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Militants Protest In Front Of Bucharest’s Precinct No. 12

Some 50 anti-globalization protesters, of which many detained and released on Wednesday, came during the evening to Bucharest’s precinct no. 12 to show their solidarity with the militants detained there.

The protesters decided to walk from precinct 11 to precinct 12 after finding out that one of the protesters was supposedly hurt during the intervention of the law enforcement, without benefiting from medical assistance.

They walked the distance between the two precincts holding banners that said “This is how democracy looks like? Police and Army against citizens-2008” or “Free Anti Militarists, close the NATO".

Bild: Bukarest

As soon as the militants reached the precinct, a police squad with the Special Intervention Service came as well.

Mircea Toma, head of the Press Monitoring Agency arrived at the section as well, but was unable to find out any information on the people detained there.

Earlier in the day, Razvan Martin, program coordinator within the Press Monitoring Agency was detained by police officers and taken to precinct 10 in capital city Bucharest.


Source: www.mediafax.ro