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Actions Timeline

tuesday 12.6.

helsinki: 10 comrades block the entrance of the german embassy for about an hour

sunday 10.6.

halberstadt: soli banner at a street + berlin: demo against repression and a mercedes on fire

saturday 9.6.

stuttgart: some dozens of activists form a short but intense demo to support prisoners and resistance against the g8 + leipzig: stones and barricades on a spontaneous demo against police repression + leon/spain: solidarity action in the city + kühlungsborn: final bathing action of the wichmannsdorf camp. efforts of the police failed to keep them away from a ndr live tv talkshow, “we are all 129a” slogans are shouted, and a fashist gets a bit in trouble + bochum: 150 demonstrate their solidarity. the summit might be over, but resistance continues

friday 8.6.

climate action day so far: a jet petrol station blockade in norwich, u.k., a super-glue action at cheap flight specialists lastminute.com’s hq in london, a 70-strong shell petrol station blockade in evershagen [risingtide.org.uk] + rostock: 500 carry their protest against repression to the cages of the gesa + greece: at one o´clock at night in athens three bombs explode at branches of mercedes and opel and in a bus of a greek-german school. the same time in thessaloniki five bombs cause damage to a lidl market, a miele shop, three cars in two mercedes branches and a toyota dealer + san francisco: environmental and global justice activists cycle throuth town to demand an end to the g8´s ravaging of the planet + lübeck: nightly soli jail demo of 35 comrades + kiev/ucraine: solidarity march to say “gute nacht g8” to the german embassy. on banners and leaflets people speak out against authority claimed by the g8, privatization and borders + berlin: reclaim the streets with some 600 anti-g8 activists + milwaukee: the uncontrollables drop banners with the messages “solidarity with anti g8 prisoners” and “can´t stop kaos – fuck the g8” + moscow: anarchists block the german embassy for an hour with lock-ons + heiligendamm: 20 take a bath in the forbidden zone telling the g8 to piss off now + waldkraiburg/bavaria: anti g8 banners carry the protest to the inner city and call for social revolution + hannover: some banners as well + berlin: 12 cars destroyed or on fire, burning tyres on a street, 13 windows of a bank and some more windows of a jobcenter smashed + sydney/australia: soli action at the german consulate + mannheim: soli demo of 40 + venezuela: the social movements send a note of solidarity

thursday 7.6.

more blockades around heiligendamm + frankfurt: “we are the chaots” 40 activists block a central street for about an hour, bypassers sponteinously join + leipzig: 100 engage in making capitalism history with a demo + detmold: roadblock and demo against g8 + oldenburg: 150 on the streets against g8 as a whole + braunschweig: 150 sponaneously walk through the city. to them compared to the victims capitalism produces each day cobble stones are peanuts + neuruppin: dezentral street blockade of the g8 + westerwald: 20 anti-g8-antifas proof with a mini demo that there will be no quiet hinterland + offenburg: demo in solidarity with all forms of action + wien: soli demo brings 150 people on the streets + plauen: a dozen opponents of the g8 block the city train tram + san josé/costa rica: the collectivo autogestion libertario (CAL) protest in front of the german embassy in explicit solidarity with all forms of protest. a road is blocked before a little demo enters the city, accompanied by spray paint slogans + chemnitz: 4 members of the black block stroll through the city telling “we are your paranoia” + demmin: activists put lots of info stickers on products in the villages supermarket to inform about realities of globalization + wiesbaden: 150 protesters march and block some crossroads in solidarity with the people in heiligendamm + amsterdam: 11 cash mashines are put out of order. stickers read “the g8 is redistributing the wealth of the world. maybe you don´t get any this time” + car of russian delegates gets deflated, their belongings are taken off the boot. after driving into the crowd, people smash the rear window + sao paulo/brasil: 200 march against g8, clowns break the windows of mcdonalds and some banks, and dance between tear gas and ruber bullets + reutlingen: 30 activists block some streets and demonstrate in solidarity + santiago/chile: 40 social fighters attack the police with rocks and molotovs, built barricades and spray graffities against the g8 + hinter bollhagen: after the blockades some people close a police all around with gaffa tape and deflate the tyres, another cop car arriving looses sirens, plates and megaphones when people started to dance on it. some trees on the street continue the action + wellington/newzealand: the “tour of eeeevil” on their way to the u.s. embassy focusses on climate change, while later on in front of the british embassy they tried to tighten capitalism on the tracks of history + quito/equador: 100 activists block the entrance of the german and british embassies for about two hours in solidarity with the comrades blocking the g8 in germany, and in general for the peoples fighting for liberation and against capitalism + thessaloniki: soli info action at the goethe institute + berlin: one mercedes and a jaguar on fire; 17 cars of the telekom smashed in their own yard + barcelona: 200 anticapitalistas march through the city and block some roads

wednesday 6.6.

rostock: molotov attack against caterpillar. on the wall it reads “organize social war – increase direct action – anarchy” + blockades encircle heiligendamm + seoul/korea: a roaming anti g8 bike tour cruises through the city, waving anti g8 flags + schinkelkade: the nightly brickbrigade attacks the international organization for migration IOM with paint and stones. the locks are glued, slogans in solidarity with refugees are left behind + federal street near hannover: soli banner “no g8” + blankenhof: 2.5 ha of genetically manipulated corn destroyed + bremen: 400 try their best to dance away g8 + darmstadt: 200 protest against g8, police violence and permanent social cuts + berlin: mercedes in flames + copenhagen: 500 march on the embassies of the g8 states in solidarity with the blockades and the köpi

tuesday 5.6.

rostock: demo to caterpillar, eads and other profiteers of global war + salzburg: a banner drop follows an info event three days ago + dresden: several banners contribute to the actionday against war, militarization and torture + wildberg: around 5000 squaremeters of monsanto gm corn now inhabit the field horizontally + berlin: daimlerchryslercar burns + laage airport: after the arrival of george bush some delegates are blocked

monday 4.6.

dresden: paints bombs on foreigners office + bern: soli demo to the german embassy – free the g8 prisoners + rostock: the migrationdemo moves on despite massive police repression + german border: after being stopped polish comrades occupie a train + rostock: 12 japanese activists enter the hotel of the japanese delegation to protest against precarity and the strategy of global war of the japanese empire + zürich: arson attack on a new mercedes in front of daimlerchrysler for exploitation and dismissal of workers. freedom for the g8 prisoners is demanded + berlin: chrysler voyager on fire

sunday 3.6.

amsterdam: banner drop from the big crane right across the central station “stop the g8” + rostock: manifestation against industrial agriculture + hansfelde: activists trample down 1000 squaremeters of monsanto gm corn + rostock: clown army global food war blockade of mcdonalds + 3.6. groß gerau: make capitalism history soli demo

saturday 2.6.

rostock demo + hamburg: soli ralley of 80 + munich: 400 on street party against g8 + groß gerau: soli banner on the highway + marburg: flash mobs protest against g8 and remind of the murder of benno ohnesorg 40 years ago + porto/portugal: anti g8 info and protest action with big pictures on main street [sardera.blogspot.com]

friday 1.6.

robin wood activists block two main roads to heiligendamm with air-walks for 3 hours + wendisch priborn: liberate! paint action against an animal farm to scandalize industrial soya-pig-production [pig8soy.org] + berliner: burn land rover burn + kyritz-ruppiner heide: settling of the bombodrom and pinkening of a former command tower with heavy clown army support + kaiserslautern: banner from the old city hall “no nato! no g8! together against torture, war and exploitation”