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Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May in Samara

The repressions against “Intergalactic Libertarian Forum” and other
opposition actions which took place during the Summit “Russia – the
European Union” on 16-18 ofMay in Samara (Russia).
The madness has begun with numerous arests, kidnappings and activists’
attacks, also the activity of the public center was blocked up and the
Monday number of “Novaja gazeta” wasn’t published at all.
From the beginning of May in Samara region the repressions against the
opposition movements has begun because of the approach of the Summit
“Russia – the European Union”
On May, 10 the police organised a search in the public center. In this
center the Coordinating Committee of the libertarian forum was based.
Some indispensable gadgets, perfomances attributes and computers with
very necessary information inside were taken away. Coordinators of the
Forum planned to held discussions and working groups in different rooms
of the center. The main forum events were planed here (3 days discussion
and 3 doc cinema presentations). So the Forum preparation was
practically stopped.In the evening 2 journalists from “RIO” TV which had
some video materials and witnesses’ interviews were arrested by police
and transported to the police departement to have a conversation without
reasons explaining.The next day the building of the public center has
been closed by the local authorities. Searches and the prohibition to
enter the building blocked up the work of the public center and several
human rights and ecological NGOs.Although the repressions were aimed at
the Libertarian Forum, the activity of 8 organisations was absolutely
blocked for indefinite time!

  • “Human rights defence project”
  • “Antimilitar project and anticonscription project "
  • “B-63”-a group supporting local scientific library, a movement against
    the commersalization of the culture
    (http://community.livejournal.com/bibliosave )
  • “Diversija”-youth cinemaclub, taking place once a week and having some
    popularity between students and other people(www.diversija.narod.ru )
    Cultural center “Duplo”(www.duplo.narod.ru )
  • Аssosiation for the protection of the rights of the voters “VOICE
    Project "Maintenance of the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly

The center is keeping closed till now after the end of the Sammit. The
sequestration in the cented was realized by the local mayor(Victor
Tarhov) in person. He arrived in the center and also personally
prohibited using of cinema hall and of the first floor areas. A drive
for the public center’s liberation was launched by activists. You can
join the drive and send a petition to the mayor:

At the same time many activists and organisators of the “March of
opposition” in Samara, Saratov, Moscow, Nijnij Novgorod were arresated
and outlawed; the activity was almost paralysed (in spite of the
official permission to held the action at the same time as the Summit.
The permission was obtained just after the interference of Angela Merkel
in the “democratic freedoms” of our country). You can go through
activists’ repressions here:

On 14 May, at 23.30 one of the social and human rights activists, member
of “Intergalactic Libertarian Forum”, Alexandr Lashmankin was attacked
in the entrance of his house and was violently beated with the help of
fungo sticks.All day long he was followed by numerous cars and some
suspicious men,which were not hiding at all. 2 telephones were taken
away (one of them is Forum contact telephone. One of the “unknown”
attakers said : “And now give me your second contact phone”), some money
and Forum posters.
Sergej Shimvolos and his assistant(Human rights assotiation of Nijnij
Novgorod and Moscow – Helsinki group) were also pursued permanently
without any trial to hide. They were arrived specially to follow Samara
May event and to help repressions victims. They were arrested at the
rail-station just after their arrival in Samara, but delivered after an
hour, also 4 times police has revised documents suspecting something
Inspite activists’ attacks ,menaces and searches the “Intergalactic
Libertarian Forum” (nothing in common with the “March of opposition”)
took place in the streets of Samara. Some hours before the party
Alexandr Lashmankin was arrested in the street and was setted free only
after the end of event.He had megaphone, leaflets and permission to held
the action. Peaceful(!) Forum discussions (WTO,corporative values and
human rights, civil society, etc) were blocked by 3 police buses, so the
participants were forced to hold a short street action:

On Monday, 21 May, a conference about results of political repressions
and turned out actions will take place in Samara, Venceka 38 at 11-00.

For more information:

  • “Intergalactic Libertarian Forum” site:
  • Legal support: http://community.livejournal.com/legal_team/
  • Development of events:
  • Please write a petition for the public center’s liberation and contact
  • Contact phone 89159564488

Добро пожаловать саммит Европейского Союза. Самарская земля готова к
встрече гостей!

Оргкомитет “Межгалактического Либертарного Форума” Самара 2007.