18.7.2006 St. Petersburg

- [G8] update St.Petersburg 18th July

- Around G8 Summit 2006: List of law violations 11.07-15.07

- Chronicle of global resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit!

- Protesters Condemn G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

- Russland: Deutsche Journalisten wieder frei

- Anarchist Pink Demonstration yesterday in St. Petersburg

- G8-Protestbrief von Europaabgeordneten an die russische Botschaft

[G8] update St.Petersburg 18th July

weitere infos (meist englisch)

Today in the morning we picked up the last imprisoned german people, who were released.
All of them have to leave the country in about two days, there are still around 6 people in prison as one of them report. One person from UK, one from Ukraine and Belarussian and Russian people.
Someone from the "not western" prisoners reported one of the belarussian was beaten once in the police bus directly after arresting situation.
The OMON made jokes about them and asked stupid questions, after he did not answer they were beating this person once in the face. In that police bus there was no "western" person.

In another bus someone opened the window and was screaming outside "No to police state". He was graped in the hair and pulled back.

In the "western" bus some OMON tried to beat with his stick some person but failed and hit another one on the shoulder.

At the police station someone gave false name and said he is british, because the door was open he managed to escape. The police was confused what to do with the foreigners at all, the head of police station said "why did you arrested foreigners, now we have problems"

it seemed all in all, that OMON special police and ordinary police did not like each other so much, they were not communicating so much.

One person was alone in another room and one police man tried to force him to say something about the case by grapping his t-shirt and pulling him. When this prisoner wanted to sit down on a chair, policeman took it away, hoping that he would fall down. Actually he did not.

The people from ex-soviet countries were in another prison after all were together in one police station. Some people denied to eat, one person did not eat at all from sunday till tuesday for protest reasons.

The person who had to go to hospital sunday evening after court was sick all the day befor, it is not clear if he was beaten on the head but he was participant of the antiwar picket, not the blockade.

On sunday there was no visit allowed at the Ex-soviet fraction of prisoners but monday someone let to bring food inside.
They had bed sheets to cover, the western not.
The prison was very small and dark, there was no chance to read for example.
one person was said in russian "if you want action go to chechenya" One person from germany who wanted to bring food was said by responsible police officer "if you want we have also a place for you in prison" the access was denied.

OK, more infos soon.



Around G8 Summit 2006: List of law violations 11.07-15.07

5 days of repression.
15th of July

St.-Petersburg. In the morning some protesters gathered for the demonstration on the on the Revolution square. While orators were holding speeches, negotiations about the demonstrators' march were underway. Finally an agreement with the authorities was achieved, according to which the column would walk on the sidewalk and without flags. People had been circled by the militia and the procession started. The militia tried to split the column. During this first participants were arrested. Some persons had been arrested on the Revolution square, and afterwards, when they reached The Youth Theatre, 20 persons more were arrested. Among the arrested persons were some members of ARY (Avant garde of the Red Youth) (6 persons, including the leader of ARY Sergey Udaltsov who was also beaten) and RCYL(b) (Revolutionary Communist Youth League) (5 persons, including Pryakhin and Klimov). Also a citizen of Belgium Sander has been arrested.
Also among arrested persons was a leader of YLF (Youth Leftist Front) Ilya Ponomarev (governor of St.-Petersburg I.Matvienko had promised to support personally before the demonstration). His arrest also happened with unneeded violence. Also Victoria Agapova, activist of "Defence" movement, has been arrested.

St.-Petersburg. Near the Mednii Vsadnik (engl. Copper Horseman - a monument of tsar Peter I) three activists (a member of MRPA (Movement of Resistance for the name of Peter Alexeev) - Pavel Besedin - and two others from a socialist movement "FORWARD" - Ilya Znamensky and Alexander Nurik) have been arrested. They were going to participate in the mass meeting of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (which had been allowed by authorities). Arrested persons have been delivered to the 1st Department of Internal Affairs of the Admiralty area. The militia had found a few rolled up flags in their bags and informed activists, that they were under suspect "of preparation of some action".

