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DLR maps for G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, June 6 to 8, 2007

Pic: Satellitenaufklärung Heiligendamm

From June 6 to 8, the G8 leaders met for their annual summit in Heiligendamm, Germany. The area of Heiligendamm was spaciously protected for security reasons and the inner security zone was confined by a fence. Many governmental and non-governmental organisations were involved in the logistical organisation and implementation of safety and security for both the official summit and the protest activities.

In the context of research activities for satellite based event monitoring, ZKI of DLR processed and analysed satellite data of June 01 and June 07, 2007, before and during the G8-Summit. The satellite based information was transmitted in near real-time to the local THW headquarters near Heiligendamm via satellite communication. DLR used the satellite communication that was provided through the ESA research project ARTES 3, to collect experiences in the interaction between satellite image analysis and satellite communication. These experiences will be integrated in particular in the EU research project LIMES.

Source: http://www.zki.dlr.de/applications/2007/heiligendamm/135_en.html weiter...

Satellite communications for security support at G8 summit

Pic: Satellitenaufklärung Heiligendamm

An immediate response to urgent communications needs can be offered by satellite systems in many situations. A good example is the ESA project that will be supporting the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief by enabling satellite telecommunications services during the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany.

The provision of a ground station and associated satellite capacity will enable the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk - THW) to connect their mobile command post in Heiligendamm to their headquarters in Bonn.

Telephone and data connectivity will be provided by a mobile satellite communications system whose core elements have been developed under an ESA ARTES 3 (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems - Multimedia Programme) project by ND SatCom GmbH and which is built upon their SkyWAN® product. SkyWAN is a satellite terminal system using small antennas, which can establish a wide-area network infrastructure for mobile or transportable applications.

Source: http://telecom.esa.int/telecom/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=28364 weiter...

G8-TV: The alternative reporting of the G8 protests 2007 are now available on DVD


During the protests, demonstrations and blockades around Heiligendamm and Rostock the video website G8-TV provided up-to-date reporting to a wide counter publicity. All over the world people watched the live-broadcast and theindividual videoclips. The videoclips are now available on a double DVD.

In advance of the protests against the G8 summit the set-up of a video platform was a temporary focus of the German ‘Netzwerk Videoaktivismus’, a network of individuals and video collectives. In succession the website G8-TV (http://g8-tv.org/) was set up and was used by video activists from all over the world which were at the Baltic sea to report about the protests. G8-TV was a platform for themes and ideologies which are normally not covered by
the mass media. During the protests from June 2nd. – 8th. 2007 G8-TV had about 40.000 visitors each day. Next to video direct view and a daily life broadcast the clips and broadcasts were offered as download as well. The double-DVD which is released now consists a selection of these clips in DVD quality and a data DVD containing the complete clip collection of G8-TV in a slightly lower quality. The videos are subtitled in up to 7 languages
(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch).

Source: email weiter...

Edd - Last Hours: Adventures in Camping @the G8

Klick on image for high resolution

Source: www.occupiedlondon.org weiter...

There are too many Bundeswehr vehicles

Bild: Plakat

Worldwide people continually are trying to put military institutions and war equipment out of use, in Germany as well.


Source: http://dissentnetzwerk.org/node/3821 weiter...

Actions Timeline

tuesday 12.6.

helsinki: 10 comrades block the entrance of the german embassy for about an hour

sunday 10.6.

halberstadt: soli banner at a street + berlin: demo against repression and a mercedes on fire

saturday 9.6.

stuttgart: some dozens of activists form a short but intense demo to support prisoners and resistance against the g8 + leipzig: stones and barricades on a spontaneous demo against police repression + leon/spain: solidarity action in the city + kühlungsborn: final bathing action of the wichmannsdorf camp. efforts of the police failed to keep them away from a ndr live tv talkshow, “we are all 129a” slogans are shouted, and a fashist gets a bit in trouble + bochum: 150 demonstrate their solidarity. the summit might be over, but resistance continues

friday 8.6.

