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FSB Saved G8 Leaders from Terror Actions

Special services of Russia prevented a string of terror actions planned for the G8 summit held in St. Petersburg past summer and for the EU-Russia’s summits in Sochi and Samara.

The preventive actions enabled to ruin plans for damaging Russia’s image worldwide, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Nikolay Patrushev, chief of FSB and National Counterterror Committee of Russia. But Patrushev gave no specific details about the terror actions orchestrated to hit the summits.

But Patrushev announced creation of a rapid reaction force to be attracted by Federal Operating Staff for counterterror operations.

Roughly 30 actions of terror have been prevented in Northern Caucusus since early this year, Patrushev said, adding the militants intended to use suicide bombers in them. During that period, 70 special operations have been held in southern Russia. They “suppressed 147 active members of armed gangs, including 10 chiefs of the gangs,” according to Patrushev.