Information about the Bombodrom action day
on June 1st, 2007

As perviously announced, we plan to settle in the Bombodrom area in the Kyritz-Ruppin Heathlands on June 1st, 2007 in an action of civil desobedience. It is our aim to clearly show our rejection of war and training for war. In case the police should try a strategy of escalation, we will not take part in that. We have our own script. The whole thing is to happen in a cool, committed and very pink way. You find the call for action and important background information under [more...]
29 March 2007
Action days in Germany June 1st (Bombodrom) and 5th (Rostock-Laage)

Antimilitarist actions days in Germany, on 1st June 2007 in the Kyritz-Ruppin Heathland, and on 5th June 2007 in Rostock-Laage. Both actions intend to show the connection between G8 and war.[read more...]

From the Heathland to the beach

The G-8, war, refugees, and migration belong together. The logic that links them is plain to see for anti-militarist, autonomist, and anti-patriarchal groups like ours. Deportation, massive privatization programs, intensified exploitation, and the enclosure of all the common resources in reach: only the backing of a state war machine makes these aims realizable. The combination of the G-8 and the bombing range in the Kyritz-Ruppiner heathland (between Rostock, Hamburg, and Berlin) presents us with an opportunity to expose these connections in some lasting anti-militarist actions and images. The plan is to take back the area marked as a bombing range - and to do it together with local protest and resistance groups immediately before the G8 Summit. [read more...]

Stop G8. Capitalism. Imperialism. War.

Against the G8 summit in 2007 in Heiligendamm!

Call by Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary perspective

In the summer of 2007, the heads of state of Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the USA will meet for the so-called G8 summit in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in north-east Germany. They will be well protected by police and the military, and they want to demonstrate their unity to the media. They will try to present themselves as the legitimate leadership of the “civilized world” and organize to force through their common interests. Contrary to their actual policy they will again feign commitment against world hunger, disease, poverty and terrorism. Just like at past summits, tens of thousands will protest against the meeting to show the real meaning of the G8.[read more...]

The G8: global arms exporters
Failing to prevent irresponsible arms transfer