climate action day so far: a jet petrol station blockade in norwich, u.k., a super-glue action at cheap flight specialists lastminute.com’s hq in london, a 70-strong shell petrol station blockade in evershagen [risingtide.org.uk] + rostock: 500 carry their protest against repression to the cages of the gesa + greece: at one o´clock at night in athens three bombs explode at branches of mercedes and opel and in a bus of a greek-german school. the same time in thessaloniki five bombs cause damage to a lidl market, a miele shop, three cars in two mercedes branches and a toyota dealer + san francisco: environmental and global justice activists cycle throuth town to demand an end to the g8´s ravaging of the planet + lübeck: nightly soli jail demo of 35 comrades + kiev/ucraine: solidarity march to say “gute nacht g8” to the german embassy. on banners and leaflets people speak out against authority claimed by the g8, privatization and borders + berlin: reclaim the streets with some 600 anti-g8 activists + milwaukee: the uncontrollables drop banners with the messages “solidarity with anti g8 prisoners” and “can´t stop kaos – fuck the g8” + moscow: anarchists block the german embassy for an hour with lock-ons + heiligendamm: 20 take a bath in the forbidden zone telling the g8 to piss off now + waldkraiburg/bavaria: anti g8 banners carry the protest to the inner city and call for social revolution + hannover: some banners as well + berlin: 12 cars destroyed or on fire, burning tyres on a street, 13 windows of a bank and some more windows of a jobcenter smashed + sydney/australia: soli action at the german consulate + mannheim: soli demo of 40 + venezuela: the social movements send a note of solidarity

thursday 7.6.

more blockades around heiligendamm + frankfurt: “we are the chaots” 40 activists block a central street for about an hour, bypassers sponteinously join + leipzig: 100 engage in making capitalism history with a demo + detmold: roadblock and demo against g8 + oldenburg: 150 on the streets against g8 as a whole + braunschweig: 150 sponaneously walk through the city. to them compared to the victims capitalism produces each day cobble stones are peanuts + neuruppin: dezentral street blockade of the g8 + westerwald: 20 anti-g8-antifas proof with a mini demo that there will be no quiet hinterland + offenburg: demo in solidarity with all forms of action + wien: soli demo brings 150 people on the streets + plauen: a dozen opponents of the g8 block the city train tram + san josé/costa rica: the collectivo autogestion libertario (CAL) protest in front of the german embassy in explicit solidarity with all forms of protest. a road is blocked before a little demo enters the city, accompanied by spray paint slogans + chemnitz: 4 members of the black block stroll through the city telling “we are your paranoia” + demmin: activists put lots of info stickers on products in the villages supermarket to inform about realities of globalization + wiesbaden: 150 protesters march and block some crossroads in solidarity with the people in heiligendamm + amsterdam: 11 cash mashines are put out of order. stickers read “the g8 is redistributing the wealth of the world. maybe you don´t get any this time” + car of russian delegates gets deflated, their belongings are taken off the boot. after driving into the crowd, people smash the rear window + sao paulo/brasil: 200 march against g8, clowns break the windows of mcdonalds and some banks, and dance between tear gas and ruber bullets + reutlingen: 30 activists block some streets and demonstrate in solidarity + santiago/chile: 40 social fighters attack the police with rocks and molotovs, built barricades and spray graffities against the g8 + hinter bollhagen: after the blockades some people close a police all around with gaffa tape and deflate the tyres, another cop car arriving looses sirens, plates and megaphones when people started to dance on it. some trees on the street continue the action + wellington/newzealand: the “tour of eeeevil” on their way to the u.s. embassy focusses on climate change, while later on in front of the british embassy they tried to tighten capitalism on the tracks of history + quito/equador: 100 activists block the entrance of the german and british embassies for about two hours in solidarity with the comrades blocking the g8 in germany, and in general for the peoples fighting for liberation and against capitalism + thessaloniki: soli info action at the goethe institute + berlin: one mercedes and a jaguar on fire; 17 cars of the telekom smashed in their own yard + barcelona: 200 anticapitalistas march through the city and block some roads

wednesday 6.6.