14th of July

Moscow - St.-Petersburg. Buses with the delegates going from Moscow on a Social Forum to St.-Petersburg have been stopped for many times and checked, there has been a case when buses have been detained, searched and threatened with a detainment for several days. Militia and FSB people have tried (and is some cases have succeeded) to illegally take fingerprints of the passengers (which is illegal by the current russian law).

Syzran. Alexander Lashmankin was again arrested. He had bought a ticket to Moscow and after this was arrested at the station and was delivered to a militia post at the station (without any explanations).

Tver. At night the leader of Petersburg branch of NBP (National-Bolshevik party) Andrey Dmitriev was taken off the bus near Tver. The bus with some activists of the UCF (United Civil Front) which went from Moscow to Petersburg to the Social forum has been stopped by militia officers for a routine documents check. Andrey Dmitriev had been taken off the bus by (most probably) FSB people and was taken to an unknown location. After that the bus was stopped again near St.Petersburg. All NBP members which were in the bus, were photographed, and a member of executive committee of the St.Peterburg NBP branch Oleg Yushkov also was been taken off the bus and brought to an unknown location.

Novosibirsk. The leader of Novosibirsk branch of ARY Vadim Ivanov has been invited for a conversation in the Anti terror division of the Anti Organized Crime Department.

Voronezh. At night, a group of the Voronezh activists who were delegates to RSF, had been taken off the train near Tula and after that were returned to Voronezh. There is not so much information about them, but it is known that Tchistyakov from the CPRF was quickly brought to the court and was found guilty on some law violation and imprisoned without notifying neither his parents, nor his wife. Militia refused to supply any information about him. On a question: "Which violation (specifically the chapter of the criminal code) was he found guilty of?" the authorities have answered: "He has been arrested for violating the administrative law code, for carrying an item of terrorist literature" (there is no such chapter in the Russian administrative law).

13th of July

Oryol. Twice for a day was an oryol student, activist of RCYL(b) and a member of Central Committee of RCWP-RPC (Russian Communist Workers Party - the Russian Party of Communists) Oleg Marokin arrested by militia in the city of Mtsensk (the Oryol Region). Oleg tried to get to the Russian Social Forum.
For the first time Oleg has been taken off the car on the road to Moscow. The apparent reason of his detention was that he, actually, was an eye witness in a criminal case (which he was not, neither had he heard of that criminal case before). Contrary to the law requirements the report of detention has not been made (no forms filled, no papers signed at all), he was denied a lawyer and militia people also tried to prevent him from calling on his mobile phone.
The first deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Oryol area Anatoly Yakunin with whom the Oryol legal experts have communicated has promised "to settle the matter" and in one hand he made it: Oleg had been released and tried to go home to Oryol. However, after leaving the precinct, he was attacked by a drunken man, and police arrested him again, this time the reason was "offending a militia officer".
- A Provocation has been arranged, - Oleg has explained by phone. - I was accused that I obscenely swore and have been again delivered to the militia precinct...
The head of the press-service of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Oryol Region Marina Kostikova has refused the comment on the situation. "I do not know anything about it! - She has declared. - and in general, I'm not the information bureau!"

Krasnodar. An activist of regional UCY (Union of the Communist Youth) Francheska has undergone an attack of two persons presumably connected with city's "law enforcement authorities". Attackers have searched the backpack of the activist and have stolen an identity card, a cell phone, 5000 roubles and train tickets. Shortly before that the girl was threatened that if she went to RSF, she would have serious problems.

St.-Petersburg. A legal expert from Omsk Nikolay Ivanovich Skachkov and two his comrades were detained by militia on Moscow railway station (in St.-Petersburg) without an explanation of the reasons and were delivered to the St.-Petersburg linear department of militia. In department Skachkov have been beaten with a baton.

