Call for massive blockades around the Red Zone


It is not only since Seattle and for sure not only within the globalization movement that we are out in the streets fi ghting against the destruction of our living conditions and for a self-determined life. But it is here that we do it together. When the G8 meet in 2007 in Heiligendamm to plan the next steps of the belligerent sale of the world, they will hide in a cage, as they know all too well that there are 1001 reasons to attack them for their policies. It is the never-ending expansion of capitalist greed, that sacrifi ces people and nature for the interests of arms dealers and economical warlords - and last but not least the cynicism to disguise all this bitterness in sweet words - that fi lls our hearts with deep sadness so often, but also enfl ames us in rage. Stop it! We think that the previous summit protests have proved the most successful whenever we managed to interconnect the diversity of emancipatory struggles and forms of action in a respectful way. The cooperation during the g8 protests in Evian 2003 embodied this idea as much as the yellow, pink and blue demolines against the IMF 2000 in prague, which effectively supplemented each other in transparecy for all participating. We will again in this year respect the forms of protest of all emancipatory oriented groups, and we wish to be treated alike. We are firmly convinced that there is no use in subject-related appealing to the reason of those in power, or to work on building a civil society in the shadow of their escalating warmongery. It is not our aim to have the summit make other decisions - which in most cases only mean a modernisation of exploitation and oppression. Under the primary of plunder there won´t be any constructive cooperation with us. In our actions we refuse to be pinned down to forms that demand an affirmation of legality - which means nothing but compelling us to approve the ruling order. We don´t want our actions to symbolize submission to an order that kills thousands
each and every day. Rather we will hurl our determined NO at those responsible for that organised crime - and a good deal of other things as well!

International mass attacks - Sink the summit!
To get started and to disturb the course of the meeting as comprehensively as possible, we place our bet on a circle of bigger and smaller blockades, massive and massing, multiple and decentral, that in time advance closer and closer to the G8. Besides sg, standing and walking mass blockades this will include the construction and eventually the defence of barricades. Direct actions of small affinity groups, the appearance of the Rebel Clown Army, creative actions of incalculable activists or the tying down of police units in black block
actions will complement the scenario.

Even though the highest representatives of the 8 leading industrial nations meet directly in Heiligendamm, the summit as a whole takes place in a lot of meetings during several days. For the „success“ of a summit in the sense of a smooth course it needs a lot of translators, delegations of political officers & so called experts, security and catering personel, hack writers and smooth talkers. Last but not least - all of these 5,000-10,000 participants need to be supplied with everything from food and drink, to such banal things as toilet

Through these, the potential fi eld of disturbance is expanded to the places of accomodation of all those mentioned above, and the routes they have to take in the course of the summit. Here everyone is called not only to install big and
massive blockades on the central road going from Bad Doberan to Heiligendamm, but on all approaches to the summit as well as on the roads to and from the locations of accomodation. In doing so, activists can easiliy decide whether they want to do affinity group actions in cooperation with bigger blockades, or if they prefer to erect enduring blockades. The dispersion the places of protest invite, and the diversity of forms of action, leave us in joyful anticipation of a festival of international actions.

In the discussions about the choreography of protests we had so far, the evening before the summit and the first „real“ G8-day appear to be the times of coordinated blockades. Whether the blockades are to be continued the next day, or if the Red Zone is going to be attacked is not clear by now. What we know is that acting effectively during the summit constantly demands timely information - a task that will be covered by infopoints on the camps and whereever we need them to be.

our aim: zero traffic to and from Heiligendamm

for an entirely different entirity

PAULA [supraregional plenary - antiauthoritarian - uncompromising - libertarian - autonomous]

end of september 2006