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Repressions at the romanian border

Law breaking as a European standard, Romania shows its democratic side with more repression.

Since the Romanian N.AT.O. Summit was confirmed; people who do not agree started their own camping against N.A.T.O. While the summit preparations were in progress the corporate main-stream media started its own campaign of misinformation and public opinion manipulation against the critical point of the anti-militaristic movement. Using only the violent imagines from protest and presenting wrong facts, they turned the opposition to war, militarism and alliances like N.A.T.O. into a monster that is going to attack Bucharest. All this misinformation created a reason for the authority’s repression. The future repression was shown as a measure of security, typical N.A.T.O. strategy (creating an enemy to have an excuse for a war).

Bild: Polizei in Rumänien

Yesterday 6 persons felled the repression of the border police 19 hours long, when they tried to enter in Romania. All of then were germane citizens, they were coming to express their opinion and disagreement about the N.A.T.O. politics. They brought few anti- N.A.T.O. materials (that contained only public information like a visitors guide, a legal guide…), c.d.-s with documentary movies, buttons, patches, t-shirts, posters all on the subject of human rights.


Source: www.contra-doxa.com