St.-Petersburg. On the night of July, 13th 4 more activists travelling by an electric train (one woman from Ufa, one from Irkutsk, as well as 2 men from a yet unknown city), were quickly detained. They were threatened to be accused of cold arms possession, unless they travel back home. Thus they were forced to buy tickets back.

St.-Petersburg. In the morning at the Moscow station 6 activists who have arrived by train Adler - St.-Petersburg were detained. They were detained during a passport check. Without any charges made, their fingerprints were taken, and everyone was photographed.

St.-Petersburg. Activists of Legal Team of RSF have been asked to undress to pass personal inspection, to get to RSF. They have demanded to fill up the protocol of the inspection and then they were threatened to be arrested for one day, neither were they let in to the Forum. Several gas masks were found in possessions of Penza activists, and for that reason they were detained but after two hours released.

St.-Petersburg. At 15:10 two militiamen came into the office of local branches of "Yabloko" and "Defense". They told that someone informed the militia that a bomb has been placed in the office and that's why all people had to leave the place. All activists left on to a street, whereas both militiamen remained at office there were only militiamen (who, probably, conducted an illegal search of the office).

Moscow. Chairman of the Dutch National student's union (LSVb) Iren van der Brok who was going to participate in actions in St.-Petersburg, at the date of the G8 summit, was denied entrance to Russia and deported from the country. She had been first detained by militia at one of the Moscow airports for several hours and then sent out from the country.

Syzran. In the morning Alexander Lashmankin tried to leave to St.-Petersburg by electric trains. In Syzran he has been detained at the station after exiting the train. e was kept for 3 hours on suspicion in the militia room: "a female voice has called us and informed that a person similar to you carries some forbidden items" - told him the militia officers. After this he has been released with apologies. Further Alexander tried to leave the city by hitch hacking and was detained by road militia at the city outskirts for suspicion of participation in a theft of car-tyres. After this they tried to accuse him of the theft of suitcases, but then he has been released. He was not officially charged at all.

12th of July

St.-Petersburg. Employees of a criminal investigation department, dressed in civilian clothes have met group of RSF participants from "Socialist resistance" and have taken Sergey Kozlovsky away and to an unknown location. After a "conversation" in which Sergey was "advised" not to participate in any actions, he has been released.
Before this Sergey Kozlovsky already had had following problems: 09.07.06 at 10 o'clock he was visited by militia officers at his home in Yaroslavl and taken to the Department of Internal Affairs where he had a "preventive " conversation for 3 hours. In the evening he was going to travel to Peter (short. For St. Petersburg), but as tried to get into the train, some employees of transport militia has demanded his passport and the ticket. The passport has been returned, but the ticket has been taken from him with an explanation that "they cannot guarantee his safety". On all protests and objections they have suggested Sergey to try to reach Peter by other means of transport!

Nizhni Novgorod. The bus with activists and other people of the RCWP-RPC has been stopped by militia officers. Documents of every person had been withdrawn; examination of personal belongings was conducted, illegally. Then young communists were brought to Anti Organized Crime Department. In 3 hours everyone was released.

Bryansk. In the evening at a railway station two members of RCYL(b) and one from UCY were detained for attempting... to look up the schedule of suburban electric trains.

St.-Petersburg. In the morning and in the afternoon employees of law enforcement bodies have detained four activists of MRPA for sticking-up of posters of the Russian Social Forum. Arrested persons were brought into a building of the Department of Internal Affairs.

Samara. RSF participant Alexander Lashmankin in the afternoon has been detained and taken away in unknown direction. In the evening he was released and since that moment he was followed by employees of law enforcement authorities.

Omsk. The secretary of Barnaul branch of the UCY Darya Zulina was taken off the train by militia as she was going to visit her grandmother in the Arkhangelsk area. When she was getting into the train in Novosibirsk one militiaman very carefully checked her documents and has assured that "they would come" for her in Omsk. As an official reason a detection of some "forbidden papers" in the activist's things was declared. We would like to remind that Darya was among participants of the Russian Social Forum whom on July, 7th militia has not allowed to get into a train going to Moscow. Then militia people tried to find "the forbidden items", and now here they found "the forbidden documents".

