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7th December 2009 Toronto -- Copenhagen

- G20 to be held in Toronto

- Peaceful Climate activists from abroad to should prepare to be rejected at the Danish border

- Copenhagen Talks Tough on Climate Protest Plans

- Climate No Borders Call Out 14th 02Dec09

- December 16 more non-violent than December 12?

- The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

- Dutch Legal Supportgroup for Copenhagen

G20 to be held in Toronto

It's official. The G20 Summit will be held in Toronto, putting an end to speculations that the event would be held here, where it was originally announced by MP Tony Clement with Huntsville mayor Claude Doughty by his side.

The G20 location, announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and South Korean president Lee Myung-bak during Harper's visit to that country, will be held on June 26 and 27, immediately after the G8 Summit in Huntsville.


Peaceful Climate activists from abroad to should prepare to be rejected at the Danish border during the climate summit

The risk is especially high if it is followed by activists who are in police black book. It admits Deputy Police Inspector at the Copenhagen Police, Flemming Steen Munch:

"The problem is that troublemakers hide among peaceful demonstrators. So I will not deny that there may be several who mistakenly gets a rejection. But that risk we have to run if we want to avoid trouble. "
Flemming Steen Munch believes that the police in most cases will be able to distinguish between peace activists and troublemakers, and he rejects that some might get a rejection at the border simply because the border guards believes he or she resembles a criminal activist .


Copenhagen Talks Tough on Climate Protest Plans


COPENHAGEN — At an abandoned beer warehouse in this city’s Valby district, law enforcement officials have constructed an elaborate holding facility with three dozen steel cages to accommodate more than 350 potential troublemakers during a United Nations climate conference that gets under way here on Monday.

A police officer directed a cyclist in front of the entrance to Copenhagen’s Bella center, where the climate conference will take place.

Critics call the holding pens — and a variety of other security preparations made as thousands of government officials, heads of state, environmental groups and assorted anarchists descend on the Danish capital — over the top. The police say the reactions of the critics are overheated, if predictable.


Climate No Borders Call Out 14th 02Dec09


The debate over climate change and global warming management at the UN is a struggle among the national ruling establishments for their own interests on the international diplomatic stage. While there is concern that climate change can have unforeseen political and economic consequences, these competing capitalist states have no means of seriously addressing the issue, other than making preparations for cracking down on social unrest.


December 16 more non-violent than December 12?

Tord Björk

One thing is for sure. Some organisers of the broad climate demonstration on December 12 as representatives of Climate Action in Sweden tries to claim that they are doing a good non-violent manifestation while Climate Justice Action on December 16 is doing something more violent. Now it is clear. They do not know what they talk about.


The new media-hype: The Never trust a COP

Tord Björk

For many months there has been a media hype about violence and the Reclaim power action on December 16 organized by Climate Justice Action. A week ago the focus suddenly shifted towards Never trust the COP instead and December 12.

How to respond to this media hype about the possibility of activists using the occasion including being part of demonstrations or mass action and then break out them them to make property damage often impossible to see the political message in for people in common? At the demonstration in Geneva against WTO this kind of tactics causing criticism also from Southern WTO opponents.

The international idea to abstain from commenting other tactics have been the rule so far and has many advantages. But this does not work well in Scandinavian political culture. Diversity of tactics may well work, but only up to a certain level. Furthermore you are supposed to trust those you cooperate with. If they do things completely outside the consensus feeling of what is acceptable also among most system critical groups, than there is a problem.


Dutch Legal Supportgroup for Copenhagen

We are a group of people who have inititated a Dutch supportgroup around the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. This supportgroup aims to support everyone traveling to Copenhagen from the Netherlands, everyone traveling through the Netherlands on their way there and everyone who is deported to the Netherlands after an action. We will try to stay as updated as possible about the situation in Copenhagen to be able to answer questions of those staying behind (family, friends).

We can be reached from the 5th to the 22nd of December at 0031 (0)6 1126 9301 or per email at


Source: Toronto -- Copenhagen