5.1.2007 Heiligendamm

- Overview about the mobilization against the G8-Summit in Germany 2007

- Police Say G8 Opponents Behind Attack on German Politician

- Protesters Carry Out Series of Attacks Ahead of G8 Summit

- Dissent!-night in BXL / 14th of January / 4 pm

- Soiree-Dissent! à BXL

- Dissent!-soiree in BXL

- G8-Polizei in Containern

- Attac: Anti-G8-Konzert in Rostock ohne große Stars

- G8-Vorsitz - Geldof betet für Merkel

Smash G8 in Germany 2007
Overview about the mobilization against the G8-Summit in Germany 2007

From 4th to 7th of June 2007 the G8-Summit in Heiligendamm, in the proximity of Rostock, in Germany takes place. Also the mobilization of the Leftwing against the G8-Summit already runs on full speed. Different alliances are founded,several nationwide meetings did take place, also with international participation and an approximate plan of action for the protests is already fixed. Already now there are numerous actions, which mobilize to the events of protest against the G8-summit. Because of the 100.000 expected demonstrators at the Main Manifestation in the Rostock City at 2nd of June 2007 the policeforces are preparing since some time their operation and security plan for the whole region and for Rostock. Here comes an overview over the conditions of the mobilization.

In October 2005 the first large meetings were held for the preparation of the Anti-G8-Proteste, among other meetings, there has been working groups at the European Social Forum or the first radical left-wing Dissent!-meeting in Hamburg/North Germany. Afterwards further meetings of the Dissent!-Network has been held in Berlin and other cities and later the nation-wide meetings of the so called "Action-Conference" initiated by the Interventionist Left with participation from ATTAC and some NGO's in Rostock. Apart from these spectra at the same time the "Anti G8 Alliance for a Revolutionary Perspective" has been founded, an alliance which participates like other groups in both of the meetings - the Dissent!-Network meetings and in the Action Conference. Apart from the nation-wide alliances also local Anti-G8-Groups and local allicances has been founded in many cities, which are/feel associated in one or other way with one of the nationwide allicances.

At the first nation-wide meetings the different nation-wide wide alliances/currents of the Anti-G8-mobilization solidified:

[ - nationwide allicance ]

The "Anti G8 Alliance for a Revolutionary Perspective" is a alliance of different radical left-wing groups, of anarchists, trotzkists, communists and autonomous groups with internationalist orientation. Also with the slogan "Stop G8. Imperialism. Capitalism. War." the alliance wants to organize a clear anti-capitalist and internationalist as well as anti-imperialist mobilization against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm/Rostock. The alliance campaigns for one big manifestation of all leftwing people in the city of Rostock as well as for a leftradical and clearly anticapitalist and internationalist as well as antiimperialist bloc. The alliance is in coordination with other alliances and groups, which also wants a radical left-wing, anticapitalist and internationalist orientation of the protests, like for example with groups from switzerland [ ] or the Anti G8 Alliance against Imperialism and Fascism [ ] or the Antiimperialist Current of the European Social Forum (turkish groups, basque groups, etc.).

[ - nationwide network ]
[ - Dissent! Hamburg ]

The "Dissent! Network" had a difficult developing phase in the first meetings, in which has been discussed, how to decide and which forms one could develop for an anti-hierachical organization and deciding-form but with a possibility to organize effectively a mobilization against the G8. In the Dissent! Spectrum different radical left-wing, anarchist as well as autonomous groups and different local connections are associated. Among other things the Dissent! Network organized the first large meetings of the Anti-G8-Preparation and the first Anti-G8-Camp [ ] in the region where the G8-Gipfel will take place. The Dissent! Network wants to organize Convergence Centers and Anti-G8-Camps and calls to decentralized blockade actions. The framework of the Network is very broad in the meaning of action forms and the topics of leftradical protest, some topics among others are: Migration, the protest against the Military Place "Bombodrom" in the region or e.g. the idea of the Dissent!-Group from Hamburg to organize a radical left-wing internationalist congress on the day of the large demonstration at 2nd of June and the day after.
[ - nationwide alliance ]

