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we need translators in the cc-rostock for the hot phase from the 25th of may- 9th of june??????
please write to if you can imagine spending some energy in it!!!!

Flyer Convergence Centre Rostock

Since three weeks activists have set up the Convergence Centre (cc) in a part of the former Ehm-Welk school in Rostock-Evershagen. The aim of the project is to provide the infrastructure for the summit protest and make the 55 rooms useable for all people and organizations. [Aufruf als PDF...]

solidarity greetings

The Ehm-Welk School at Rostock Evershagen
Since March 10, anti G-8 activists have been working in one part of the former Ehm-Welk school in Rostock Evershagen to build up the convergence centre (CC) for the protests against the G-8 and to use the empty rooms of the school for the groups and people taking part in the resistance. We call on everybody to help us here in Rostock in continued construction and to help us with time, force and good mood. [more...]

Come visit lovely Exciting Mecklenburg, Germany
Maybe you have not yet made up your mind about coming to G8 and you have recently been asking yourself:
"Do I go protest against the G8 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the Baltic Sea of Germany?, or, Do I take my much needed holidays after fighting so hard for the revolution here at home this year?"
Well, it is easy to answer that question, come here and do both! In the BBC article below it is explained how lovely it is here on the Baltic Sea in the region where the G8 will meet. Don't forget, the Rostock Convergence centre is only 10 mins by train from the lovely white sand seaside, and there are a few lovely action bikes here to ride around as well, but you are encouraged to bring your own. [more...]

Hot news from Convergence Center Rostock: Intergalactical subversion now!

In the past two weeks interesting things happened in Rostock. Municipal authorities granted an empty school in Evershagen(Suburb) to the protest-movement, with the condition that there have to be people living in the building to protect it from vandalism!? Knowing about the rather uncertain room/ place-situation in Rostock, convergence center crew took this first possibilty and entered concrete/the school on mid march.[more...]

G8 umzingeln und versenken!
1. intergalaktischen CC-Rostock-Meeting" from 05/25/07 to 06/02/07 in Rostock

This project needs to be well prepared, a Convergence Center could be the right place for that. People can meet and network here long time before the summit, Seminaries and practical workshops will take place and can be offered by different groups, actual informations can be found at the infopoint, something to eat at 'vok├╝' (people's action food), places to sleep, pc's with internet connection, etc.[more...]