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Convergence Space in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Hello everybody
During the Convergence Space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, there will be a
working room with computers, a printer and maybe a scanner at the
Infopint in the Bethanien. So its wonderfull for mediaactivist people from abroad, when they came earlier to Berlin and want to have the possibility to make some stuff. There are Computers, Printer, and also possibilities to plug in with a laptop. Youre welcome.
Where to find:
New Yorck im Bethanien, side wing, Mariannenplatz (that's a square in Kreuzberg)
Metro: 'Görlitzer Bahnhof'
open from 21st of may to 1st of june AND from 9th of june to 16th of june every day from 8am to 11pm
more Infos:

KICK OFF 21 MAY 2007

More than only a centre - more than an activists gathering!
Similar to Hamburg and Rostock, here in Berlin we are also setting a CONVERGENCE SPACE for those organising around the G8 SUMMIT IN HEILIGENDAMM. However, as our understanding of such a Convergence Space is slightly different to those presented so far in Hamburg and Rostock, we would like take this chance to present you with our idea. [PDF Version...]