The Interventionist Left is a nationwide alliance of anti-fascist groups and internationalists, and they stand for a broad co-operation of a broad left like with Attac, church-activists and different progressive NGO`s as well as with Working Groups from the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS). Contentwise this composition was reflected above all also at the nationwide Action-Conferences [ ] in Rostock, organized by the Interventionist Left in co-operation with Attac, NGOs and the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), to which came up 300 or 400 delegated Members of the diverse currents of the left of germany as well es from different NGO`s. At this conferences and in the apron of this conferences most of the action plan - the "action choreographie" how it was called there - for June 2007 is already negotiated. The Interventionist Left also calls for blockades around the location of the G8-summit in Heiligendamm.

[ - Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) ]
[ - Youth of the labour union DGB ]
[ - Green Alternative Youth ]

From the labour unions its above all the union youth who wants to take part also in the Protests of the Anti-G8-activists as well at the Main Manifestation in Rostock City and at blockades in the region. They will also organize a union youth camp near Rostock. From the parties like the Green Party or the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) there will be different protest participation, too, but almost with reformist orientation. Within the Party of Democratic Socialism there are different groups of interests, which depends from Generation or orientation toward participation in local governments. The PDS will also call to all planed protest actions, in some parts it will be the PDS who can negotiate with the local administration for large meeting areas and it`s this party who has the possibility to spend more many for the protest-infrastructure.

[ - globalisation-critical Organisation ]
[ - NGO-Platform ]
[ - "Your Voice against Poverty" ]

The main focus in the mobilization by Attac as well as by the NGO platform is among other things the planned Counter-Summit/Alternative Summit in Rostock, the days after the main large demonstration will take place, with different globalization-critical contents. Topics how Disencumberment, gene patents, etc. will play a large role. The NGOs stands for a rather reformist orientation, in their understanding of protests they want to organize "citizen-friendly" manifestations. Like during the anti-g8-protests in Glenneagles their will be a Gelldorf-Initiative with a big concert from "Your Voice against Poverty" during the G8-Summit in the region, with the prominent german rock-folk-singer "Grönemeyer".


- Anti G8 Allicance for a revolutionary Perspektive / Stop G8. Imperialism. Capitalism. War:
- 11.November Bewegung / Block Germany! ANSWER to "22nd Ocober collective":
- The 22nd october collective / Towards an inventive strategy for attacking and blocking summits:
- Anti-G8 Action Conference: decicions are made from a small group:
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- NoG8 Kiel | Dissent! Puff Away the G8-summit!:
-NoLager Bremen and other antirassist groups / Global Freedom of Movement and Equal Rights for All:
- Interventionist Left / News from the Red Planet:
- Antiracist Perspectives in regard to G-8 Summit 2007 / NoLager:
- Action Conference Rostock / Small Overview:
- A global call written at anti-G8 "Camp Inski / Dissent!:

The differentiation into different alliances - from radical left-wing to reformist - points out the different discussion lines, which has been discussed in the different nationwide meetings of Dissent!, but which did come more clearly and more conflictive to surface at the nationwide meetings of the Action-Conferences in Rostock.

While during the first Dissent! meetings the discussions mostly concerned matters of the acclamation modus and in some working groups also ended in constructive disccussions about the orientation of the leftradical mobilization - for example point of views about a clear stand against capitalism and imperialism versus focused mobilization for different topics like migration, the bombodrome in the region and about the term "internationalism" or the relation towards liberation movements or against war, in the Rostock meetings fundamental discrepancies in the howto of the practical mobilization showed up.
In the discussions of Dissent!-Network practically came out, that the Network will be a Mobilization Network of the different radical leftwing or anarchist currents who will mobilize in the context of Dissent! to different topics - like Migration, Anti-War, gene patents - in reference to each other. Main Activities will bei decentralized Blockades, Camps or Manifestations.

