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"European Conference on Security Research SRC '07"

March 26-27, 2007

Maritim Hotel Berlin, Germany

Terrorism, organized crime, natural disasters and particularly severe accidents do not stop at European borders. The European Union therefore increases its activities in the area of security research.

The far-reaching concepts, ideas and research programmes of the European Union will be presented within the framework of the "European Security Research Conference SRC '07" in Berlin on 26 and 27 March 2007.The conference will be the launch event for the "European Security Research Programme" which will be published for the first time as a separate programme under the 7th Research Framework Programme 2007-2013. Representatives of numerous European Member States will explain their programmes and initiatives in the field of security research during the course of the conference. The Federal Government will present Germany's new national Security Research Programme.The first objective of European security research is to make a contribution to the security of citizens in Europe. The results of Europe-wide security research will contribute to recognizing the causes for threats to civil security early on and to taking effective countermeasures. At the same time, the competitiveness of Europe is to be strengthened.The conference motto will be "Security Research as a Service to Citizens, State and Companies". It will bring together the following players:

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Monday, March 26, 2007

8.00 Registration
9.00 Plenary meeting 1
„Security research - as service to citizens, state and companies“
9.05 Opening address „Research and innovation for civil security“
Dr. Annette Schavan, German Federal Minister of Education and Research, Council of the European Union
9.20 Opening address „The relevance of security research for a well structured European security market“
Günter Verheugen, Commission Vice President, DG Enterprise and Industry
9.35 „What can the European citizen expect from European security research“
Jerzy Buzek, Member of the European Parliament, correspondent of the EP to 7. FRP, member of the ITRE committee
9.50 „Security Research - requirements from point of view of infrastructure operators“
Mats Fagerlund, Member of the executive board, Vattenfall Europe AG
10.05 “Security research: welcoming new technology”
Franco Frattini, Commission Vice President, DG Justice, Freedom and Security
10.20 Opening of the poster and industrial exhibition by the conference chairman
Wolf-Dieter Lukas
Federal Ministry on Education and Research, Director General Key Technologies – Research for Innovation ,Germany
10.30 Coffee break and opportunity to visit the poster session and industrial exhibition
11.00 Plenary meeting 2
Future Security - Europe backs security research

Chairman: Karl von Wogau, Member of the European Parliament
Presentation of national programmes and initiatives in the field of security research (15 minutes each):

* "The Austrian Security research programme"
Gernot Grimm, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Head of Staff Group for Technology Transfer and Security Research, Austria
* "Dutch program on Security, Safety and Technology"
Dick Schoof, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Head of Department, The Netherlands
* „The French Security research programme of the National Research Agency”
Jacqueline Lecourtier, National Research Agency (ANR), Director, France
* “Development of a Counter-Terrorism Science and Innovation Strategy”
Angela Singh, Home Office, Head of Department, Great Britain
* “Research for civil security - Programme of the German Federal government”
Wolf-Dieter Lukas, Federal Ministry on Education and Research, Director General Key Technologies of, Germany

„Need and added value of cooperation on European level and the role of the institutional research“
Roland Schenkel, Director General of Joint Research Centre, European Commission
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Parallel meetings

* Security, innovation and technology
* Security and infrastructure
* Security and competitiveness
* Security and society

* researchers from science and industry
* industry (e.g. security technology, security solutions)
* operators of security-relevant infrastructures (energy, water, telecommunications, transport, health, financial system)
* authorities and organizations which are responsible for security
* ministries and directorates general with responsibility in security and research fields.

The conference with high-level international speakers will present the current status of civil security research in the European Union and opens up new perspectives for Europe in the conflict with international terrorism and other threats.The priority topics of the parallel meetings are:

* Security, innovation and technology
How can security research reduce the threat posed by attackers and disasters? (protection from terrorism, organized crime and disasters as well as reaction to crises)
* Security and infrastructure
How can security research reduce the vulnerability of society? (measures to increase the security of infrastructures and borders)
* Security and competitiveness
How can security research contribute to increasing competitiveness? (development of pioneer markets, innovative procurement, the corporate and economic perspective of security)
* Security and society
How can findings on the causes of radicalization and threats, together with innovative technology and strategies for action, contribute to a plus of security?

