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FSB Saved G8 Leaders from Terror Actions

Special services of Russia prevented a string of terror actions planned for the G8 summit held in St. Petersburg past summer and for the EU-Russia’s summits in Sochi and Samara.
The preventive actions enabled to ruin plans for damaging Russia’s image worldwide, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Nikolay Patrushev, chief of FSB and National Counterterror Committee of Russia. But Patrushev gave no specific details about the terror actions orchestrated to hit the summits.


Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May in Samara

The repressions against “Intergalactic Libertarian Forum” and other
opposition actions which took place during the Summit “Russia – the
European Union” on 16-18 ofMay in Samara (Russia).
The madness has begun with numerous arests, kidnappings and activists’
attacks, also the activity of the public center was blocked up and the
Monday number of “Novaja gazeta” wasn’t published at all.
From the beginning of May in Samara region the repressions against the
opposition movements has begun because of the approach of the Summit
“Russia – the European Union”
On May, 10 the police organised a search in the public center. In this
center the Coordinating Committee of the libertarian forum was based.
Some indispensable gadgets, perfomances attributes and computers with
very necessary information inside were taken away. Coordinators of the
Forum planned to held discussions and working groups in different rooms
of the center. The main forum events were planed here (3 days discussion
and 3 doc cinema presentations). So the Forum preparation was
practically stopped.In the evening 2 journalists from “RIO” TV which had
some video materials and witnesses’ interviews were arrested by police
and transported to the police departement to have a conversation without
reasons explaining.The next day the building of the public center has
been closed by the local authorities. Searches and the prohibition to
enter the building blocked up the work of the public center and several
human rights and ecological NGOs.Although the repressions were aimed at
the Libertarian Forum, the activity of 8 organisations was absolutely
blocked for indefinite time!

  • “Human rights defence project”
  • “Antimilitar project and anticonscription project "
  • “B-63”-a group supporting local scientific library, a movement against
    the commersalization of the culture
    (http://community.livejournal.com/bibliosave )
  • “Diversija”-youth cinemaclub, taking place once a week and having some
    popularity between students and other people(www.diversija.narod.ru )
    Cultural center “Duplo”(www.duplo.narod.ru )
  • Аssosiation for the protection of the rights of the voters “VOICE
    Project "Maintenance of the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly

The center is keeping closed till now after the end of the Sammit. The
sequestration in the cented was realized by the local mayor(Victor
Tarhov) in person. He arrived in the center and also personally
prohibited using of cinema hall and of the first floor areas. A drive
for the public center’s liberation was launched by activists. You can
join the drive and send a petition to the mayor:


The Summit "Russia-European Union" - repressions against Libertarian Forum.

The repressions against "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" which should take place during the Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May have begun in Samara (Russia). Yesterday May, 10 the police organised a search in the public center. In this center the Coordinating Committee of the libertarian forum was based. Coordinators of the Forum planned to held discussions and working groups in different rooms on that center. Today, May 11, the building of the public center has been closed by the local authorities.


[G8] update St.Petersburg 18th July


Today in the morning we picked up the last imprisoned german people, who were released.
All of them have to leave the country in about two days, there are still around 6 people in prison as one of them report. One person from UK, one from Ukraine and Belarussian and Russian people.
Someone from the "not western" prisoners reported one of the belarussian was beaten once in the police bus directly after arresting situation.
The OMON made jokes about them and asked stupid questions, after he did not answer they were beating this person once in the face. In that police bus there was no "western" person...


Around G8 Summit 2006: List of law violations 11.07-15.07

5 days of repression.


Basic survival guide for Moscow

Money, Transport, Security


Description Legal Support

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Network Against the G8 info bulletin #1


This is first issue of open information bulletin, goals of which is to erase information gap that currently exists on state of preparations of protest against G8 14-17th of July 2006 in St. Petersburg of Russia. This bulletin is prepared by some members of Moscow group of Network Against G8 (SPB8) and does not necessarily reflect opinions of all members of the network. We will publish new issues as soon as there is something to tell. Please distribute it widely!


via visum to st.petersburg

if you want to support the protests in st.petersburg by going there, you'll have to take the following steps to be allowed to travel to russia. they involve the factors time and money.


Legal Advice/ Rechtshilfe (May 2006)

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A collection of films made by indyvideo about demonstrations and actions in Russia (zip).


Against the G-8 Summit, July 2006,

Following on the convening of social movements and organizations of Russia, we call on the people of that country, and on all social movements and organizations that share the principles of peace, democracy, and social justice, to resist and to support our initiatives by participating in the People’s Counter Summit, in opposition to the G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg to be held in July. Contact : alternativy@tochka.ru
Call from the Social Movements Assembly
Published: Fri March 3, 2006


Press Conference on Co-operation between Civil Society and the Group of Eight during Russia's Presidency Moscow, December 20, 2005

Representatives of major Russian NGOs have initiated the creation of a consultative council of NGOs to be called Civil G8 2006.