The discussions, working groups and plena of the Action Conference in Rostock did show, that there are many discrepances between the mobilization and activity concepts from the different currents, discrepances which not all will be solved until the actiondays in June 2007. Also there will be no possibility for a collective Slogan of the whole left movement together with the NGOs in Germany.

The range of the differences reaches from clearly anticapitalist and internationalst orientation (Anti G8 Alliance for a Revolutionary Perspektive) to fundamental reformist so-called "globalisation-critical" point of views. In the discussion about the Slogan " For Global Rights" from antirassist groups and some autonomous also differences in the general orientation against the G8-Summit became clear. While parts of the leftradical groups (Anti G8 Alliance and parts from Dissent!) stand for a clear radical opositional attitude against the G8-Summit and for the propaganda of the possibility of massive disturbance of the G8-Summit, parts of the radical left like from Interventionist Left and some parts of Dissent! want to make many concessions for ATTAC or the NGO's to force these reformist organisations to participate in the street protests. Whether this this concept will gain success is really questionably, because the top management of ATTAC and the majority of the NGO`s already are fixed in their main orientation for the Alternative Summit or "Counter-Summit" which will be parallel to all the street-protests, and Attac like the NGO`s are not favourisating one big common manifestation in the city from Rostock, the want a march from different start-points outside from Rostock.

In this discussion about the main demonstration what is planned for 2nd of June 2007 in Rostock before the G8-Summit and before the Counter Summit at the Weekend at Saturday the differences in the practical orientation became clear.
While for example the Anti G8 Alliance for a revolutionary Perspektive argued for one big manifestation of all protesters in the city of Rostock near the railway station, the NGOs and other reformists favourised many different start points and a end-manifastation point outside the city center of Rostock in an area of instustry and motorway.
A big manifestation where all can march together would be better because all currents could represent themselves equaly and all the visitors from the different currents from other countries can participate visible in the major event in the protest-choreographie.

But parts from the NGO`s and ATTAC are frightened about the possibility at a central manifestation of all protesters alltogether with the people from other countries, that the obligations from the police like the famous german police obligation not to have a side-banner at the demonstration, couln't be handled or in worther case that there will be disturbance in the city center.

Other discrepances exists in the orientation of the Counter Summit or Alternative Summit, which until now alsmost only will be prepared by ATTAC and some NGOs. While at the last Dissent!-Meetings the discussions about the counter summit ended in clear consens not to organize such events parallel to the street-protests, action-day and blockades for not to seperate the protest-movement in June, it became clear that Attac & Co will go on in organizing it parallel to these protest activities and that the counter summit shell take place during the week and not at the weekand, parallel to the official summit, with almost reformist topics.
Because there only is planned a concert in the end of the mass manifestation at Saturday, the 2nd of June 2007, parts of Dissent! - e.G. the Dissent!-group from Hamburg are planing a leftradical internationalist Conference at this day and also at Sunday (see timetable below) to open a space for a fundamental delegitimation of the G8-summit and to open a space and forum to all our foreign Guests from the different countries, which not all can stay all the following days in the region in north-east-germany.

While the timetable of the protests and events is nearly fixed, we can't speak about a definitly protest-choreographie with a definitly fixed practical and theoretical orientation.

After the last Action Conference in Rostock it became clear that many decicions are made from a small group. The group Arbeitermacht, organized in the Anti G8-Alliance described this in a report about the conference:

The Mobilization in Germany against the G8-Summit starts to speed up, like many homepages and articles are demonstrating. Also in different other countries the discussion about G8 in Germany and the mobilization is starting. Nearly at all demonstrations in Germany the upcoming protest against the G8 is a topic or there are held speeches of mobilization at this demonstrations. The upcoming mass manifestations like against the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in Davos/Switzerland, or against the NATO-Security Conference in Munich/South-Germany, or for the Revolutionary 1st of May Manifestations in Germany will also broach the issue of the mobilization agsinst the G8. There are many Information-Events and Info-Tours in Germany about the G8-topic now. [ WEF DAVOS: | SIKO Müchen: ]

