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Bordercrossing G8 from the Netherlands

Many people want to resist the G8-summit in Heiligendamm. The
authorities will not hesitate to combat this resistance with
repression. This can already start at the moment that you try to
enter Germany. Our weapon against this consists of solidarity, good
information and communal action!

If you meet any control or check at the border, or other incidents,
please warn fellow activists via telephonenumber (+31) 06-49702887

Information about the situation on the border will be given on a
special website: http://www.linksehulp.nl/g8

Also we have supportpoints at some border crossings (especially
Nijmegen and Groningen). In case you get into trouble or are being
sent back, you can go there to get help and more information. In
Nijmegen the adress is: Van Broeckhuysenstr 46. The information about
other places we will give if needed via phone.

In case you get into juridical problems during or after the G8-summit
in the Netherlands, then do not hesitate to contact Linkse Hulp for

(linkse hulp/dissent-nl)