themselves as the legitimate leadership of the “civilized world” and organize to force through their common interests. Contrary to their actual policy they will again feign commitment against world hunger, disease, poverty and terrorism. Just like at past summits, tens of thousands will protest against the meeting to show the real meaning of the G8. [read more...] [PDF]

BuKo: De-legitmise G8, strengthen social movements and try out alternative ways of living
What we expect of the G8 process – a discussion paper
A large number of network and campaign meetings have already taken place, the planning for camps and actions is already under way. More than a year before the summit of the “Group of 8” in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, East-Germany, various NGOs, networks such as Attac and groups from the radical left have started to focus on the G8, which seems to have an enormous mobilising potential within different parts of the left movement. There is a tremendous need for protesting and organising. As in Seattle 1999, in Genoa 2001 and in other places, the debates and actions taking place in the context of the G 8 summit, may turn into a dynamic “moment of crystallisation” for emancipatory movements. [PDF]