rostock: molotov attack against caterpillar. on the wall it reads “organize social war – increase direct action – anarchy” + blockades encircle heiligendamm + seoul/korea: a roaming anti g8 bike tour cruises through the city, waving anti g8 flags + schinkelkade: the nightly brickbrigade attacks the international organization for migration IOM with paint and stones. the locks are glued, slogans in solidarity with refugees are left behind + federal street near hannover: soli banner “no g8” + blankenhof: 2.5 ha of genetically manipulated corn destroyed + bremen: 400 try their best to dance away g8 + darmstadt: 200 protest against g8, police violence and permanent social cuts + berlin: mercedes in flames + copenhagen: 500 march on the embassies of the g8 states in solidarity with the blockades and the köpi

tuesday 5.6.

rostock: demo to caterpillar, eads and other profiteers of global war + salzburg: a banner drop follows an info event three days ago + dresden: several banners contribute to the actionday against war, militarization and torture + wildberg: around 5000 squaremeters of monsanto gm corn now inhabit the field horizontally + berlin: daimlerchryslercar burns + laage airport: after the arrival of george bush some delegates are blocked

monday 4.6.

dresden: paints bombs on foreigners office + bern: soli demo to the german embassy – free the g8 prisoners + rostock: the migrationdemo moves on despite massive police repression + german border: after being stopped polish comrades occupie a train + rostock: 12 japanese activists enter the hotel of the japanese delegation to protest against precarity and the strategy of global war of the japanese empire + zürich: arson attack on a new mercedes in front of daimlerchrysler for exploitation and dismissal of workers. freedom for the g8 prisoners is demanded + berlin: chrysler voyager on fire

sunday 3.6.

amsterdam: banner drop from the big crane right across the central station “stop the g8” + rostock: manifestation against industrial agriculture + hansfelde: activists trample down 1000 squaremeters of monsanto gm corn + rostock: clown army global food war blockade of mcdonalds + 3.6. groß gerau: make capitalism history soli demo

saturday 2.6.

rostock demo + hamburg: soli ralley of 80 + munich: 400 on street party against g8 + groß gerau: soli banner on the highway + marburg: flash mobs protest against g8 and remind of the murder of benno ohnesorg 40 years ago + porto/portugal: anti g8 info and protest action with big pictures on main street [sardera.blogspot.com]

friday 1.6.

robin wood activists block two main roads to heiligendamm with air-walks for 3 hours + wendisch priborn: liberate! paint action against an animal farm to scandalize industrial soya-pig-production [pig8soy.org] + berliner: burn land rover burn + kyritz-ruppiner heide: settling of the bombodrom and pinkening of a former command tower with heavy clown army support + kaiserslautern: banner from the old city hall “no nato! no g8! together against torture, war and exploitation”


Observer: Jasper Gerard: oh so (not particularly) piquant



Jasper Gerard’s supine admission that ‘protest is dead, but it’s
somehow still so nice to see those superannuated anarchists
blockading the G8’ (my summary of his piece, Observer 10.6.07) was
extremely helpful. I only buy the Observer once in a foolish blue
moon, and this time it was his piece that reminded me where the paper
sits when it comes to actively standing up against injustice, social
and climatic…unless of course it can be eased painlessly into one’s
daily routine as part of a suddenly achingly hip, ‘ethical’ (but
still ferociously commodifiable) lifestyle choice.


Mark Brown, London

Source: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,2101053,00.html weiter...

After G8: G8-evaluation in Amsterdam 30/06-01/07

In the weekend of June 30 and July 1st there will be an extensive
evaluation of the actions against the G8-summit in Heiligendamm. This will
be in de broeinest. There will also be debates about the effects of the
actions and perspective for the future.


