UK Climate Camp-Post G8 (2005) Actions

indymedia UK, 20.08.2007
UK Climate Camp, many lessons for German activists?
What have UK activists found as their top theme in the last 2 years after UK G8, 2005?
CLIMATE CHANGE. It is strange that the radical left in Germany totally ignores this and any other issue that is just labeled as "green/oeko", while the rest of the world sees Climate Change as a huge problem. Many Dissent! UK people decided after G8 2005 that they would turn to Climate Change as an issue to organise around, and from looking at the Climate Camps from 2006 and the one this week in 2007, it is easy to say that the German radical left can learn a lot from UK friends.

For example, see the kids/family action, which never happened here in Germany:

Also, small affinity groups of only 7 people made very effective blockades that lasted hours, much better than any small action posted from G8 2007. It's funny they called it "Plan B", but with 7 people was much more effective than stupid "Plan B" from G8 2007: