6.4.2006 St. Petersburg

The Group for Legal Support of the Network Against G8 (NAG8)

The Group for Legal Support of the Network Against G8 (NAG8) was founded at the international coordination meeting of NAG8 in february 2006. The main tasks of group are: - information gathering about repression against people and groups who are suspected of protests preparing for the summit G8 in St.Petersburg - legal and informational support of people who are aim of repression - spreading information about cases of persecution of participants of protests and participants of protests preparation process. We completely share foundations of Network Against G8. We need help of professional lawyers and translators.

Contact: [at] (russian, english and / or german)

At 15th of July the first G8 summit in russian history is starting in St.Petersburg. 3 years ago the city was allready crowded by police because of 300. anniversary, happenings were not allowed and one month befor the celebration visa were no longer available. This meant, visa-needing foreigners were not able to get shorttimed access to russia regulary. Similair strategies can be expected by russian gouverment for the G8 summit. On an international coordination meeting of anarchist and libertarian structures in Kiev a legal support group was founded, which wants to deal with concrete antirepression activism and international publicity the next months. In detail it is about questions about laws in russia, about the installation of legal observers, who should support against estatal violence and about border caused problems. Additionally we want to build up an distribution to inform sympatising groups and media about our work and about concrete repression of state while the summit takes place and for solidarity-appeals. we need utterly people, who can translate different languages quickly and who are easy reachable via mail. We collect media contacts, search for potentional legal observers and groups, who can share their experiences (f.e. written material) with us. In russia there is no comparable structure like f.e. at the summit in Scottland, we need medical first aid groups and best professional doctors or ambulance skilled people, who could help local people with skillsharing. Our aim is, to demand freedom of opinion and to work against repression with international solidarity. Therefor we need a lot of support, especially meanwhile the summit in St.Petersburg, but also while the planned "warm up" week befor in moscow takes place. Even if you are not able to come to russia at all, there are options to support. At the 14th of July there will be a global action day, which is planned to take place decentral around the world. We will need your solidarity eventhough in front of russian embassies in as much cities as possible.