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Berlin/Bucharest: Rally against Repression an Resistance against NATO

Today at 3 pm a cheerful crowd came together near the Romanian embassy in Berlin to show their unlimited solidarity with those anti-Nato activists who are in Bucharest at the moment. With banners and speeches they also showed their resistance against NATO and the worldwide madness of armament, that inevitably leads to war.

The rally began with a live talk with one of the activists in Bucharest who described the violent arrest of 46 people in the Convergence Center and other repressions and gave an update about the spontaneous action that took place yesterday in Bucharest.

The next speech was held in front of the US-american embassy and informed about the US plans for military bases in Czech and Poland and the international action day (29.3.) against it.

Bild: Berlin

During the NATO summit the military bases were approved by all three Counties concerned in spite of broad protests.
As the 60. Nato summit will take place in Strasbourg/Kehl (FR/G) in 2009, the last part of the rally was held in front of the French embassy and broad resistance and a strong mobilisation were promised.
The event was closed with the quote : “the real problem is, that there are not enough attacks on military vehicles!”.
There were not many unexpected incidents despite the big amount of cops and journalists that attended the rally.

Solidarity across all borders is what makes us strong!
Bruxelles-Slupsk-Bucharest-Strasbourg/Kehl – we are everywhere!

Fight the system!
For a life in anarchy – without armies, war, capitalism and state terror


Source: http://de.indymedia.org