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Stop the call for denunciation of the ICC for the Anti-NATO-demonstration in Strasbourg, 4.4.09

Please distribute!

Do not send any information to the ‘investigative commission’ “to reveal the culprits” of the attack on the Ibis Hotel and the Custom office as demanded! Do not contribute to the investigations and to the threat to initiate prosecution: No eye witness reports, no photographs, no videos, no articles, no other links!

Just imagine the call would sound like this (alterations and omissions are emphasized):

„(…) In order to uncover the truth behind the incidents of Saturday we are preparing our own investigative commission to reveal the forces behind the irresponsible agreement with the police and the city administration to march in the harbour area. It is of high importance to reveal the backers of this result of the negotiations. Therefore we call for a collection of the material and information that can be used to get to the truth:

  • Who negotiated and made an agreement with the city council and the police for the final route of the demonstration?
  • Who called after this destructive and dangerous results of negotiations still for a meeting of the manifestation in the harbour island area? (…)
    We will follow up on all of these events and try to gather as much information as possible to reveal the culprits of these events. (…)“

Hereby it should be obvious to all, that these questions cannot be handled with investigative actions, with an adoption of police measures and with law enforcement. Political debates are needed. These should include the decision to keep up the call for meeting and demonstrating on the harbour island, knowing that (some if not all) bridges will get closed , and it includes the actions against the border office, the tourist office and the Ibis Hotel.
Behind the burning barricades, behind the defence against police attacks and against bridge blocking by the police and behind the militant attacks against property there are political concepts that should be discussed. Ibis makes profit by the business with migrant deportation and by the exploitation of people without legal status as cheap labour for cleaning. Political campaings, many direct actions and strikes of workers have brought up these issues already some years ago.

There are limits for militant attacks.
In particular there is a need to prevent any harm of non-involved persons. Therefore it is useful to have discussions on criteria as political debates.

Experiences of the last years taught us that we cannot let anyone devide us. Instead of spreading suspicions, starting investigations and delivering people to the justice system from inbetween the anti-NATO-resistance movement, we should have political debates!

  • Why did we demonstrate at the isolated and dangerous harbour area?
  • Why did the demonstration started marching pre-early, endangering the black block and other people to be separated and closed in by the police forces?
  • How can we continue actions to defeat the war mongers?
  • How can militant actions be integrated as an offensive part of the anti-war-resistance?
  • What are criteria and limits for militant actions?

But first of all: Stop any denunciation and police measures in the movement!


See about ICC calling: http://www.jungewelt.de/2009/04-11/023.php

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