St.-Petersburg. The Court of the Peace has sentenced Renat Sultanov and a citizen of Switzerland Adrian Sauter to 10 days of administrative arrest. The same sentence was spoken to the citizens of Germany Hennig Valerius and Ike Korfkhage. They had been accused of hooliganism.

Ekaterinburg. After some publicity in the public and mass-media, the detained delegates from the Siberian Confederation of Labour were released. They stopped in a hotel where they were watched by militia employees and threatened, that if they tried to leave the city they would be announced for the all-Russia search (a measure used to locate the most dangerous criminals). However, they were allowed to travel back to Omsk without any problems. As a lawyer Vladimir Kapustin, who was present there when the activists were set free, informed - the leaflets confiscated from detained activists, are completely legal and do not contain appeals to illegal actions. At the same time, the contents of the leaflets caused strong claims from law enforcement authorities.
As arrested persons reported, militia officers and three employees of FSB from Omsk, accompanied the detained people all this time, had taken cell phones from them and, according to Vasily Starostin, they were reporting some of the data in notebooks and cell phones to their colleagues.

St.-Petersburg. Judicial session of the process against ecologists who had been arrested near the Mednii Vsadnik (Copper horseman) took place. The judge, Korsakova Julia Mikhajlovna was biased, no militia officers cam to the court. Protocols have been read, explanations are listened, and the witness was invited. However after the petition was filed to invite militia employees as witnesses, the court session has been moved to 14.07.

Krasnoyarsk. The secretary of the Krasnoyarsk Land committee of the UCY Roman Burlak has arrived to airport "Emelyanovo" to fly to St.-Petersburg for participation in the RSF. At the check-in a militia officer has suggested that Roman would exchange his ticket against a new one because his was "almost not readable". Within fifteen minutes the ticket has been changed but as it was found during the check-in, this new ticket has been issued to the other date of departure - July, the 21st. Roman has come to change the ticket again, but this time procedure was delayed.
After the check in at entrance ticket of examination employees of militia have specified to Roman, that in his passport pages from 16 to 20 are removed (deliberately), and that's why he cannot board onto the flight to St.-Petersburg. A report has been made on the fact of loss of the pages in the passport. The specified pages were present prior to the beginning of the whole story with the ticket exchange.
As soon as Roman came to the check-in his mobile telecommunication has been turned off. As it was found later, his network operator "EniseyTelecom" has disconnected the subscriber. According to employees of the company, the tech support of the "EniseyTelecom" was called by an unknown person who has authenticated himself as Burlak (having named all the requested data) and reported the phone as stolen and requested that number should be blocked. Representatives of the company have refused to give written comments on this fact, having suggested sending the request to the CEO of Joint-Stock Company "EniseyTelecom" S.M. Ivanov.
Roman Burlak has not been allowed for participation in the RSF twice. On July, 6th as a result of provocation Roman has lost his internal passport and had been taken off the train. And officials and employees of law enforcement authorities took part in both cases in the organization and realization of the provocations.

11th of July

Yaroslavl. During an attempt to go to St.Petersburg an anarchist Konstantin Kharitonov has been detained on a railway station and has been delivered to Kirov Department of Internal Affairs. He has been freed with the help of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. After that together with activists of "Socialist Resistance" he has tried to leave the city by car, but it has been stopped on the first checkpoint of road patrol, and after examination everyone had been sent to the police station of the Red Perekop (area in Yaroslavl).

Ekaterinburg. Three of six delegates of ??? were detained and put off from a train: Vasily Starostin, his minor son Egor Starostin and Elena Girda. As the reason for the detention was announced: loud spoken extremist statements of some people traveling in the same train. At detention 70 copies of leaflets and some flags have been seized.
Other delegates have gone further, but there are strong reasons to assume, that they have not reached Petersburg. As one of delegates Denis Shishkin has informed, policemen check every car of the train and, by their conversations on a portable radio set, it was clear that other members of group are to be detained in Vologda. After this the connection with Denis has been lost, and its phone did not answer.

