ASEM Demonstration in Hamburg - evaluation

Today at the 17th of june a evaluation meeting took place in hamburg with autonom and anarchist structures which prepared the demonstration. Most groups / collectives saw the demonstration as a success, eventhough some chances for more radical action were not taken at the demonstration. As there are specific "orders" by police laws in Hamburg, we managed to make a disobedient act not to follow them (f.e. the length of wooden sticks for flags and side-banners over 1,5 m) but the situation where the demonstration was called off there was the wish that affinity groups and others would continue to act in direction of the city but it did not happen, even the local police was quite confused about the situation. So it seems like there are too less people risking direct confrontation and too less experienced groups willing to escalate. So we did not use the power we had but still made a good experience which was one of the strongest actions in the city for years with more than 6000 participants including a majority of leftradical, autonom and anarchists local, overregional and international activists.

for pictures of the demonstration look at: