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8 de agosto de 2007
Todos somos 129a
indymedia - 08 Aug 2007
"everyone who reads this is a terrorist"
Cuatro activistas alemanes han sido arrestados bajo sospecha de ser miembros de una supuesta "organización terrorista". La policía federal alemana sospecha que el Militante Gruppe (MG o Grupo Militante) se encontraba detrás de varios ataques incendiarios contra vehículos de la policía y del ejército desde que surgiera el grupo en 2001. Entre las acciones directas se incluye un ataque contra los vehículos de la policía federal alemana para protestar contra su implicación en las deportaciones de inmigrantes y otro en respuesta a los ataques durante el G8 durante este año. En caso de ser considerados culpables podrían enfrentarse a penas de hasta 10 años de cárcel. Hay otras tres personas acusadas aunque no han sido arrestadas. [mas...]

Collective Radar G8 2007: Help Build the Action Map!
Resistance to the G8 in and around Heiligendamm was as massive as it was multiple and diverse.
To show this, the facilities to build a collective action map depicting all of the actions that happened, are being put together. The map will have icons that indicate where what kind of action took place. The individual icons will be linked to texts, films or pictures about the actions. You will also be able to view a brief summary while scrolling with your mouse. [more...]

Plage Sauvage 2.0 : relax, revolution just begun!

From the 10 to the 15 of August will take place the second edition of the free and alternative camping in the social center Mezza Canaja, in Senigallia (AN) on the italian Adriatic coast.
We invite all the collectives, groups and individuals that want to share with us some days to continue together the construction of radical and rebel anti-capitalist movement in Europe.[more...]

People who have been arrested during the G 8, please, note the following:
The legalteam/EA has remarked that many arrested people have spent unjustified long time in the detention centres and even after the order by a judge to be immediately released they were kept in the prison. In order to assess the conditions of the detentions and to start a complaint, we ask you to fill out the form and to send it back by fax or e-mail. [PDF-Form...]

Plan B is started: join to the battle of joy!
En algunos momentos, como algo que no podemos siempre calcular, creemos que es justo tomar la palabra y hablar a todxs de manera sencilla y sincera. Bueno, este es uno de esos momentos. [ver mas...]