In newspapers and television the police and politicians are agitating against the upcoming protests and the police is prognosing riots because already there are many attacks against houses or cars of representants of the politicians or economy like in Hamburg or the Region of Berlin or in other cities nationwide, not only with declarations against war and colonialism but also with declarations against G8 and for a strong mobilization to the protests in June. Or there has been thrown colour-eggs and stones against the Hotel in Heiligendamm where the G8 will took place. The police declared that threatening letteres has been written to different Hotels in the region where officials from the G8 will sleep. [,,2292773,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf | | ]

The security organs already began with their preparations, and due to an alleged security risk there will be build a 2 meter high fence several kilometers around the meeting place of the G8. Due to Security Strategies the place of the G8-meeting is at the Baltic sea and in the south sourrounded by far open fields. At numerous ways and roads checkpoints are to be established and there will be a kind of curfew for tourists. Also because of the large security operations the ammount of the costs of the G8-Summit will be over 100 Million Euro and there will be taskforces together with international police forces like Interpol and with civil police groups from the different countries, too.
Pressure is exerted on the local administration, not to allow Camps in the proximity of the security fence and there will be many obligations for the large demonstration or the decentralized manifestations and demonstrations.

Because of the estimated repression the leftwing scene and the antirepression-organizations like "red help" in Germany did join together in working groups to build up a common antirepression structure. During the protest-days and at the convergence centeres information will be provided about german laws and antirepression-tips will be given in different languages. Lawers and a common "Ermittlungsausschuss" will be established ("Ermittlungsausschuss: A central point reachable by telefon round the clock where people can call to report about arrested people, and the "Ermittlungsausschuss" will look for lawers and coordinate the prison-work).
In the apron of the events there will be information events about repression in many different cities, the antirepression-information will be published in different languages in the above Internet-Sites from the different allicances.

Revolutionary 1st of May Manifestations in different cities.

from 26th of May: Convergence Center in Hamburg, eventually in Berlin too.

Beginning of June: "Block Germany", Decentralized Blockades all over Germany

FRIDAY, 1st of JUNE:
Opening of the Mediacenter in Rostock
Occupation of the "Bombodrom"
Camp und start of the caravan to Heiligendamm

MASS DEMONSTRATION in the city of Rostock, near Central Railway Station
Start of the Camp against G8
Internationalist Conference in Rostock

SUNDAY, 3th of JUNE:
Actionday in Rostock,
Internationalist Conference in Rostock

MONDY, 4th of JUNE:
Actionday against War and Rascism
Camp against G8

Actionday agsainst war / eventually blockade of the airport in Rostock-Laage
Start of the Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8

1st Day of the G8-Summit, Blockade-Day in different Areas
Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8

G8-Summit, 2nd day in Heiligendamm
Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8
Blockade-Actions / March from different small local cities to Heiligendamm
End Manifestation

FRIDAY, 8th of JUNE:
G8-Summit, 3rd Day
End of the Camp against G8

:: MAPS:

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Local Map Heiligendamm:
anti g8


Police Say G8 Opponents Behind Attack on German Politician
An arson attack on the home of the German deputy finance minister is believed to be the work of militant protesters opposed to the G8 summit slated to take place in Germany next year.
Hamburg police say extremist left-wing opponents of a planned G8 summit in June next year in Germany were behind the arson attack this week on a car belonging to the wife of Social Democrat Deputy Finance Minister Thomas Mirow.

