.... and now for something more and completely different

A global call written at anti-G8 "Camp Inski", Northern Germany, August 2006

Many calls like this have been made before - for people to voice their protests against an unjust, unfair, unequal international system. The G8 summit represents just one part of this. Many have called for mobilisations and hoped networks would grow on their own. Although unsure whether or not we have the right recipe, we will try to avoid making the same mistake. We, the International Working Group on resistance against the next G8, are just a group of people sitting in a field, wanting to change the world.

We call for people all over the world to join us in expanding the basis for a strong and effective resistance here and now against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in 2007 - and in the future - against the entire bloody capitalist circus.

Looking beyond this mobilisation, we will make this the next building block of a strong, continuous global resistance, drawing strength from our diversities. We call for the creation of lasting networks sharing and expanding discussions and ideas across borders, which in the future will make it unnecessary for us to even consider them.

To make resistance against the G8 as effective as possible we wish to facilitate the participation of people across the world - in the preparations, sharing their experience and in the actions themselves - both abroad and in Germany.

Practically this means several things: We will publish a two-way newsletter - firstly to provide relevant news and information about the preparations and discussions in Germany and abroad. In addition to this, there will be an English language website and mailing list as a forum for communication between the working group and activists, creating a strong international network in advance. To achieve these goals we call for you to contribute with information, experiences, issues, forms of action, views and ideas for practical resistance. Also we call for help with translation and distribution of information - the creation of a pool of translators to help make information accessible to everybody and volunteers to help by printing and distributing the newsletter to their local communities.

We invite everyone interested to get involved in the working group itself. Especially we invite you to participate in the international meeting in the first or second weekend of February, 2007. The location for the meeting has not yet been selected but it will be outside of Germany. The meeting will provide a space for everyone to get up to speed so we can all participate on an equal footing. To enable people to be present both at the upcoming international planning meeting and at the protests in Germany we will provide real, up to date, practical information about aquiring visas and travelling, and if possible to help financing visas.

This and many other projects of the working group will require funding, therefore we also call for all who are able to help raise the funds needed.

We will help make the process as well as the actions open as widely as possible, by coordinating and providing clear and relevant information as well as easily accessible ways of communicating.

We want change - not just for our children, but for ourselves.

We call for you to join us in making this mobilisation yet another stepping stone, another nail in the coffin of international capitalism.

contact for the international working group: g8-int@riseup.net international mobilisation mailinglist: g8-int@lists.riseup.net