Indymedia G8 Timeline online!
From now on, you can find verified, up-to-date news also via the new Timeline webpage: for English and for German.
Help us with the Dispatch! Call us and tell us what is happening in the streets, in the camps, near the fence and in the fields. We're collecting information, verifying and publishing them. And please don't be put off when dispatchers are sometimes insistent in their questions; this because we want to be really sure that understand, accurately, what's happening. [more...]

call for global network of local nodal infopoints
G8 2007, Germany
In conjunction to the alternative media material that has already started coming out of Germany about whats going on, we want to encourage the setting up of a network of nodal infopoints outside of the protest area for people in their local area to be able to go to and find out first hand whats going on. [more...]

Public Mobile Radio (PMR)
For the purpose of distrubuting actual information there'll be a so
called Public-Mobile-Radio-Info. It's part of the Infosystem an it's
supposed to broadcast information concerning demonstrations, blockades
and actions. It will be receivable around the area of Heiligendamm and
Rostock-Laage during the probable actiondays on wednesday and thursday.
PMRs are small handy radios which can be bought and used legally.
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The info point structure prepares maps of the protest-area. You can get hold of these maps at every i-point, convergence center and other central point´s of resistance.
We are trying to layout the maps true-to-detail, to allow you to have a good overwiev of the area. Furthermore the maps will include raster graphics, to help finding the camps.
The Camp Reddelich, for example, you will find on raster G4. On the map we will also list the numbers of the i-point´s, the legal team, web-adresses, aso.
You´ll find the maps some day´s in advance on different resistance-homepages, that you can them print already beforehand.

Move against G-8!
Information is the backbone of the upcoming protests. Information points in our mind are hubs in the net and part of an informational system encompassing more than the information points. [PDF-Flyer...]