Mirow, 53, is responsible for policy on Europe, financial markets and currency. The vandals also threw rocks and paint at his home. Mirow was economy minister in Hamburg from 1997 to 2001 and has been deputy finance minister since 2005.
On Wednesday, Hamburg state police said a letter claiming responsibility for the attack led them to believe it was an act of protest against the G8 summit which is scheduled to take place in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm in June.
The letter was sent to the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper. Police said it claimed Mirow's position as deputy finance minister put him "at the controls of various strategic levers of power." Authorities did not disclose further information on the letter-writers, saying they didn't want to give the group any publicity.
Shadow of Genoa?
The crime appears to be one of a growing number of violent acts attributable to militant opponents of the Group of Eight wealthiest industrial nations.
The German office for the protection of the constitution warned in early December of possible attacks from left-wing extremist groups opposed to the policies of the G8, a grouping of industrialised nations that comprises Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States.
The annual G8 summits are often the focus of anti-globalization movement protests. The most notable of these was at the 27th G8 summit in Genoa, in 2001, which was overshadowed by riots in the city after a crackdown by police and the death of a 23-year-old protestor.
Growing number of attacks
A spokesperson for the police group responsible for next year's summit security said this was the 37th attack so far by miltant G8 opponents. Thirteen of the 37 attacks were arson attempts.
Germany's Federal Criminal Police (BKA) has voiced concern over the rise in left-extremist violence.
"In these arson cases, the perpetrators accept the fact that it could lead to personal harm," BKA President Jörg Ziercke told the AP news service. "Tht worries us."
He added that the summit would be one of the biggest security deployments in German history.
Security plans underway
"The Federal Criminal Police will deploy more than 1000 people, and state and local police will put well over 10,000 employees on the case," Ziercke told AP.
According to Lorenz Caffier, interior minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpomerania, the eastern German state hosting the summit, officials will soon begin building a security fence around the upscale Heiligendamm resort, including cameras and motion sensors.
Mecklenburg-Vorpomerania Governor Harald Ringstorff said he is also committed to giving summit opponents a platform for peaceful protest.
"Some of the criticism is absolutely justified," he told German news agency dpa.
Germany will take over the leadership of the G8 in January.


Protesters Carry Out Series of Attacks Ahead of G8 Summit
December 29, 2006

Protesters in Germany have attacked a luxury hotel where the next G8 summit will be held in June. The action comes just days after an arson attack on a politician's house. Meanwhile politicians bicker over who will pay for the massive security operation.
Anti-globalization protests have become a routine part of the annual G8 economic summits, and activism against the meeting in Germany planned for June 2007 has already started -- with attacks this week on a politician's house and the luxury hotel that will host world leaders.

The Kempinski Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm on Germany's Baltic coast was attacked with paint balls in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to the interior minister of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where the hotel is located, the attack caused damage to a value of €1,900 ($2,500). Leaders from the G8 member states will meet in the hotel at the summit in June 2007.

An unnamed group sent a letter to the German news agency DPA claiming responsibility and writing that the attack was a prelude to a series of protests against the summit. "It doesn't matter how many police are on the ground," the letter read. "There are more of us and we want to be at the site. And we will manage to do that."

According to a spokeswoman for the hotel, three or four paint balls were used in the attack. "The damage was small but ugly," she said. The paint was removed from the hotel by cleaners, and the hotel has since beefed up security on its grounds.

It is the second anti-G8 attack in two days. In the early hours of Tuesday morning there was an arson attack on a house in Hamburg belonging to Thomas Mirow, a state secretary in the federal Finance Ministry. Mirow's wife's car was set on fire and paint balls were thrown against the wall of the house. Mirow described the attack as "an act of banal violence of rare senselessness," saying that it was not the way to gain support for a fair world order.

The arson attack was the 37th protest in Germany to date by militant G8 opponents, according to a police spokesperson from the special "Kavala" police unit which has been created for the G8 summit.

A massive fence around Heiligendamm

The Group of Eight industrial nations, or G8, has for years been the target of protests from anti-globalization protesters, who call it a club of rich nations and criticize it for failing to solve global problems like climate change and abject poverty. Annual G8 summits have been the focus of at times violent protests, most notably at the 2001 summit in Genoa.

Germany assumes the presidency of the G8 group at the start of 2007, and will host the summit on June 6-7.