The Saratov area. Employees of the Public Prosecutor Office arrived to an active worker of "Forward" movement Alexander Kalmykov from Engels (a city in the area) and have detained him for the whole night on suspicion of an armed assault. Then he was released, and promised not to leave anywhere, as the investigation was not finished yet. Suddenly militiamen from a department of Affairs of Minors have appeared in the house where Sergey Vilkov lives and tried to find out from his neighbors, whether Sergey lives together with an underage girl, forcing her to drinking alcohol, taking drugs and sex. The most ridiculous thing was that they already came with similar questions to the neighbors of Sergey's, who is actually "living together" with his parents and his sister, one and a half year ago. The employee of the city Administration came in the house to Anton Yudaev with a really funny undercover legend and tried to find out from his neighbors, whether he goes by car.
10-th of July the employees of Anti Organized Crime Department Ivan Knyazev had been taken off the bus Saratov-Moscow and sent in the opposite, but "well-known" direction (FSB). One of the leaders of Council of Solidary Actions Olga Pitsunova in St.-Petersburg has been also taken off the train. The "law" enforcers came several times came in a row to about ten Saratov activists with the intention to take a written promise not to leave the city.

St.-Petersburg. Two german citizens who had arrived to St.-Petersburg to the Social Forum were sentenced today for 10 day of arrest. We will remind, that Germans have arrived to Russia by bicycles and were living in an apartment in the Simonov street which Petersburg activists have rented specially for nonresident and foreign participants of the forum. Policemen tracing "lodgers" of this apartment has detained Germans at night from 9th on 10th. They have been accused of hooliganism (according to policemen, foreigners had urinated in improper place, although arrested persons denied it).

St.-Petersburg. About 10 ecologists have been arrested near the Mednii Vsadnik (Copper horseman) during an attempt to protest against import of nuclear waste to Russia. The action was going not more than 30 seconds. Its participants tried to unwrap a rolled up poster which said "No to import of nuclear waste!" and were immediately detained by the militia employees. Names of some arrested persons: Andrey Ozharovsky, Vladimir Slivyak, Irina Aksyutina, Anastasiya Denisova, Elena Tolstoguzova, Galina Roguzina.
Also participants of the Alternative Forum on Power (Arketyanskaya, Oleg Izyumenko, Vitaly Servyatnikov, Julia Alyatina, Alexander Vyalykh) which did not participated in the action and simply were sitting in a bus near the action place, had been detained. It was stated that they walked along the street and were loudly obscenely speaking and did not listen to the remarks of militia officers. Thus, all of them were accused in broking terms of article 19.3 (disobedience to employees of militia).
Anastasiya Denisova was severely beaten and has injuries on both legs. At the militia station she has asked for medical aid. After the first aid came they administered her some medicine, which made Anastasiya even worse, but she was anyway taken to the interrogations.

St.-Petersburg. In the street some activists of the "Thunder-storm" movement Victoria Gromova and Natalia Zvyagina were detained. They left the "area of the action" near the Mednii Vsadnik (Copper horseman), thus they did not effectively participate in the action and did not break any laws in the first place. Belongings have been taken from Natalia Zvyagina (in a legal procedure - an inventory was filled up on all the confiscated items). The accusation to both girls was that they crossed a street in improper place (outside a pedestrian crossing) and also swore in public with strong swear words.


Chronicle of global resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit!


Protesters Condemn G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

"The G8 countries represent just 15 percent of the world's population but they produce 45 percent of all human emissions of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas," said Ethan Green of Rising Tide North America, a group that publicized the July 15 protests against climate change and the G8 in the United States.

