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Riots in Istanbul against IMF summit

Clashes in Istanbul between protestors against IMF summit, cops’ special forces, fascists and parastate. One demonstrator killed, 100 demonstrators taken (is not yet confirmed if they are arrested) in police stations.

Until 17:00 kept on the struggles and the demonstrators’ resistance against repression they suffered from the cops, who beated up anyone that protested against the IMF summit in Turkey. When the people got informed that there was a dead demonstrator regathered and got in streets again shouting “cops-assasins”.

Ishak Kavlo, 55 years old, felt on the ground, an ambulance arrived and after some time he passed away because of heart attack.

Pic: Istanbul

It happened what happened in London some months ago, when during the continuation of cops’ repression against demonstrations opposing G-20 summit a man has been murdered after being beated up from cops.

Since 10:00 (local time) lots of demonstrators went in the streets and gathered at Beyoglu district, where around 3.000 people had the will to demonstrate until the central square of Taksim, trying to reach the point where the summit was taking place.

A little bit later, when the demonstrators were 100 meters away from the place that IMF was in summit, the cops’ special forces attacked the gathered people with plastic bullets, chemicals and water canons, instead that the demonstration has not started yet moving.

After this, a big wave of cop repression and brutality attacks in the central roads of the town. On the other hand, people reacted to those actions with molotov coctails and attacks against glasses of rich stores and banks.

Around 15:00 the clashes have been stopped, the central pedestrian zone was almost empty because the cops have thrown so many chemicals, that the demonstrators could not breath.

Last Thursday a student has thrown his shoes to the face of the general chief of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, during he was giving a speech in Bilgi University.

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