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20th June 2010 Ontario

- Police seize hundreds of bullets in arrests of three Ottawa men

- Police expected to announce charges Saturday in Ottawa bank firebombing

- G20 police arsenal includes plastic bullets

- Dance Dance Dance - The CLAC vs. Lykkie Li(Buraka Som Sistema rmx) ~ G20 Rmx

- G20 activists jailed for poster

- Police ask protesters to report violent members

- Police deny reports of stolen uniforms

Police seize hundreds of bullets in arrests of three Ottawa men

Group of suspected anti-capitalist arsonists are accused of firebombing a bank last month
Colin Freeze (Includes Correction)

Police say they seized hundreds of bullets while raiding a group of suspected anti-capitalist arsonists who are accused of firebombing an Ottawa bank.

However, they retreated from Saturday’s initial claims they had recovered “sniper”-grade ammunition – .50-calibre bullets – during Friday’s raids.

“Ottawa Police did not recover .50-caliber ammunition as stated,” the police force said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

They said they recovered “hundreds of rounds” of 7.62-millimetre bullets in boxes with “.50 caliber markings.”

The clarification made the seizure somewhat less alarming, as the latter category of round is less restricted and can be more easily acquired through legal means.


Police expected to announce charges Saturday in Ottawa bank firebombing

OTTAWA - Police are expected to provide more details today about arrests and charges made in the firebombing of an Ottawa bank.

Ottawa police have scheduled a news conference that will include the RCMP and Ontario Provincial Police.

Police have said charges would be laid by today and reports say up to three people were arrested Friday.

A firebomb was tossed into a Royal Bank branch on May 18.

The incident was recorded on video and posted online by the perpetrators.


G20 police arsenal includes plastic bullets

Police tactical teams have been practising with plastic bullets and tear gas at a Canadian military base near Toronto in case protesters at the G8 and G20 summits turn violent.

Officers confirm they will have dozens of anti-riot weapons that were originally developed at the request of the British military for crowd control in Northern Ireland.

The weapon, the ARWEN 37, is promoted as “less lethal.” The gun is designed to fire tear-gas canisters and large, 37-millimetre plastic bullets — also referred to as rubber bullets — from distances of up to 100 metres. ARWEN is short for Anti Riot Weapon Enfield.


Dance Dance Dance - The CLAC vs. Lykkie Li(Buraka Som Sistema rmx) ~ G20 Rmx

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Buraka son sistem’s remix of dance dance dance … with some samples overlaid from some friends coming to toronto for the G20 protests. ;)

for more info check this:


G20 activists jailed for poster


About 200 kilometres from where world leaders will soon gather, two London political activists spent the night in city police cells over posters inviting people to Toronto to protest the G8 and G20 summits.

Darius Mirshahi, 25, and Andrew Cadotte, 19, flashed a peace sign and stood on the courthouse steps moments after their releases Wednesday afternoon and ripped open the police-issued, clear plastic bags containing their personal effects.

As the wind whipped up and papers flew, defence lawyer Dale Ives cautioned them: “Don’t let that blow away guys or they’ll charge you with littering.”

Mirshahi, a founder of the Fanshawe College social justice club and Cadotte, who raises money for the Red Cross, Greenpeace and Amnesty International, are accused of gluing protest posters on government-owned mailboxes and hydro boxes.

They’re each charged with seven counts of mischief.

But observers think the message, not the crime, was what kept them in custody.

The two men agreed on a release order that they promise to maintain their residences and “keep the peace and be of good behaviour.”


Police ask protesters to report violent members

TORONTO - Police Chief Bill Blair has sent a warning to protesters that any violent members should be reported to the police.

Blair tells The Sun that these rioters will likely manipulate the large crowds in order to incite violence.

Toronto Police are expecting many different kinds of protesters for the upcoming G-20 events, and are seeking the help of more peaceful protesters to keep an eye out for trouble makers who might try to start a riot.


Police deny reports of stolen uniforms

Drew Halfnight

Toronto Police could not confirm a report earlier today that 13 or more of their uniforms had been stolen from dry cleaning shops around the city in the past few days.

The report was posted on and cited unnamed Toronto Police Mores.

It also said police fear the uniforms could be used by people wishing to misrepresent themselves as officers.