G8 camps are not worlds apart


The differences between the accommodation for our world leaders and the camps set up by their humble, protesting subjects may not be as great as you would first assume. Both camps love to control the media.

No doubt George Bush will this morning rise refreshed from plump white feather pillows within the immaculate white walls of the historic spa resort of Heiligendamm. For the 15,000 or so protesters gathered in three home-made campsites outside the seven-mile security fence in Germany, their start to the day will be less comfortable. The toilets are starting to smell and there are not enough solar-powered showers to go round.

But the contrast between the camps of the world leaders and their revolting subjects may not be as great as you’d imagine.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2007/jun/06/g8campsareno weiter...

An Open Letter to the Press

Bild: Cop

Rostock, G8 2007: There is Something Terribly Wrong Here

Here in Germany, as major protests begin against the G8, the world press
is not looking beyond the story of the battle – a partial story at best
– and asking how or why it is happening

Summit after summit, we have seen the same pattern in the media. The
images of black clad protestors hurling rocks at police, the stories of
senseless hooligans — those whom the government says should be punished
and locked away.

These stories and images of street fighting do nothing but spread fear,
criminalize protests, divide social movements, and distract the public
from the story of the G8 and their unaccountable polices that are
spreading militarism, poverty, violence, environmental destruction and
climate change.

It is easy to condemn those who throw a rock or burn a car, but most of
what we are seeing in Rostock is police blatantly provoking violence,
using that same violence to justify ever more heavy-handed repression.
Each day we are experiencing constant harassment, searches and
humiliation imposed on us in the streets and on bikes, trains and
borders, with no evidence of crime.

According to an official statement 13,000 police were present in Rostock
on Saturday – all were well-armed and wearing lots of protective gear.
There were small bands of police running into crowds, pushing, shoving
and encircling protestors in a legally permitted rally. We saw
nonviolent protestors who were trying to de-escalate the situation
bludgeoned with batons and pepper sprayed. We saw huge water cannons
infused with toxic chemicals spraying indiscriminately. Why is the press
not reporting these acts of violence by the police? If violence makes
such good headlines, why does the violence of poverty created by G8
policy go un-condemned?

Perhaps we might begin to understand if we look deeper. We may see that
such violent confrontations have become a symptom of social and economic
systems that values property over life, prisons over education, sprawl
over sustainability, borders over migration, war over peace. We might
see that it is in the interest of the police and the G8 to have such
street fights, to justify the 90 million euros spent on security (in
Germany alone). We might understand that repression and the violence of
police is designed to thwart democracy and silence dissent.

But we who oppose the G8 will not be silent and we not be stopped. We
understand that things are terribly wrong and that without such protests
our voices will not be heard at all.

For ongoing independent coverage of events near Rostock: de.indymedia.org


Report of Confrontations of 2nd June - G8

A report from someone that was in the first big demonstration in Rostock, that ended up in a violent confrontation with the police. A report about police repression, about protesters power and union, about the lies of the mainstream media and about the common will of thousands of people of closing G8.


molotov attack against caterpilar.. 5\6 in rostoock

during the night between 5 and 6 of june many molotov cocktail was trowed against the local caterpilar station. Many work machine was destroy.
During the day an antimilitarist and palestinian solidarity demo happened near to the caterpillar industry.
At the night same social rebel has made which a lot of people hoped…. in a wall near to the action is wrote: ’’ organize social war-increase direct action-anarchy``.


Source: Anonym

Update anti G8 protests today

Dutch Media Bus 04.06.2007 12:38 Themen: G8
It’s action day against the G8 again in Rostock, after the mass demo on 1 June, with the theme Flight and Migration. At 8am we leave from camp Reddelich to the local foreigners office in Rostock.
Migration Action Day
Foreigner’s Office Demo Report
Rostock, 4 June 8.00- 10.00

It’s action day against the G8 again in Rostock, after the mass demo on 1 June, with the theme Flight and Migration. At 8am we leave from camp Reddelich to the local foreigners office in Rostock.


