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There are too many Bundeswehr vehicles

Worldwide people continually are trying to put military institutions and war equipment out of use, in Germany as well.


Bild: Plakat
  • In February 2002 a bus of the Bundeswehr was put on fire in Glinde near Hamburg
  • In February 2003 some Jeeps of the Bundeswehr burned in Petershagen near Berlin after being set on fire by the “militant group”
  • In March 2004 the building of the Hako Company, involved in producing the Bundeswehr transport vehicle “Mungo” in Bad Oldesloe is set on fire by the “Working Group Origami – fold up armament projects”. At the same time other vehicles of the Bundeswehr parked in a Berlin subsidiary of the company were burned
  • In January 2006 a soldiers memorial in Munich is targeted in a colour attack by an “Autonomous Group”
  • In January 2007 the cars of two CEOs of the armaments company Thyssen-Krupp Marine Systems in Hamburg burn, as “Revolutionary anti-militaristic activists” laid fire to them
  • In February 2007 the windows of the catholic military bishop were smashed, the home of a longstanding consultant of the Ministry of Defense is covered with colour by the “Autonomous Antimilitarists”
  • Almost sabotaged: In July 2007 the burning of three Bundeswehr-trucks on the areal of the armaments company MAN in Brandenburg failed. Since then three antimilitarists are in jail under section 129a. They have to be free.
Source: http://dissentnetzwerk.org/node/3821