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Call for border crossing infrastructure!

At the international meeting in Warsaw there was a meeting being held on border crossing issues and on the setting up of international Infopoints.

We defined three issues which we have to organize infrastructure for: visa issues, Information and Infopoints. Therefore we need a lot of support, especially from all the people in the neighbouring countries.


Police have databases, will patrol the borders more frequently and have even announced suspending the Schengen agreement two weeks ahead of the action days. People might even get prevented from leaving their countries.

We urge the people of local mobilizations to set up Infopoints in there own regions to make sure people can safely cross the border. Those Infopoints have to play a crucial role in the following:

  • providing information on safe border crossings
  • making sure that legal support can be provided (legal team, lawyers)
  • coordination with similar groups across the border
  • providing people with maps and other practical information
  • setting up a phone number where people can call in case of emergency


There seems to be some contradictory ideas about current border policies. This is especially for people from non-Schengen or non-EU countries. We would like to make sure that people have reliable and up-to-date information

Some information already exists on border issues. It needs to be updated with more information about visa policies, deportations, banning people from entering countries, etc… We need more people to help gathering this information and especially translating it.

A Dissent wiki will be set up for people to put their information on the net, as well as to provide for translations. We encourage people to subscribe to the mailinglist.

Visa letters

We expect a lot of people who need visas. For that we have to provide visa letters to certain internationals. These visa letters have to be made by NGO’s, other organizations or individuals who are able to guarantee those invited, including proof of financial ability to cover expenses in case of emergency.

There is an e-mailaddress where people can write to for questions: visaquestions@riseup.net
We would like to coordinate groups and individuals who would like to invite people. For that we do not only need German people but also people from neighbouring Schengen countries.