Heinz Fromm, president of Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution -- its domestic intelligence agency -- told German daily Die Welt on Friday that he expected more protests from globalization opponents ahead of the Heiligendamm summit. "We have been observing strong efforts towards mobilization (in the activist scene) for a long time," he said, adding that militants were planning a campaign of "continuous attacks on institutions and people who represent the phenomenon of globalization."

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's state premier Harald Ringstroff told DPA on Wednesday that opponents of the summit would be given a platform for peaceful protests. "It's part of our democracy that each individual is allowed to give his or her opinion -- and there are very good reasons for some criticisms," said the politician, who belongs to the left-of-center Social Democratic Party.

Still, a huge security operation is planned to cope with the 100,000 protesters which police are expecting. As part of security precautions, a massive fence will be built around the resort town of Heligendamm, with construction work planned to begin on January 2. The costs for the over 12- kilometer (7.5-mile) long and 2.5-meter (8.2-feet) high barrier are expected to be over €12.5 million ($16.5 million).

Squabbles over money

Ringstroff is currently embroiled in a debate about who will pay the summit's bills -- which are meant to be split between the federal government and the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state government.

The summit is currently estimated to cost a total of €92 million, over twice an earlier estimate of €45 million, but still significantly below the €120 million cost of the 2005 summit in Gleneagles in Scotland. The federal government has said it will pay around €23 million of those costs -- leaving Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to come up with the remainder, around €68 million.

However, Ringstroff told DPA that the costs for the state would be significantly lower than the oft-quoted €68 million figure. He said Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania would "not bear the main share of the costs."

The main sticking point is who will pay for the use of police from other German states, which is estimated to cost around €34 million. Currently Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is responsible for these costs. However SPD politicians from the state have recently called for the federal government to pay for the extra police, warning that Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania might not be able to host the summit if the federal government does not provide more money. The federal government responded by saying that relocating the summit was not a serious proposition. Ringstroff told DPA that solutions for meeting the costs of police from other states were "in the offing."

Originally the summit was supposed to cost the state only €10 million. Critics however claim that Ringstroff knew the real costs of the summit as early as January 2006 but did not want to make them public ahead of state elections in September 2006.


Dissent!-night in BXL / 14th of January / 4 pm
All the artisans of the world, tree climbers, squatters, builders of barricades and genderfighters. All sambagroovers, boycotters, dreamers, fighters and peacekeepers.
All of you are welcome in Brussels for a night about globalization, fighting G8 and other actions...
Brussels, the capital of Belgium, the capital of Europe and at the same time in the middle of two slowly separating language regions. Dissent!, The network of worldwide resistance against the G8 and other crazy twists of globalizations, is welcoming you in this city. You will be invited in a youth centre in the middle of Brussels on the 14 th of January between 4 and 11 pm for an evening full of meetings, cosiness, food and movies. Dissent! organizes here a gathering to bring together mobilizations against Heiligendam and other struggles. Special attention will be given to borders at this meeting. We invite you to open up these language barriers, frontiers and other narrow minded struggles together with us!
- 4pm: meeting - topics Euromayday, G8 Heiligendamm,... all input is welcome
- 6pm: planning Benelux-weekend -> a weekend in the near future for those who want to sit practically together and talk and work on action techniques and mobilizations such as the G8
- 6.30pm: FOOD-time!
7-7.30 pm: Films and documentaries
Place to be!
Jeugdhuis (Youth Center) Chicago, Kanaalstraat 47, 1000 Brussels. Closest metro station is Brouckère, there is a good connection from the railway station Brussels Central.
Sleeping places can be provided, please contact:

