A december paper from P.A.U.L.A in answer to october an november papers and an idea, how it also could be in Heiligendamm next year

“Welcome to our last demonstration in Heiligendamm 2007. With a bewildered gaze we are looking at the sea, the hotel isn’t obstructing the view anymore. The revolution has started. Though there are a lot of things to do now – let’s look back for a moment. While we were waiting for the Air Force One and the other bosses of the world, we blocked and smashed the military airport at Rostock Laage. Now we know – because of the massive demonstrations all over the world, the bosses had to stay at home. Some of the delegates had tried to get through our street blockades but they failed. Nevertheless there was enough time to discuss the issues of the counter-summit and destroy the genetically modifi ed crops, because the cops most time blocked themselves. The genetic companies are smashed, the hotels are open to everyone. Allover Germany the quarters of the rich and the fi nance centers are burning – the people who stayed at home weren’t idle. Some of us are now recovering at the Bombodrom, where some built up a revolutionary, international camp. Because it is now that we are really getting ready to rock.”

Ok, maybe it’s not that nice next year, but we can imagine a better szenario than the absolut defeat. In the last years we often hid behind our assumed weakness because our police is well equipped. Facing the international character of the summit protests, we should change this point of view and start to overcome our national perspectives and the cramped and repressive boundaries in our heads. We’ll be a lot of people next year in Heiligendamm and we should
take advantage of this.
There was an international discussion about how to act next year (october and november papers) and how to show our resistance against the G8. Our paper is part of this discussion. We want to to discuss our ideas and strategies with the international movement, because we want a resistance that uses our chances and strength consequently. We
don’t want to discuss different protest forms as concurring alternatives.
Next year there will be big mass blockades as well as decentral actions and we will be more sucessful the better we coordinate our strategies.
The paper of the “22nd October Collective” is suggesting we should use the summit next year to concentrate on international networking and the discussion on strategies for the international protests. In the days before and after the G8 summit we should meet for that, but the moment of the summit we should use for blockading the global economy.
The paper doesn’t speak against mass blockades but against one big symbolic mass blockade.
Furthermore they say, that we will only be successful if we have a new, innovative strategy. We agree with the point of the new strategy but we don’t think it’s that new and effective to stay at home and do some actions there. (When there is a lot of action before the summit in the cities, countries or where ever it’s great...) To act at home during the G8 summit makes us believe we are save, but we will be only a few people at these actions and that makes it easier for the police to be prepared for it. Moreover as small and isolated groups our actions won’t be noticed as a collective protest and we won’t feel like a part of a big international movement.
We disagree with the picture of an omnipotent state, because our experiences show that we can allways fi nd the gap if we’re flexible an incalculable. Flexible means also not to fi x one strategy months before the G8 summit starts (later more about that point).
At all former summits there were pictures drawing a szenario of repression, but it was always possible to do some action. We will be a lot of people next year and that means we will be incalculable even for a well prepared and well equipped police.
At that point laid our stregth at the protests the last years. We should use this to attack thesummit accordingly.
The paper of november also starts from the idea not to be at Heiligendamm during the summit. Instead of staying at
home they prefer an international meeting ten days before the summit to discuss our strategies and afterwards, when the summit starts, to attack and blockade the centers of capitalism and authorities all over Germany.
We agree that there are a lot of points to blockade, attack or destroy in Germay, but that’s the same in Meck-Pomm. Therefore we think it’s the right way to mobilize to Heiligendamm. It’s not that there is nothing but a lonesome hotel obstructing the view. In our imagination we start the summit days with a blockade of the airport in Rostock-Laage.
The airport is an important base for the german Bundeswehr and other armies (eurofi ghter etc). Most of the delegates and the bosses themself are landing here. With well thought-out actions we can prevent the summit from starting.
The experiences of the Castor- resistance show that streetblockades can be very sucessful though it’s not our prefered strategy to participate in passive and computable street-blockades.
But we are eminent effective if we combine different forms of protest. For actions besides blockades of access or communication roads, we propose to blockade also the cities in Meck-Pomm (Wismar, Rostock, Schwerin). Biotechnology companies and other companies who support the infrastructure of the G8 summit could also
be on our route. Lists of according aims and places, maps with genetically modifi ed crops, cop-stations, military bases etc. are made at the moment. BlockMeck-Pomm!
Kühlungsborn too will play an important role because there isn’t enough space in Heiligendamm itself for all the delegates and conferences. We are talking about 12 000 delegates to sleep and eat somewhere and they
have to move somehow. Let’s attack them whereever we meet
– at the hotel, in the streets etc. But we should also use the strength given by the feeling of being a lot of people and that we are incalculable.
The cops don’t know at all times what we are doing or going to do, and our experience with other protest show that despite them building up a police state things and actions are possible.
We think there are actions possible at Thursday when we have our big powerful demonstration towards Heiligendamm. If we use our possibilities consequently a lot of things can happen here.
And if de facto nothing is possible, because everything is hermetically sealed, we should have a plan B,C,... Maybe we are still motivated because everything went so well the fi rst days? In both of these cases we appreciate
the proposal to attack particular places in Germany. But we would like to discuss later on where and when. Should we
start with this kind of action at the days of the summit? Should we appear wherever during the summit? Should we continue after it? All these are points of our discussion. Facing the situation
the cops know a lot of our plans it’s necessary to leave a lot of doors open. Therefore we need an excellent system of communication that makes the grade of fl exible, uncountable and strong-willed action groups, but besides of this technical stuff we need direct meetings, trustfulness amd personal exchange.
With all of this we obtain all possibilities to act surprisingly everywhere.
What do you think about plan A,B,C??? We are looking forward to discuss with you and plan e.g. in Warszawa in february but also tommorow evening at the kitchen table....
P.A.U.L.A (33. of december)