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7th February 2010 Copenhagen -- Pittsburgh -- L'Aquila -- Davos -- Ontario -- Berlin

- Witnesses | Zeug_innen wanted!

- Completion of criminal investigations against those who protested in Rome the G8 in July 2009.

- Protesters, Police Clash Near Davos Forum

- G-20 summit protest groups sue PIttsburgh for legal fees


- Germany to host int'l meeting for financial regulation before G20

Witnesses | Zeug_innen wanted!

(de) gesucht sind Menschen, die die Repressions-Situation nach der Festnahme des grünen Blocks in einem bestimmten Transportbus möglicherweise vor Gericht bezeugen würden. Es handelt sich um etwa 60-70 Gefangennahmen gleich nach Beginn der Aktion direkt hinter dem Einkaufszentrum “Fields” südlich des Bella-Centers am 16.12.09 gegen 10 Uhr. Wer saß zwischen 10:30 und 12 Uhr im dunkelblauen Transportbus T-52 und hat die zahlreichen Polizeiübergriffe im hinteren Teil des Busses gesehen?

Es ist wichtig, Zeuginnen für diese Vorfälle zu haben, damit die Anschuldigungen gegen einen der Aktivisten wirksam zurückgewiesen werden können… Danke, wenn du dieses post an Menschen weiterleitest, die eventuell mehr mitbekommen haben.


Completion of criminal investigations against those who protested in Rome the G8 in July 2009.

Twenty activists charged with paradoxical accusations, to strike once more the social movements

In recent days preliminary investigations against those who protested in Rome in July 2009 the G8 crisis and Berlusconi have been closed by prosecutors.There are now officially 20 young activists from Rome,Naples and internationals, reported with charges such as aggravated resistance to arrest,gbh,damaging followed by fire.Paradoxical accusations that sound like a joke, since the only episode disputed: the “v strategy” demo against the summit, July 7 2009,in the Testaccio-Piramide area.


Protesters, Police Clash Near Davos Forum

Swiss Cops Use Water Cannons in Attempts to Disperse Demonstrators

(AP) About 100 protesters demonstrated on Saturday against the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in the Swiss Alps.

Protesters tried to bring down a fence surrounding the venue hosting the meeting and threw snowballs at riot police.

The protest, organized by anti-capitalist groups, the local Green Party and socialist movement, made its way to a hotel where some high-level guests were staying.

Police used water cannons to try and disperse the demonstrators.


G-20 summit protest groups sue PIttsburgh for legal fees

By Adam Brandolph

Six activist groups that successfully sued the city after being denied protest permits before the G-20 summit filed a federal lawsuit Friday seeking to have Pittsburgh officials pay their $127,000 in attorneys’ fees.

“The city pushed us to the point where we needed legal counsel,” said Francine Porter, coordinator of the local chapter of Codepink Women for Peace. "I think everyone in the city should be mad about it, but point the blame where blame lies: from (Mayor Luke) Ravenstahl all the way to (Pittsburgh police Chief) Nate Harper.



21 - 24 June 2010: Themed Days of Resistance (Build Up)

There are four themes proposed for each of these days (Monday to Thursday)

Groups and communities are encouraged to contact the Community Mobilization Network to suggest which day they would like to organize around.

(a) Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-Determination
(b) Economic Justice
(c) Climate Justice
(d) Migrant Justice and an End to War and Occupation


Germany to host int'l meeting for financial regulation before G20

Germany will host a high level international meeting for financial regulation before next G20 summit, the German financial minister said on Saturday.

"It is important not to weaken our international efforts to secure better financial regulation," German Financial Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told local newspaper Welt am Sonntag in a interview to be published on Sunday.

"To strengthen this process, Germany is going to held a high- level international financial meeting of the Group of 20 leading and emerging economic powers," he said.