Soiree-Dissent! à BXL

Toutes les bricoleurs du monde, les grimpants des arbres, occupantes des bâtiments, constructrices des barricades et luttants du genre. Tous les groovistes du samba, les boycotteuses, insoumis, rêveurs, révolteuses et flexières. Toutes ont la bienvenu en BXL pour une soirée sur la globalisation et G8, sur des luttes et des actions.
BXL, la capitale du Belgique et Europe et au même moment la milieu entre deux régions langues qui s'éloignent l'un de l'autre. Dissent! Le réseau de la résistance internationale contre le G8 et autres créatures bizarres de la globalisation vous souhaite une bienvenu dans cette ville. Dimanche 14 janvier t'es invité entre 16 heure et 23 heure dans une maison de jeunesse pour une soirée plein de réunions, ambiance, bouffe et cinéma. Dissent! Y organise une rassemblement autour les mobilisations du G8 - 007 et des autres luttes afin de lier des luttes pour la peuple de ce monde. Il y a une grande attention pour les frontières et pour ça t' a la bienvenu de briser les barrières entre les langues, luttes et pays.

* 16 heure: réunion - topics Euromayday, G8 Heiligendam, ... tout ce que tu t'imagine.
* 18 heure: planning Benelux-weekend - week-end avec toutes qui veulent se mettre ensemble pour des choses bien concrètes comme la mobilisation autour du G8.
* 18h30: Bouffe populaire
* 19h où 19h30: Films et documentaires.
Lieu :
" Maison de Jeunesse " Chicago jeugdhuis, 47 Rue du Canal, 1000 Bruxxelles. Metro proche - Brouckère ; connections rapide avec la Gare Centrale.
Si vous le souhaitez, il y aura des place à dormir. Contact:

Dissent!-soiree in BXL

Alle wereldversleuteraars, boomkruipers, huisbezetsters, barricadenbouwsters en gendervechters. Alle sambagroovers, boycotters, zwijgers, droomsters, vechtsters en vredesbewaarders. Allen zijn welkom in Brussel voor een avondje over globalisering en G8'ten strijden en acties.
BXL, de hoofdstad van België en Europa en tegelijk het midden tussen twee van elkaar wegdrijvende taalgebieden. Dissent! Het netwerk van wereldwijd verzet tegen de G8 en andere gekke kronkels van de globalisering heet u welkom in die stad. In een jeugdhuis in de binnenstad wordt je op 14 januari tussen 16 en 23 uur uitgenodigd op een avondje vol vergadering, gezelligheid, eten en films. Dissent! Organiseert er een bijeenkomst om de mobilisaties voor Heiligendam en andere strijden dichter bij elkaar te brengen. Er is speciale aandacht voor grenzen op deze bijeenkomst en daarom mag je samen met ons taalbarrières, landsgrenzen en afgelijnde strijden komen openbreken.
* 16 uur: vergadering - topics Euromayday, G8 Heiligendam, ... alle inbreng is welkom.
* 18 uur: planning Benelux-weekend - een weekend in de nabije toekomst voor iedereen die zeer concreet wil samenzitten rond actietechnieken en mobilisaties als de G8
* 18u30: Volkskeuken
* 19u à 19u30: Films en documentaires.
Jeugdhuis Chicago, Kanaalstraat 47, 1000 Brussel. Dichtbijzijnde metrohalte Brouckère; vlotte verbinding op die metrolijn vanuit het treinstation Brussel Centraal.

G8-Polizei in Containern
Bis Ende Januar entsteht hinter der Polizieiinspektion ein Containerbau. Zusätzliche Büros werden auf 300 Quadratmetern für die Zeit des G8-Gipfels geschaffen. Nach dem Treffen wird alles demontiert.

