1 : 0 for the movement - get the spirit of Rostock

radical Left (Nürnberg)
We are part of those expressing their refusal and zero-tolerance for the policies of the G8-states in various forms of action during 2nd-8th of June in and around Rostock and the fence in Heiligendamm. We are part of those who didn´t accept to be dissuaded by massive repression, propaganda and smear campaigns, and who asserted the right on freedom of assembly and demonstration during the whole period of time. We are part of those who understand themselves as a global movement, that didn´t came to rest since Seattle and Genova and that will not be quietened after Rostock as well. We are part of those not willing to accept the status quo in this world - meaning permanent Exploitation and oppression - any longer.

Together with 60.000 others we defied all preemptive attempts of criminalization, such as the countrywide police raids, and marched through the streets of Rostock at the 2nd of June to make it heard that we demand a world beyond capitalist conditions. Despite a military state of emergency and permanent provocation of the police we were amongst those 15.000 demanding the right to stay and freedom of movement for everyone.

On Tuesday we resisted increasing restrictions of the freedom of assembly and demonstration and, like 10.000 others, we took a clear and unequivocal stand angainst war and torture at the airport Rostock-Laage, where the delegations arrived.

During the days of the summit, from the 6th till the 8th, we were amongst the 20.000 people blocking the access roads around Heiligendamm. Together we realized the impossible. We entered the military bolted security zone and got to the fence. That we managed to do so was the work of all those that denied to back of from carrying their form of delitimizing the G8 and their forms of protest to where it belongs: despite numerous attempts of burgeois media, escalative police tactics and parties of the establishment to intimidate and split the movement, they carried it to the streets to Heiligendamm, to the access roads of the summit of injustice.

We say thank you to all those who turned the powerful days of resistance in Rostock into an event that cannot be forgotten; who made sure that everything we aimed at in all those action conferences, preparation meetings and written calls got reality, in the camps, in the streets, in the alliances, etc. We congratulate all those brave people who despite water cannons, pepper spray and teargas made their way through the fields up to their destination. And we say thank you to all those doing the unremitting and invisible work in the background, those cutting and cooking in the VoKüs, those emptying the toilets, those protecting the camps from police and fascist attacks, those taking care of the wounded and the prisoners, those in the media centers who made our world of resistance known.

The efforts of the numerous strategists to split the existing solidarity by smuggling in debates failed before as well as during the time of the summit. Realizing that capitalist rule and by that the summits of those ruling loose more and more legitimation, politics and media do al they can to delegitimize progressive, militant, and anti-capitalist resistance. Part of that is the untrustworthy and entirely unfounded media coverage of the Nürnberger Nachrichten (NN), that turned into an organ of the secret servive Verfassungsschutz recently, wrote about the summit protests and their anchoring in Nürnberg. This newspaper acts in the kind of spirit, that Nürnberg civil society witnessed in history. The numerous blockades against Nazis and war, demonstrations against social robbery and the meeting of the Ministers of the Interior here in Nürnberg were experience by most people in a completely different way than the allegedly "independent" NN reported. Put together with a picture from Berlin, they turned a camp fire into a burning berricade. Quite often then those distortions of facts were in turn used by the police to restrict basic freedoms - like the ban on the local anti-G8-demo to protest in front of the chemical company Novartis.

The backing of such a staging of violence in the media like it is done by NN comes - to no surprise - from the CSU. Together with her sister party CDU she strengthens reactionary tendencies and expands authoritarian rule. In many statements of politicians of these parties one has to wonder, whether it still is the fascist system of thought that rules their minds. So it is not surprising that after evicting the KOMM [former autonomous centre in Nürnberg] the local CSU picks up the demand of the extreme rightwing "Bürgerinitiative Ausländerstopp" [citizens initiative stopp foreigners] to cut the money for the DESI [alternative culture centre, transl.]. Working and taking sides with refugees is as much a thorn in their side as non-conformist socioculture outside of the market.

For the future it is up to us now to further develop and radicalize, what was practiced during the days of resistance around Heiligendamm. We have to expand and locally anchor the practical successes, that were the result of the collective actions of the most diverse left forces, and the (temporary) prasence we had in society. Not only during the summit - a summit of protest & resistance - but also locally we should, we have to and we are also able to connect and realize successful struggles and solidarity on all levels, to collectively get closer to a world without exploitation and oppression.

This is a call to all of us!

The G8 were delegitimated - let us now delegitimate an unreasonable system of society!

All around the world we agree: make capitalism history!

radical Left (Nürnberg)