"Poor, indigenous and environmentally vulnerable communities should not bear the brunt of disease epidemics, droughts, floods, melting ice, rising oceans, hurricanes, and other catastrophes caused by the global climate change that rich countries are responsible for due to our prodigious burning of coal, oil and gas for energy," said Green.
Protesters Condemn G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, July 17, 2006 (ENS) - Demonstrators blockading a main thoroughfare in St. Petersburg were arrested on Sunday as they protested the Group of Eight, G8, statement on Global Energy Security that includes support for nuclear power. They blocked the entrance of a hotel on the Nevsky Prospekt which was used by participants of the G8 summit.

Protesters from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Chishinau, Warsaw, Kiev, Cardiff, and Berlin took part in the demonstration, displaying posters saying "No G8!" in Russian and English.

Russian riot police arrested all of the 37 activists and cleared the roadway. Some of the activists sat down and had to be carried away, others were forced to leave the street in what they said was a brutal manner.

"We wanted to voice our demands to not develop nuclear energy," said Olga Miryasova from Russia's Network Against the G8.

The protesters staged their demonstration to coincide with the G8 summit at Strelna where the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union wound up their three day meeting today.

The sit-in took place despite the growing suppression of dissent by the Russian government in recent years. Russian authorities preemptively arrested over 200 activists before the G8 summit and forbade protesters from leaving an alternative conference in St. Petersburg held on Saturday.

The G8 statement on global energy security advocates nuclear energy as one way to address global climate change, yet environmental activists warn that nuclear energy cannot be considered a positive way to reduce carbon emissions and combat global climate change.

"Nuclear reactors are dangerous, extremely expensive, take many years to build, and require massive government subsidies," the demonstrators said in a statement.

The activists say they would like this funding to be used to quickly reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency measures, development of renewable energy sources, and restoration of damaged wetland and forest ecosystems.

In coalition with the protests in St. Petersburg, international demonstrations occurred on July 14 and 15 in numerous cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The protests included large "banner drops" in multiple cities, protests of coal and oil companies, and rallies at the U.S. embassy in London and the Washington, DC home of U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman.

On Friday, protestors showed up at Bodman's home, demanding that the United States and the G8 abandon the focus on nuclear, coal, and on oil wars as "energy security." They chanted "No Coal, No Nukes, G-8 shut it down!" No arrests took place.

"The G8 countries represent just 15 percent of the world's population but they produce 45 percent of all human emissions of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas," said Ethan Green of Rising Tide North America, a group that publicized the July 15 protests against climate change and the G8 in the United States.

"Poor, indigenous and environmentally vulnerable communities should not bear the brunt of disease epidemics, droughts, floods, melting ice, rising oceans, hurricanes, and other catastrophes caused by the global climate change that rich countries are responsible for due to our prodigious burning of coal, oil and gas for energy," said Green.

On Friday, as a part of the Global Day of Action Against the G8 a small group of protesters demonstrated in front of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Sydney, Australia. The five protesters displayed signs, shared vodka and iced tea, discussed the implications of the G8's continued existence, and expressed solidarity with the protesters in Russia.

In fear of a larger demonstration, the consulate was closed to visitors, part of the street was cordoned off, and at least 10 police officers guarded the area near the entrance.

In Canada on Tuesday, a demonstration is planned at the Sidney, British Columbia office of federal Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn, to protest the withdrawal of support for the Kyoto climate protocol by the recently elected Conservative government.

The protesters, organized by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, will hold a brief rally with speakers, songs by the Raging Grannies, placards, and banners, followed by a petition drive to passersby in downtown Sidney, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the provincial capital of Victoria.

The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is calling on the federal Conservative government of Canada to "at the very least, honor Canada's participation in the Kyoto Accord by working to achieve its emissions targets for Canada of six percent below 1990 emissions levels by the year 2012."

The protesters fault the Conservatives for "scrapping Canada's obligation to meet Kyoto's emissions reductions targets, falsely stating that it's impossible to meet the targets."

They object to the elimination of over a dozen major federal climate change programs, including the C$1 billion dollar Partnership Fund which was to be used for climate change projects for five provinces, as well as the EnerGuide Program to provide rebates to Canadians who buy more energy efficient appliances.