Plenary Speakers:

* Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research
* Günter Verheugen, Vice President of the European Commission

16.30 Coffee break
17.00 Plenary meeting 3
Summary and conclusions from the parallel meetings

Moderation and comments for the technical oriented sessions:
Detlef Müller-Wiesner, Chief Operating Officer Innovation and CTO Deputy, EADS
Moderation and comments for the political and societal oriented sessions:
Heinz Zourek, Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

Rapporteurs summarizing the results of the parallel sessions:

* Security, innovation and technology, Alois Sieber
* Security and infrastructure, Peter Hawksworth
* Security and competitiveness, Johannes Prinz
* Security and society, Kristiina Rintakoski

Further participants in the panel discussion:
Giancarlo Grasso, Alain Esterle, Christian Ehler

18.15 to

Conclusion of conference day 1

"Security research and internal security - need and requirement"
Johann Hahlen State Secretary, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany
from 19.00 Reception with Apéritif at the "Palais am Funkturm"

Conference dinner at the “Palais am Funkturm”,

Addresses of welcome by the host Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Rachel (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), Germany

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Time Topic
8.00 Opening of the conference office
9.00 Announcement of the SRC’08
Thierry Delville, General Police Superintendant, Ministère de l'Intérieur, France
9.05 Plenary meeting 4
The European Security Research Programme

Research topics, conditions for funding
Chairman: Paul Weissenberg, Director Aerospace, Security, Defence and Equipment at the European Commission, DG ENTR

* General approach of the Security theme in the new 7th Framework Programme for RTD (FP7, 2007-2013)
Herbert von Bose, Head of Unit Security Research and Development at the European Commission, DG ENTR
* The FP7 Security Theme Work Programme 2007, the “Security Research Call 1” and what to expect for the coming years
Birgit Blasch, European Commission, DG ENTR
* The “Joint Call ICT & Security 1”: A joint approach with the FP7 ICT theme for critical infrastructure protection
Jacques Bus, European Commission, DG INFSO
* General and special rules of European Security research
Sabine Groth, European Commission, DG ENTR
* Sensitive RTD actions in European security research
Christiane Bernard, European Commission, DG ENTR
* Practical organisation of the calls and the proposals selection procedure
Clément Williamson, European Commission, DG ENTR

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Plenary meeting 5
“Lessons learned - Results and experiences of the PASR (Preparatory Action on Security Research) activities”

Chairman: Herbert von Bose, European Commission DG ENTR

* Integrated Surveillance of crowded areas for public security (ISCAPS)
Jean-Marc Suchier (Coordinator), Sagem Défense Sécurité (FR)
* Active Terahertz imaging for security (TERASEC)
Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers (Coordinator), Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e.V. (DE)

12.30 Lunch
13.30 Plenary meeting 6
Further programmes of the EU which are related to security research

Chairman: Jacques Bus, European Commission DG INFSO
In other parts of FP7:

* In the FP7 ICT theme:
Jacques Bus, European Commission DG INFSO
* In the FP7 Socioeconomics sciences and humanities theme:
Angela Liberatore, European Commission DG RTD
* In the FP7 Transport theme:
Luisa Prista, European Commission DG RTD

Outside FP7:

* Contributions to security policy making in the domain of critical infrastructures pro-tection and border infrastructures
Magnus Ovilius, European Commission, DG JLS
Oliver Seiffart, European Commission, DG JLS

14.45 Matching Workshop and Partnering Event, project proposals for the European Security Research Programme

Chairman: Khoen Liem, European Commission, DG ENTR

Suggestions for the first call of the European Security Research Programme, partner brokerage event

Suggestions for the first call of the European Security Research Programme (partner brokerage event) you can download here.
16.30 Conclusion and final words

Conference chairman: Wolf-Dieter Lukas, Federal Ministry on Education and Research, Director General, Germany
at 16.45 Conference closing