Bad Doberan Die große Schaufel greift tief ins Erdreich. Kubikmeter um Kubikmeter Lehm- und Sandgemisch bewegen Mitarbeiter der Peene-Baugesellschaft aus Demmin auf dem Gelände der Polizeiinspektion Bad Doberan. Sie schaffen zurzeit den Ablauf für das Regenwasser auf dem Areal. Reges Baugeschehen herrschte bereits am zweiten Tag des neuen Jahres. Am 15. November begann man dort, die Vorbereitungen für einen Containerkomplex in Angriff zu nehmen. "Im Zuge der Vorkehrungen der Polizei auf den G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm besteht dringender Bedarf an zusätzlichen Büroräumen", erläuterte Polizeihauptkommissar Axel Falkenberg gestern auf OZ-Anfrage. Auf der Liegenschaft in Doberan wächst daher eine Bürolandschaft auf einer Nutzfläche von rund 300 Quadratmetern. Der Innenausbau gehe planmäßig voran. Bis Ende Januar sollen die Container bezugsfertig sein. Und was wichtig erscheint: Die gemieteten, hellen Quartiere stehen nur für ein paar Monate. Nach dem Meeting der Regierungschefs von Deutschland, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Russland und den USA vom 6. bis 8. Juni im traditionsreichen Seebad werden sie wieder verschwinden, an den Vermieter zurückgegeben, so Falkenberg. Wie viele Einsatzkräfte in Doberan ein zeitweiliges Obdach finden, wollte der Polizeiprecher gestern nicht beziffern. Nur so viel: 120 Polizisten bereiten von Waldeck aus den Schutz zum friedlichen Verlauf des Gipfeltreffens der mächtigsten Frauen und Männer der Welt vor. "Kavala" lautet der Name der Einsatzgruppe, die nach einer griechischen Stadt am Meer benannt wurde. Voraussichtlich 15 000 Beamte werden zum Gipfel präsent sein. Die gegenwärtig veranschlagten Sicherheitskosten belaufen sich auf rund 92 Millionen Euro. Darin sind unter anderem Investitionen wie der Ausbau des Objektes in Waldeck und der Containerbau in Doberan enthalten.
Experten rechnen mit 100 000 Demonstranten, darunter viele Konzertbesucher im IGA-Park, die rund um den Gipfel Flagge zeigen wollen. Heiligendamm selbst wird mit einem 2,50 Meter hohen und 13 Kilometer langen Zaun umgeben. Das gigantische Bauwerk wird nach Angaben von Axel Falkenberg von Januar bis Mai errichtet. Nach dem Spitzentreffen an der Ostsee soll der Zaun wieder demontiert werden.


Attac: Anti-G8-Konzert in Rostock ohne große Stars

Rostock (dpa) Das zeitgleich mit dem G8-Gipfel im Ostseebad Heiligendamm geplante Konzert in Rostock wird nach Angaben des globalisierungskritischen Netzwerks Attac voraussichtlich ohne Weltstars über die Bühne gehen. "Es werden Musiker aus den ärmsten Staaten der Erde wie Sierra Leone oder Burundi erwartet", sagte Attac-Sprecher Peter Wahl. Dies sei eine Reaktion auf die Live-8-Konzerte zum G8-Gipfel 2005 im schottischen Gleneagles. Im Anschluss war u. a. der Musiker Bob Geldof wegen umstrittener Äußerungen zu Gunsten von US-Präsident George W. Bush heftig kritisiert worden. "Diese Äußerungen waren politisch nicht haltbar", sagte Wahl. In Heiligendamm treffen sich vom 6. bis 8. Juni die Staats- und Regierungschefs der USA, Japans, Deutschlands, Kanadas, Großbritanniens, Frankreichs, Italiens und Russlands.
Zum Rostocker Konzert werden mehrere zehntausend Zuschauer erwartet. "Die Botschaft der Musiker aus den ärmsten Ländern ist authentischer", sagte Wahl. Das Konzert unter dem Motto "Deine Stimme gegen Armut" ist eine von zahlreichen Protestaktionen zum G8-Gipfel.

G8-Vorsitz - Geldof betet für Merkel

Der irische Musiker Bob Geldof (52) appelliert an den deutschen G8-Vorsitz, mehr gegen Armut zu übernehmen. Geldof in der Bild : "Lasst uns hoffen und beten, dass Deutschland und seine Kanzlerin es endlich schaffen, die Politiker zum Handeln zu bewegen.