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G8-TV: The alternative reporting of the G8 protests 2007 are now available on DVD

During the protests, demonstrations and blockades around Heiligendamm and Rostock the video website G8-TV provided up-to-date reporting to a wide counter publicity. All over the world people watched the live-broadcast and theindividual videoclips. The videoclips are now available on a double DVD.

In advance of the protests against the G8 summit the set-up of a video platform was a temporary focus of the German ‘Netzwerk Videoaktivismus’, a network of individuals and video collectives. In succession the website G8-TV (http://g8-tv.org/) was set up and was used by video activists from all over the world which were at the Baltic sea to report about the protests. G8-TV was a platform for themes and ideologies which are normally not covered by
the mass media. During the protests from June 2nd. – 8th. 2007 G8-TV had about 40.000 visitors each day. Next to video direct view and a daily life broadcast the clips and broadcasts were offered as download as well. The double-DVD which is released now consists a selection of these clips in DVD quality and a data DVD containing the complete clip collection of G8-TV in a slightly lower quality. The videos are subtitled in up to 7 languages
(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch).


To order the double DVD we suggest a donation of at least 10 Euro (4.50Euro for postage in Europe!). Please send the donation in cash with the information of an address of dispatch to:

Netzwerk Videoaktivismus, Postfach 1925, 49009 Osnabrueck

or transfer to:

recipient: Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V., Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft, BLZ: 10020500, Kto.-Nr.: 3029803, BIC (“Bank Identifier Code”, SWIFT): BFSWDE33BER, keyword: indymedia – videoactivists



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