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Ahmed, co-founder of Spontaneous Movement, which was created after the primary elections in France, participant in the No Border Camp, was arrested on July 24 2002 during a demonstration in support of the sans-papiers, for the closing of detention centers, and for freedom of movement and residence.

He is currently incarcerated, condemned August 21 2002 to 8 months in prison, with a parole hearing after three, and 700 Euros in fines, despite multiple inconsistencies and procedural errors.

Since his arrival in the prison at Elsau, Strasbourg, he was been placed in solitary confinement, and was not released from solitary confinement until 38 days afterward. For almost a month and a half, he was denied all visits. Only very recently, he was allowed a visit from his mother (who had recently arrived in Strasbourg.) He has still not been allowed to see his girlfriend.

This white torture, which has been denounced by the International Prison Observatory, continues: today, Ahmed is still singled out for mistreatment. He has been placed in a special section, isolated from the rest of the prisoners.

The repressive persecution continues. The prosecutor has decided to appeal the sentence, having asked for eight months without parole. The hearing will take place in the Appeals Court of Colmar, October 8, 2002, at 8:30 a.m. Ahmed is, once again, in pretrial detention. So as not to have to be in handcuffs at his own trial, Ahmed has decided to request a release from preventative detention. His hearing will take place in September 17
2002, at 8 a.m., in Colmar.

Please come in great numbers to Colmar on that day, to protest against the repressive way the State treats activists, and generally against the "total security" atmosphere that aims to frighten and criminalize, in the eyes of society, all attempt to struggle against the established order.

We will not be terrorized!

Collective for the Support of Ahmed