20.4.2006 Heiligendamm

- Camp Inski - Anti-G8-Camping at the Baltic Sea

- Anti G8-Vernetzung in Thüringen

Camp Inski - Anti-G8-Camping at the Baltic Sea
For global social rights and an entirely different entirety!
4 - 13 August 2006

Summer 2007. Representatives of the leading economic and military nations will meet at the Kempinski Hotel in the seaside resort of Heliligendamm near Rostock, Germany. Much has been written against the G8, for good reasons; just as this call-out can also be nothing but a demand for its abolishment. In a world of exploitation, poverty, repression; in a world of globalised wars, where social rights are attacked and migration is combated, the G8 summits are central to the institutional machine of the dominant world order.
Summits have become symbolic locations in the political geography of protest and resistance. They are where a collective and diverse YA BASTA! shakes the neoliberal illusion of the end of history. These protests have developed a shared ability to envision everything as potentially different, differing around the world, together.


Protests at summits through the 1990s into the new millennium, in Prague, Gothemburg, Geneva to the Gleneagles and St. Petersburg, represent multi-layered experiences of a new movement with the older Internationalism. To bring prior disagreement together into the network it is worth constructing within our action orientated settings room to think. Needed are ideas to help understand the neo-liberal restructuring of the world. Needed too is the curiosity to exchange the praxis of resistance developed locally and globally.
Mobilisations already started for 2007 during the protests in Gleneagles, and at the BUKO in Hamburg, at meetings of 'Dissent!' and the 'Interventionist Left' and the widely attended action conference in Rostock. Grassroots activists from diverse backgrounds in the Labour Union left, refugees' organisations, people from attac and from the autonomous left are already off the starting blocks. To guarantee continuity of content and practicalities for the protests, activists, from different networks around Europe, are asking about the mobilisation in Germany.
We want to promote the idea of a camp in 2006 through these networks, organisations and forums. We don't want an exclusive label for the Camp as the fight for global rights can only be understood as a fight and a dialogue with different visions of society and emancipation. We think, instead, it is more important to find political forms for positions to be formulated and arguments to be carried out openly.
The Camp 2006 should be a space for sharing encounters and exchanges. It should of course make room for arguments within the spectrum of heterogeneous lefts within the movements. We want to trace the different European and international concepts of movement, protest and resistance - to "recognise the differences and to accept the similarities". This with the idea of using the energy and experiences of the summit 2006 in St. Petersberg to organise wide, determined and effective international resistances up to Summer 2007.

... and action

Camp Inski, the anti-G8 camp, offers not only the good life on the beautiful coast of the Baltic Sea (with exhausting self-organisation) and enough space for discussions, events, workshops and working groups. It will, of course, come into action with protests and civil disobedience, where appropriate, to show a presence in the region:

* Under the topic "Fighting the global system of immigration camps locally" we want to connect with the experiences of the local no-lager campaign in Mecklenburgn-Western Pomerania. Camps for refugees and migrants, not drawn up on any maps, can be found all over Europe. Producing a hierarchy of rights they are a key element of a global system of exclusion. We reply: The ability to move freely is a right that needs to be shared globally.

* "Hanse Sail Rostock 2006 - 10-13 August - The Navy had heavily underlined these dates in their calendar. At this big maritime event, the Navy will celebrate their 50th anniversary and will be present as a special contingent" ( Also expect is the frigate Mecklenburg-Vorpommern that gained experience in the 'anti-terror assignment' within 'enduring freedom' along with navy units from other countries. Let's have a try and see how much opposition, from anti-militarists, the globalised readyness for war, that sham popular presentation from the industrial nations', Rostock can bear!

* Rostock/Laage airport is not only used for civil flights but also by the German Airforce. It is, therefore, of key importance for NATO. Starting summer 2006, Eurofighters will fly from there to take part in combined air and ground force training, in the so-called Bombodrom. As a location for NATOs modernisation of worldwide warfare, Rostock/Laage offers theoretical and practical starting points for Camp Inski.

* In September, local elections take place in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. An extreme rightwing party, the NPD (National Party of Germany), expects to gain enough votes to take seats in the next parliament. Their main focus is the fight against "globalisation". What they offer, like others on the right, is nationalism, racism and anti-semitism. This is just one reason to interfere with their election campaign.

Migration, anti-fascism and the resistance of militarism and war are only a few topics of relevance at Camp Inski 2006. We want more. The neo-liberal restructuring of the world is diverse - so is our resistance and the forms of resistance. This is why we make an international call out, to actively take part in Camp Inski with workshops, actions and discussions.

Get organized - Contribute! For an entirely different entirety!


Anti G8-Vernetzung in Thüringen

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