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What to bring...
things that are a MUST...
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stuff that would be really wicked you could bring it... [more...]

ALL important Infos about the CAMPS!!!
Camping against the G8 Summer 2007, Heiligendamm
G8 – Give up!
You are already encircled by our tents!

For the time of the protests against the G8 summit at Heiligendamm, we from the camp working group as the infrastructural basis for several thousands of activists have organised three camps in Reddelich close to Bad Doberan, in Rostock and in Wichmannsdiorf close to Kühlungsborn. For the organisation of this basis for 12-15000 activists there had formed, already starting in fall 2006, a heterogeneous circle of activists gathered in the camping group. [more...]

Most important organisational details for international activists:

Right now, we have three camps: one at “Reddelich” (for 3000-5000 persons) close to Bad Doberan to the West of Rostock[more...], on in Rostock, and one in Wichmannsdorf.


camp "Rostock"

camp "Redelich"

camp "Wichmannsdorf"
The campsite is in the hill range "Kühlung" on the hill "Hoppenberg", close to the village Wichmannsdorf (in the borough Kröpelin), in the proximity of Kühlungsborn.
Apart from an idyllic meadow in view of the Baltic Sea, we promise you a few days with intensive self-organisation. The camp is a place for meeting, exchange and also disputes between different political movements. But Nazis an sexists are not welcome!
We understand the camp as a social place where people can meet, talk and exchange information, experiences and ideas. It's also the place to plan and prepare collective actions. There will be an info- tent to give you up to date information on events, workshops, actions and all other occurances concerning the summit. In meetings for all campistas and delegates meetings we will decide everything concerning the camp.

A self-organized camp is no holiday! There will be an infrastructure with food, toilets, washing amenities, indymedia- tent, cutural program, meeting and information tents, a first aid area and so on, but you have to bring your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad and tent.

We have rented 6 hectare (15 acres) of a 19 hectare meadow. You will see which part we have occupied when you get there. We ask all campistas to stay only in this area.
If people are tempted by the wide space around and pitch their tents there: Please get active and tell them about the small rented area; it's the only way we can keep the costs for the camp from exploding. On "our" area we are obliged to look after the sward.

Depending on weather conditions you have to be prepared for restrictions for cars.

The camp will be set up from May 29th and is open from June 1st. But the tents won't pitch themselves up, we still need a lot of hands for setup, dismantling and during the summit protests to keep the camp functioning.
Info-Point Public Phone Number: 0162/374 82 87
contact: wichmannsdorf [at]

If you want to register as a volunteer translator / interpreter for the language of your choice, please mail to Carla [ international[AT]camping-07.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Camping 07
In the beginning of June 2007, the governments of the seven most important industrial countries and of Russia will meet for the “G-8 Summit” in the Baltic sea resort of Heiligendamm. The “Group of the 8” (G-8) is an institution without legitimacy. Nonetheless, as the self-named informal world government, it takes decisions that affect the whole of humanity. The policy of the G-8 stands for neoliberal globalisation, privatisation and deregulation. [more...]

Information for Campers
We are planning camps for about 15000 people. We are not yet in a position to announce all camp locations, because the negotiations are still underway and are very difficult.
We assure you: There will most certainly be camps!
You'll find recent information on this website. It will be updated permanently.

During the hot phase, you may also get information on the camps at the convergence centres and at the information points.

What to bring with you?
Bring everything that might be useful to you or others on the camp. We can only provide the basic infrastructure. Your self-organisation skills are in high demand! Tents and camping equipment are absolutely required.

Also bring camping equipment you no longer need (old tents, sleeping bags, isolation mats, dishes,…). At the camp, all this will be needed! Bring whatever you can carry.

You can leave these things at the camp information point.
The camps will be there, so please do come as well.

Camp Call
Dear friends, dear anti-G8 and camp activists,

Since fall 2006, a group from a quite heterogeneous spectrum has been organising a camp at possibly several locations in the region of Rostock. This camp is supposed to accommodate thousands of people and serve to all of us as basis for the demonstrations, actions, the alternative summit and the cultural events against the impositions by the G-8 from the end of May to mid-June. [more...]

G-8 protest camp meets police chief

In the framework of the preparation of the protest against the G-8 summit, there met, on Friday afternoon, representatives of the Working Group Camp of the overall protest with representatives of the police in Bad Doberan.[read more...]

coordinate the cooking-groups
Dear all!
For the Protests against the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm are needed many more groups for cooking. To coordinate the cooking-groups we now have the emailadress
If you are a group, that could possibly cook at the G8, tell us. If you have questions concerning the cooking at g8 2007, ask us and if you know other groups, forwads them this mail, tell them that we need help or write us their mailadres or other contact informations.
And please forward this mail to the other mailinglists!
Actually there are about 20 000 people expected for camping, so we need everyone to help us for the upcoming protests in summer 2007.

G8X Queer Resistance 2007 Germany
Come and get involved in queering up the resistance to the G8 summit, in north Germany 7-9 June. Currently there are ideas for a ..barrio" within the large activists` camp near Rostock, to make the camp more ... camp.
From this base we can organize actions and take part in demonstrations as a visible queer bloc. There are also ideas to hold a preparation week in Berlin at the end of May, including workshops, actions and a queer performance night.This site will be updated regularly, so keep checking to see how the plans develop.
Next meeting of the Berlin-based crew is on 25th of February 2007, 6 pm. Venue: Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg, Berlin
[read more...]

Resistance needs a home!
G-8, give it up, you are already encircled by tents!

Whoever plans to visit for several days events of the alternative summits, take part in blockades or participate in the “Holy Dam of Prayer”, also sometimes has to sleep, eat, communicate with others, must find a room to hang out, to reload with energy.
It is to this end that “Camping07” – the Preparatory Group for the “Reproduction of Rebellion” around the G-8 is already working today. [read more...]

Give up – you are already encircled by tents!
Preparation to the camps of the camps!
In June 2007, the G-8 will come to Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania! So much is certain!
We shall come as well! And we shall be many.
To that end, a camp will be built, a space to get together from the whole world over, to articulate protest in common, to live a vision of a common world, to celebrate and to organise resistance against the camp. [read more...]