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Internationalist Bloc against the NATO-Security Conference: Dear Comrades from Bucarest and elsewhere!

We want to express our solidarity with the struggle against this NATO-summit. We are the Internationalist Bloc against the NATO-Security Conference, which is taking place in Munich every year. Since 2001, we have been organizing protests and resistance against this militarist meeting, involving thousands of local, regional and international activists from the movements against war and capitalist globalization.

We are happy to see that around the world, thousands are resisting the war-policy of the NATO-states. Their propaganda of “war on terror”, of “humanitarian interventions” and “global peacekeeping” is nothing but their attempt at justifying the violent defense of their dominant position in an exploitative, capitalist world order. Global war and global capitalism are two sides of the same coin!

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Let’s build up international solidarity in the resistance against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and against the NATO-support of Turkey’s war against kurdish people. Let’s connect our struggles to support the resistance against military bases in eastern europe and elsewhere!

We are everywhere! Fight war, smash capitalism!

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