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Statement of the Resistanbul Ungovernables Committee

Dear activists, participators and media workers,

We are informed that, on 7th of October , while we have been sieging İstanbul from different angles the IMF and the World Bank has finished their meeting in a haste. So we as the ungovernable of resistanbul gathered here to announce our own riotistanbul decisions against the decisions the governors made.

We are announcing our proposal as an economic and social program for a libertarian anti-capitalist way of life that we have already started to work for public, as a proposal for a way out of global capitalism. Our program is formed by some resistance tecnics that can dig down the roots of the capitalist world system that has colonized all parts of life.

Pic: Istanbul

-Strikes in and occupations of work spaces against the pressure and colonization of all managers and directors of capitalist work.

-Factory occupations that aims self management of workers, collective work and work without bosses.

-Organization and creation of syndicates and confederations of small and local agriculture that works against the agricultural monopoly and the ecological degradation.

-Collectivization and occupations of land against impoverishment and eviction of the countryman from the villages and their lands.

-Occupations and resistances for the creation of autonomous spaces with autonomous municipals.

-Occupations of buildings and public spaces against homelessness and creations of communal living structures in the liberated spaces.

-Development of alternative and local production systems against the capitalist imposion of consumption.

-Supporting of individual and communal migrations for the removal of the borders that create ethnical, national and cultural separations and hostility. Spreading the keyword of ‘no borders’ to remember the brother/sisterhood of the humankind.

-Transformation of the education systems by working with student councils for the creation of free education spaces and occupations of schools and universities against commercialization and class discrimination of education systems.

-Support of all propaganda and art-sabotage against the commercialization of art and culture. Creation of our own free spaces for increasing the expressive art movements of anti-professionals.

- Manifestation of the rising voice of the women’s movement against violence towards women, gender discrimination and gender opression.

-Creation and organization of a contra-culture that questions the male identity against the gender opression and dominance of gender identity of men in collaboration with the feminist movement that will question machismo through individual male identity.

-Spreading the anti-authoritarian cultural values against the family pressure over kids and young people.

-Resistance against the discrimination, exclusion and violence against lesbian, transvestite, transsexual, bisexual individuals to be able to say we exist with our differences against transphobia and homophobia.

-Resistance and mobilization of global antiwar movement for the removal of all militarism paid or obligatory that control our lives in the discipline of all wars for the capitalist benefits of governments and the system itself.

In a time when life is being colonized and controlled by the rulership powers, ways of resistance are being multiplied through the development of imagination , courage and solidarity. For this reason creation of a horizontal net of all different social struggles and connect all resistances will be the goal of social movements for the coming years.

Resistanbul Ungovernables Committee

Source: http://cia.bzzz.net/statement_of_the_resistanbul_ungovernables_committee