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Several Anti-NATO Militants To Protest In Front Of The Czech Embassy In Romania

Some 20 anti-NATO protesters left Friday, around 18.15 local time, towards the Embassy of the Czech Republic, where they will display a banner written with a message criticizing the Czech Republic’s decision to accept elements of the U.S. missile shield on its territory.

When leaving the base in Bucharest’s Timpuri Noi area, they did not chant anything and they did not display any banners, flags or insignia. The 12 are escorted by police units.

They will go from the Timpuri Noi subway station to University Square, from where they will head towards the Czech Embassy.

A detachment of gendarmerie units waited, Friday evening, for the some 20 anti-globalization activists heading for the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bucharest. The protesters do not have an authorization to rally.

Bild: Bukarest

The lack of rally authorization forces the gendarmerie units to guarantee security in the embassy area.

Two days ago, there was tension between law enforcement units and the protesters, as 54 people were arrested and identified by police officers.

The second day, some 40 activists went on a march towards the National Institute of Forensics (where some of them asked for documents acknowledging the fact that they were victims of police brutality), but since they did not have an authorization to protest, they were fined by gendarmerie.

Bucharest City Hall said it refuses to issue authorizations for rallies during the NATO summit.


Source: www.mediafax.ro