Transport Protest

Taking care of an extremely essential part of the protests infrastructure a transnational transport working group was founded in warsaw. The AG wants to organize transports of all kinds of camp-, protest- and convergence center materials before the summit as well as during the summit itself:
To bring materials, water & food to the activists and to bring the activists themselves from convergence centers and train stations to the relevant regions as well as immidiatelly to the actions.
To achieve these goals the Transport AG is looking for 20 to 30 drivers owning absolutelly legal drivers licences, at best also for driving bigger trucks.
Additionally there is the need for more people to help out sometimes, as well as for some mechanics willing to offer their skills. Another possibility to join the group is to help organizing and coordinating transports.
The Transport AG moreover is calling for vehicles of all kind: busses, trucks, cars...
If you know sympathetic bus companies willing to give us smaller or
bigger buses for a cheaper tarif or even for free - or if you can think of other ways to contribute to the concept, please do it. Maybe you could also lend your car to others or to the transport group sometimes.

e-mail-list: transportprotest [at] lists.riseup.
contact: transportprotest [at]

As we could not find any site for car sharing and travel organization related to G8 we created a forum for this, it is not as handy as the usual professional sites like but it's at least something :)
We are also trying to list on this forum all the internet global sites about car sharing and travel infos... [more...]