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The Summit "Russia-European Union" - repressions against Libertarian Forum.

The repressions against "Intergalactic Libertarian Forum" which should take place during the Summit "Russia - the European Union" on 16-18 of May have begun in Samara (Russia). Yesterday May, 10 the police organised a search in the public center. In this center the Coordinating Committee of the libertarian forum was based. Coordinators of the Forum planned to held discussions and working groups in different rooms on that center. Today, May 11, the building of the public center has been closed by the local authorities.

Searches and the prohibition to enter the building blocked up the work of the public center and several human rights and ecological NGOs (i.e. ?ssosiation for the protection of the rights of the voters "VOICE", project "Maintenance of the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly', youth cinemaclub etc.), although the repressions were aimed at the Libertarian Forum but not these groups.

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