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how to come to the borderpoint dresden

G8 2006

way description from the motorway a4

  • if you drive on the motorway A4, use the departure “Dresden-Hellerau”
  • now you have to drive to the direction “Zentrum”, if you could see on the right side a Aral gas station you’re right
  • after the gas station, at the traffic lights, you have to turn left, don’t drive straight ahead
  • now you have to drive at least one kilometre straight ahead on the “Stauffenbergallee”
  • on the second crossing close by a bridge over the street you have to turn right
  • now you’re on the “Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße”, you have to pass one crossing and you will find the “AZ Conni” on the right side near a park, the number is 39
  • if you come from somewhere else ask for the cinema “schauburg” and the “Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße”
  • it’s just a way of five minutes to go from there

directions from Prague/czech republic

  • pass the border at the borderpoint Altenberg/Cinovec
  • take the B170, directions “Dresden-Zentrum”, go straight on
  • pass the city centre and cross the river Elbe on a bridge called “Carolabrücke”
  • go straight on at the traffic lights after the bridge to a big place/roundabout called “Albertplatz”
  • at this traffic lights go straight on again (don’t go left!), direction is now “Königsbrück” or B97
  • the name of the street is now “Königsbrücker Straße”
  • at the second traffic lights, go left (it’s a old cinema called “Schauburg” on your left side), you’re now on the “Bischofsweg”
  • pass under a train bridge after about 200 metres and go into the first street on your right
  • you’re now on the “Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße”, drive straight up to the hill and you’ll find a park w/childrens playground on your left, the next house is the AZ Conni, the number is 39.

directions by train

  • name of the nearest train station: dresden-neustadt
  • leave the train station, go left and pass one crossing after 300 m, now you are on a small street called “Dammweg”,
  • on the next crossing go left (pass under the train bridge), after 200 m you ’ll come to a big place/crossing, called “Bischofsplatz”,
  • pass this place straight on and you are now on the “Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße”,
  • go straight up to the hill and you’ll find a park w/childrens playground on your left side, the next house after the park is the AZ Conni, the number is 39,
  • its a way of 15 or 20 minutes by walk from the train station.


G8 2006