The w(r)eek of Live 8 returns..

A similar event to the ¨Live 8¨ concert which took place in the run-up to the G8 in 2005 is to take place in Rostock on Thursday 7th June 2007. Undoubtedly the message will be the same: ¨wearing a white arm band and attending a rock concert will liberate the third world from poverty as well as making you feel good about yourself¨.
According to the this new wave of propaganda, all that is needed to change the world is to ¨persuade¨ those in power to make amends. And all despite the incontrovertible evidence that the G8 have systematically engineered and forced poverty increasing policies on third world countries for years through illegitimate and unaccountable organisations. The World Bank, IMF, and WTO are essentially an international cartel of the super-rich. They exploit cheap labour and plunder natural resources through collectively ¨negotiating¨ weak labour rights, low corporation tax, prohibiting protectionist trade policies, and forcing profiteering of life sustaining public utilities in return for ¨investment¨. The end result is the enormous increase in disparity of wealth that has been seen over the past 30 years as the elite gained their economic strangle-hold on poor nations. Wealth and economic control has been transferred from the poor and dispossessed to the richest people on earth.


Did the Nazis Steal Heiligendamm from its Jewish Owner?


The Jewish Claims Conference is investigating whether the Heiligendamm resort that will be the site of this week’s G-8 conference was stolen from its rightful owners during the Third Reich. Plus, German police complain about excessive security measures to protect George W. Bush.

Was the Heiligendamm resort stolen from its rightful owners during Germany’s Nazi era? According to an article in the paper Welt am Sonntag on Sunday, it may have been. And with just days to go before world leaders from the G-8 gather in the Baltic Sea destination for this year’s summit, the Jewish Claims Conference this week is looking into whether the family of the previous owner has a right to compensation.

According to the report, the resort was owned by the banker Adolf Baron von Rosenberg prior to World War II. Just how he lost ownership of Heiligendamm is not entirely clear, but there are, the paper writes, numerous indications that he was stripped of much of his wealth by the Nazis during the late 1930s. He committed suicide in 1939.

Soon after his suicide, the German navy seized Heiligendamm and it was eventually sold to the Nazi government by Dresdner Bank. Following Germany’s reunification, the German government took over ownership of the resort before selling it to real estate mogul Anno August Jagdfeld, the paper writes.



Washington Times: German police blame foreigners for G8 riot

Published: June 3, 2007 at 11:47 AM
ROSTOCK, Germany, June 3 (UPI) — German police Sunday blamed foreign groups bent on violence for the riot that injured nearly a thousand police and protesters at a German rally against G8 policies.

Most of the 125 people arrested Saturday in Rostock came from outside Germany, Deutsche Welle reported.

Police and protest organizers Sunday said those arrested had infiltrated the largely peaceful demonstration aimed at the G8 summit to be held this week about 16 miles away in Heiligendamm. The G8 is a consortium of the world’s eight richest industrial nations.

The protesters who were arrested were from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Russia, Spain and Sweden, said police, who reported finding tear gas canisters bearing Cyrillic script.


German Police Complain of US Security Demands

G- 8 Summit Heiligendamm: The restricted area
If you ask the G-8 leaders, the focus of this week is clear. When the state leaders gather in Heiligendamm from Wednesday to Friday this week, headlines, they hope, will be filled with climate change proposals, pledges for aid to Africa and widespread agreement on what to do about Iran's nuclear program.

But with just a few days to go before Merkel, Bush, Putin and Co. arrive at the seaside resort in northern Germany, one topic seems to be getting more attention than any other: security. Given the staggering measures being taken by the German authorities, this is perhaps not surprising. A 12-kilometer-long, 2.5-meter-high fence, topped with razor wire, has been slung around the resort town of Heiligendamm. It is the biggest fence to have been built in Germany since the Berlin Wall. Fully 16,000 police have been mobilized. The German and US navies will be patrolling the waters off shore. In short, the coast west of Rostock is in lockdown mode.

