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Number of Legal Team/ Lawyers


we want to inform you of the number of the legal team (Anwaltlicher
Notdienst / Ermittlungsausschuss in german) for the upcoming protests in
Heiligendamm, Germany:

038204 – 768111

By this number we will be available from the 28th of Mai onwards.
People are encouraged to call us whenever they get into conflict with
police forces or witness police assaults or arrests. We will then try
to take care of the persons concerned.

For people taken into custody by the police, the following information
should be held ready whenever possible, so we can ask for it at the

  • forname and surname
  • date of birth (or approximated age, if unknown)
  • hometown
  • nationality
  • the reason – as said by the police! – why the person has been
    taken into custody

In no case do want want to hear any description of what really
happened! Our phones will likely be wiretapped around the clock!

People that are affected by repression either directly or indirectly and
have questions may come to our daily consultation-hour at the camp in
Reddelich from 7 to 9 pm. The consultation-hour is also the right time
and place to write and hand over notes about what has been experienced
and seen. (Writing the notes on site will make sure that they will not
get into the wrong hands. Also, this way, people may ask questions
about how to write notes in a way that they are most helpful to us.)

A few general hints on what to think about when planning for
demonstrations or actions may be found on our website


and soon also in printed form at various places around Heiligendamm.

Finally, the legal team is still asking for funds:

Schwarz-Rote-Hilfe Münster e.V.
Account-Nr.: 282 052 468
BLZ: 440 100 46
Postbank Dortmund
Reason for payment: Gipfel-EA 2007
IBAN: DE02 4401 0046 0282 0524 68

With kind regards,

some person from the G8 2007 legal team