The Wilderness Committee says a leaked government document shows the Conservatives are "working to delay, obstruct and sabotage progress during negotiations among Kyoto signatories by trying to weaken emissions reductions targets, with a goal of eventually eliminating the entire agreement."

Instead of reducing greenhouse gases, the demonstrators say the Conservatives are granting "huge subsidies to the highly destructive Alberta tar sands industry and the oil and gas industry in general."



July 19, St.Petersburg, Press conference "Violations of human rights during G8 summit in Saint Petersburg"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 13:00

Saint Petersburg, Ligovskiy prospekt, 87, office of Civil Control
Press Conference
Violations of human rights during G8 summit in Saint Petersburg

Vlasta Pidpala, activist, Ukraine
Ivan Ninenko, human rights activist, Russia
Maxim Butkevich, journalist, Ukraine


Russland: Deutsche Journalisten wieder frei

Pressemitteilung vom 17. Juli 2006

Berlin/Paris, 17. Juli 2006. Die beiden deutschen Studenten aus Bielefeld, die am vergangen Montag in St. Petersburg verhaftet und zu zehn Tagen Gefängnis verurteilt wurden, sind frei. Sie wurden am Samstag um 20:30 Uhr Ortszeit aus der Haft entlassen und nach Estland abgeschoben. Laut Urteil war ihre Freilassung für den 20. Juli vorgesehen.
Eike Korfhage (30) und Henning Wallerius (25) hatten eine Protestaktion zum G8-Gipfel begleitet, fotografiert und über sie für das Bielefelder Campus-Radio "Hertz 97,8" berichtet. Am 10. Juli wurden sie morgens um zwei Uhr in ihrer Unterkunft festgenommen und am 11. Juli zu je zehn Tagen Haft wegen "Urinieren in der Öffentlichkeit" verurteilt. Die Tat hatten beide bestritten. Reporter ohne Grenzen hatte am Freitag ihre Freilassung gefordert.

Weitere Informationen:
Katrin Evers
Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Fon +49-30-6158585 - Fax +49-30-6145649


Anarchist Pink Demonstration yesterday in St. Petersburg

Yesterday afternoon around 5p.m. an anarchist pink demonstration started on Vasilysv island in St. Petersburg. With banners, black flags and slogans against the G8 summit around 70 activists walked on the streets for a little while until the police reached them and started to arrest people. More than 30 people have been taken to the police station. Today except two of them (one under 18) all have been released.
Obviously there have been a lot of police in civil clothes around the demonstration who were observing activists and to identify them later at the police station.

Watch also the video of the demo: see link under

* (1.9 Mb)


G8-Protestbrief von Europaabgeordneten an die russische Botschaft

Brüssel, Stuttgart, den 17.07.2006

Protest gegen Festnahme von Globalisierungsgegnerinnen und Gegnern durch russische Sicherheitskräfte beim G8-Gipfel in St. Petersburg

Sehr geehrter Herr Botschafter Kontenev,

anlässlich der Verhaftung mehrerer Demonstrantinnen und Demonstranten wegen des Entrollens eines globalisierungskritischen Transparentes auf dem Nevski - Prospekt vor einem Hotel in Petersburg, fordere ich Sie auf, sich dafür einzusetzen, dass alle Verfahren gegen die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer, siehe auch unten stehende Liste, umgehend eingestellt werden.

Das Vorgehen der Sicherheitskräfte halte ich für absolut überzogen und sehe das Vorgehen als eine massive Verletzung von Demonstrations- und Meinungsfreiheit und damit wesentlicher Grundrechte, an.

Des Weiteren möchte ich Sie bitten, sich für eine umgehende Kontaktaufnahme zu den betreffenden Botschaften einzusetzen.

Ich möchte Sie außerdem darüber informieren, dass ich mich hinsichtlich dieser Vorgänge mit einer Anfrage an die Europäische Kommission wenden werde.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Tobias Pflüger, MdEP