Criticism of the security measures, though, has been mounting this weekend -- from, among others, the police itself. Konrad Freiburg, the head of Germany's police union, complained to the daily Stuttgarter Nachrichten on Saturday that the US has made far too many demands for the protection of President George W. Bush. "It is difficult to satisfy the number of security demands made by the United States," he said. "We don't have the freedom to determine our own strategies." He also regrets "that there are fronts being established, giving the German public the impression that the police and the demonstrators are against one another."


Bono to steal G8 show again

Bono + Merkel

Caroline Bock

BONO, the Irish singer who will sing at an anti-poverty concert next week to protest at the policies of the richest nations, certainly gets around.

Last year he was photographed shaking hands with United States President GW Bush. Hardline protesters were scandalised, but the U2 star says he would sup with the Devil himself to help the cause.

The June 7 “Raise Your Voice Against Poverty” concert in the German city of Rostock has been dubbed the P8, or Poverty Eight, a joke on the G8 or Group of Eight summit.

Like another Irish star, Bob Geldof, Bono is dedicated to relieving poverty in Africa and fears the G8 nations offer too little help or may wriggle out of existing promises.

The stars, and any visitor to the multilingual P8 website deinestimmegegenarmut.de, can send German Chancellor Angela Merkel an e-postcard warning her to “keep her word” at the June 6-8 summit in Heiligendamm.


G8 activists turn peaceful demo into riot

IT STARTED as a good-natured march in which tens of thousands joined a protest on a bright Baltic sunlit day. People sang, danced and proudly waved their banners.

Within hours their demonstration demanding stronger action by the G8 on climate change, Aids and poverty had been turned into a cynically manipulated operation to ensure that news about the summit would henceforth be dominated by scenes of water cannon, tear gas and stone throwing.

The early stages of the march were peaceful, with people from all over Europe parading through Rostock’s streets and little sign of any police presence. There was a carnival atmosphere of singing, chanting and banner waving.

I was heading for the city’s harbour with a group of good-hu-moured British campaigners when we noticed an outbreak of violence in the crowd ahead of us. It had evidently been organised by the Black Block, a group of black-clad trouble-makers whose sole aim was to goad the police.

Officers who had been observing the march by the side of the road pulled down their visors and ran to help colleagues confront an increasingly volatile crowd. We saw rocks being thrown. Then the rioters started to pull up pavement slabs and throw them at the police lines. The crowd became frightened. People sought shelter anywhere they could from the flying missiles.

At that point Guy Taylor, a veteran British protester, noticed that the police were getting ready to charge. “It’s always an ominous sign when police start to put on their riot gear,” he said.


Mexico and the G8

Maria de Magdala. Reporting for Okupacheweb from Germany

This article opens this section of the Special Report about the group of
8 and the protests, which will take place form 1 to 8 June 2007 in
Heiligendamm, Germany.

What is the G8, what does Mexico have to do with it? Questions and
answers for the chancelor of Germany and President of G8 Angela Merkel:

Mexico and the G8

From the 6 to 8 of June, the summit will take place in Heiligendamm, (a
aquatic park in the Baltic coast of Germany). G8 refers to the eight
most industrialized nations of the world: Germany, Canada, USA, France,
Italy, Japan, UK and Russia. The following points will be discussed:
opening up international markets, combating climate change and creating
a fund for Africa, they will attempt to reach a consensus on creating a
“globalization with a human face”, where supposedly there will be more
transparency in the activities of financial entities such as IMF or the
WTO the most industrialized nations will transform these institutions
into a motor in the fight against climate change (it remains to be seen
if the US will respect this) and claiming to combat poverty my means of
structural reforms en the less industrialized countries which will
guarantee that the help will actually reach those who need it.